Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb 26 2010

Admission: I am a gluttonous piggy.

I simply must have all or nothing, well just "all" actually.  My eyes are always bigger than my belly, I always bite off more than I can chew.  I observed a man the other day at the tram stop eating his lunch. He took a rather large bite from his sandwich and before he had swallowed what was already in his mouth he took another bite.  Lets not have a mouth half full....

This is me, metaphorically speaking, I have taken on so much lately that I am full to the brim, yet I keep finding more that I want to achieve. New challenges, new adventures, more more more......   Only now, February 26th at 10pm have I found 5 minutes in which I can write a blog update.

For my powerlifting I train Monday and Thursday evenings and again on Saturday morning,  on Wednesday evenings I attend french lessons and Friday night I go swimming. I've taken up a new sporting challenge which I will talk about some other time, and for this I train Tuesday evening and again on Saturday afternoon. I work full time and have put my hand up for extra weekend shifts - ok I need the money for my Europe holiday....

You would think Sunday was my day off, but no, I have a tonne of french homework that takes all my Sunday morning - when else am I going to do it?  I'm also looking at what I feathers I can add to my cap at work, I attended the Dataguard training in January and am now looking around for what next..  exadata??  hmm not sure I want that one :-)  Plus I've put my hand up for a little side project for PA, that is to get the GoodLift software up and running  and do provide costing for hardware....

Why am I doing this? Why do I feel the need to fill every minute of my day with something?  I have hours of winter olympics, french news and other tv shows that I enjoy, all recorded but no time to watch them. Why take on more?

But, you know, in all this madness I'm actually happy, I think. Well I don't have time to think about it really but I'm not unhappy.