Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

With under a week to go until the shoulder surgery I've almost gotten back up to speed with training. I'm hoping this is good indicator that a few weeks off won’t be too detrimental to my overall plan for next year.  Realistically I won’t compete until Nationals slated for sometime in July with the main event being World Masters in Canada at the end of September.

Sat Max Bench:
Floor press
60x5 x4
Upper back

(only 2nd session back)
Snatch up to 25kg triples x4
Clean&Jerk up to 35kg triples x4
Front squats 50x5 x4

Monday's max squat:

Reverse band squat. (half suit except for the 180's)
100x5, 140x3, 160x3, 170x2, 180x1, 180x1, 140x5

2nd 180 was pretty lame and decidedly shallow and is about 20kg under my best.

Good morning machine
20 x12, 27.5 x10 x3
Single leg squat
8kg x10 x4
Barbell rollouts  8x4
GH situps 12x4

This morning (Wed) = Last bench session for a while.

Straight weight bench press 40x5, 50x5
Off foam (to reduce range of motion) 60x3, 70x3 x4
Machine row (supine grip) 25kg 10x4
Wide pulldowns 80 10x4
Dumbbell row 15 8x4

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11, 2010

So I've been back for over a week now and the trip to Europe seems like it was just a dream.  What a wonderful dream.  I will return one day, I'd love to see more of Austria and Switzerland, particularly in the winter and France, well France at any time.

Back to reality now as I return to training and rediscover how bad my shoulder really is.  What I thought was a pec injury just before Worlds now seems more likely to be a neck strain, scalene (which attaches to the first and second rib) or something else related under the collarbone. Its somewhat better after the 'rest' but bad beds ad pillows on the trip kept aggravating it.

Had my post comp review with the surgeon and now going ahead with the debridement, subscap repair and bicep tenodesis on November 29, after Leah and Andrew's wedding.  Had hoped the Tenodesis would not be necessary but the Doc thinks it will be so he's scheduled it to be done and only if by miracle its not so bad he wont do it.  Recovery will be long and slow, 4 weeks in a sling, followed by loads of physio.  Hopefully start some strength training after 3 months and ready compete in time for Nationals in July and World Masters again in October in Canada.

Other dramatic news int he IPF is that the weight classes will change from January 1st 2011.  What does t his mean? Well my recently acquired National records will be 'retired', new record standards will be created and records will start all over again. On one hand it means my record can never be broken but on the other hand the 200kg open record that I wanted next will now ave to be a new record - not quite the same. 

New weight classes:
Women: up to 43 kg (Sub-Junior/Junior); 47 kg; 52 kg; 57 kg; 63 kg; 72 kg; 84 kg; +84 kg

Men: up to 53 kg (Sub-Junior/Junior); 59 kg; 66 kg; 74 kg; 83 kg; 93 kg; 105 kg; 120 kg; +120 kg

My weight class is gone and at 67kg I now have to decide whether to 'skinny up' and compete under 63kg or 'fatten up' and come in near 72kg.  Realistically I'd need to be 73kg off season or 64kg for the lighter division.  Either way I'm half way between which is not a good place to be and either way both custom suits are not going to be a good fit.

Probably wont make any decisions until I see what the new qualifying totals / grading scales will be.