Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fun in the sun

Boy-oh has it been hot these past few days, now this week is summer, unlike last weeks drenching rains - yes we needed it but now to the other extreme!

Wind back the clock to Christmas eve....

Training - squat only
ar 2sets x 10 reps
40kg 2 x 8

60kg 2 x 7

70kg 2 x 6

80kg 5 x 5
90kg 3 x 3

Christmas eve was spent with Madi, Leah, Andrew and little Olivia (Andrews little girl) ohhh and sophie, their new puppy. Stayed up late making treats to take to my sisters on Christmas day and then waited until late for everyone to goto bed so that Santa could put some pressies under the tree.

6.45 am and the phone rings.... Its Leigh claiming to be at the front door and wanting me to get up and make him a latte... 'no way, you cant be at the door' (he started work at 6.30am so I thought) 'yes I am' came the reply and then the sound of a car horn in stereo - outside and thru the phone! OMG! Not even Liv is up yet! Down I go to the front door in my jammies and there he is - in uniform - Yummm... sexy policeman at my door. What a treat! So we exchange pressies and I make the obligatory lattes, all the while Leigh and I are wrestling - our favorite pastime of torturing each other! Eventually the rest of the family gets up and its on, Christmas wrapping everywhere. Leigh heads off to work and after tidying up Madi and I head off to my sisters for Christmas lunch. The Apricot tree in the back yard is chocka full of fruit, so I picked about 3kg off with the intention of making jam.

The day finally wound up around 8.30
and we headed home to to pack Madi and Leah's bags for their annual trip up to NSW to see their father. In bed around 1am and back up at 5.30am when the girls and Andrew left on their 15hour road trip, with the mandatory 2-3 hour calls to make sure they were ok. And they arrived safe and sound.

So now, here I am, home alone and carrying the P1 pager.
Thankfully I must say it did not go off on Christmas day but from boxing day on it has gone off with monotonous regularity. In between times I managed to look for a recipe for apricot jam on the net and set about cooking the apricots. I now have more jam than I can possibly eat, so I'll be sharing it around. LOL.

Trained Wed eve, after doing some more research on the net I decided to do a few different things that night and with no reason to rush home I got stuck into training in earnest.

Rehab stuff:

Incline rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10

Seated rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10

Lying lat pulldown: 80 5 x 10
Regular lat pulldown: 100 5x8 ,120 5 x 3

Bench press: bar 2 x 10, 40kg 3 x 5, 45kg 3x5, 50kg 5 x 5

Dumbell press: 40lb 5 x 10 (this hurts my right shoulder - so quite light)

Rolling tricep press: 25lb 4 x 10

Tricep push down single: 30 4 x 20

Attempted o/head shoulder press at 100 - but way too painful in the shoulder, so didn't pursue this exercise.

Cardio: (excuse my bad language)
10 minutes on the treadmill
10 mins on the stepper.

Took Friday off as an annual leave day
and went down to Portsea with Leigh. We headed off late in the morning and it was getting quite hot and the traffic in some parts was quite slow, but eventually we arrived and after some refreshments in town we headed down to Rye beach for the afternoon. Had an absolute ball being tossed around in the surf just at the edge of the shore - not venturing too deep....
a) the undertow was very strong and
b) I cant swim to save myself!

Drove home late in the day
(very little traffic heading back) and then off to the movies. Alain vs Pridoir - a love story Leigh explained. 'A modern Romeo and Juliette?' I inquired - ahhh yes.... Alien Vs Predator Requiem. Dont bother it was crap - Usually this kind of thing scares the bejezus out of me - not this one. 30 days of Night was much scarier. Dinner at Knox Ozone and then home to bed.....

We stayed in bed late
eventually getting up around 10. Sent Leigh off to get the papers while I made brekky - my special porridge, toast with
MY apricot jam and latte's. Then on the spur of the moment off to the movies again in the afternoon to see 'No country for old men' Now that was a good movie! Violent - but good story. Leigh eventually had to go home and I sent him off with a jar of my homemade apricot jam. :-)

My Christmas pressie from the girls arrived in the mail yesterday too - a Naked Portafilter to suit my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. Tried it out tonight - definitely going to need some practice! Looks like some sleepless nights coming up.

So 'Home Alone' again now.
Thinking about my next training session. Want to go back in and squat again before New Years. Its going to be hot the next 2 days and my legs are still fatigued from running around on the beach, I might leave it until Monday night - but the gym is only open until 5, so I'll need to get in early.

Most likely I'll spend New Years eve having a few drinks with my best friend Joanne - unfortunately things haven't worked out with Steve.... Besides, Leigh is working and also has an early start on New Years day.
SO.... If I don't get to post again beforehand.....


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

What a crazy week this has been. Still managed to get all my training in tho' and I'm off to the gym tonight to squat. 5x5's. and deadlift 8x3's.

Celebrated my birthday, dinner at the pankcake parlour with the girls, Leigh and Leahs' boyfriend Andrew. Scored a new wallet (which I've needed for at least a year) and some gifts from Leigh including this pencil sharpener.....

Ummmm yes... you stick the pencil up the cats butt - and it meows! LOL

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town....

And don't my feet know it! Christmas shopping at Knox... arrived at 9 am to get a parking space... left at 2 something..... Madness prevails in the shopping malls. Madi and I found an awesome jigsaw that we want to do - unfortunately they didn't have one in stock - its by Thomas Barbey and called "Tourist Trap" The jigsaw is of his work - take a look at this link.

Where did I leave off??? ohh yeah Friday night - left work at 5pm and being a lovely evening I decided to walk down to Cartel where we were having social club drinks. Not too far I thought - WRONG! Two massive blisters later I hobble into the bar.... Amazing isn't it, we moved into a new building just a few months ago and all now reside on the same floor but do we see each other - no! Soooo had a jolly time catching up with my colleagues and talking techo stuff like what DVD recorder is best and the pros' and cons of HDMI cables... yada yada....

Trammed it back to the office and drove to Warrandyte pub to dine with ladies of DARC and their partners before heading home...

Sat morning - Out shopping with Leigh, messed around in the afternoon, ran into a Nic, one of the baskeball mums that I really clicked with and promised to catch up her with while I'm on leave. Then off to dinner at Andrews house (Leah's boyfriend) while Madi partied at a friends' cousins' 21st. Got given the grand tour of the house he is doing up to sell.

Sunday - the traditional lunch with the outlaws (my ex's family). They're no so bad really and its the only chance they get to see Leah and Madi and for the girls to see their aunts, uncles and cousins. Gavin, my brother-in-law who is a "Toorak Hairdresser" commented that Madi's hair looked like a wig (LOL) and then without mincing his words said he didn't realize I was going so grey - Thanks - Bastard! :-)

Monday - Hair appt (not with Gavin) to get my greys covered over! Sheesh - who wants to age gracefully? ha ha ha. Trained at 5ish squats and deadlifts. The extra rest days seemed to have worked treat. After warmups I settled in for 5 sets of 5 at 80kg - a drop back, but better to err on the side of caution. Deads were wide grip overhand at 100kg, 8 sets of 3.

That brings me back to today, and despite all the walking I went to the gym and trained - just calves and biceps. Calves I have not trained in what seems like a century. This was bit of test on the poor ole toe I can tell ya! So nothing too heavy, reps around 10's and 5 sets of seated raise and 5 sets of standing (in the smith machine) with plenty of stretching in between. Bicep curls 5 sets of 10 reps - light 20lb and 25lb followed up with cable curls with the EZ bar 6 sets of 10 reps - each set heavier. Finished with 15mins of walking on the treadmill (yes even after all the walking at the mall). Even broke into a little job for about a minute and a half.

Tomorrow... possibly more early morning shopping - just a few things to get and I want it over!! Training will be upper back, shoulder rehab stuff and triceps. Then its off to Jo's late in the evening - something has gone awry with her internet connection so I'm going to take a look for her.

Phew, I'm buggered..... Heading off to bed to read.... started a new book last night. "Body Count" by PD Martin. One of the books I got at the cheap book sale last month.... :-)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Ahhh the Christmas parties start in earnest...... Social club drinks tonight down the road followed by a dash out to Warrandyte pub for DARC (Donvale Adult Riders Club) Christmas dinner.... Christmas lunch with the outlaws on Sunday..... The silly season...

On leave from work for a week then working from home until after New Years....

Ho Ho Ho......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My favorite right now

OneRepublic Apologize Lyrics

I'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around, and say...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothin new
I loved you with a fire red-
Now it's turning blue, and you say...
"Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

Bridge (guitar/piano)

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
It's too late to apologize, yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah-
I'm holdin on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground...

Monday, December 10, 2007

More sore.....

Think I've strained my right hip adductor squatting on Sunday morning..... Training a day earlier than I should, after doing legs on Friday night, the intention to train with my girlfriend Jo on Monday night at Spartans being the reason I was training on Sunday morning as training with Jo would be more bodybuilder stuff rather than powerlifting. Warmed up fine - reps with the bar, then 40kg, 60k 70kg, 80kg. Finally loaded 90kg for the 5 sets of 5 and OUCH. I felt is on the way down. Decided not to work thru it and instead packed up and went home. Then as it turns out, Jo has to cancel Monday night....arrrgh, never mind - the extra night of rest is probably needed now although its not feeling too bad I'm not going to risk it. Back in there tomorrow night for the squat and deadlift work.

Went to the Deadlift comp on Saturday at Steve Browns (new) gym - yes I went to the old location first! Doh! Lucky I had sms-d the address to Leigh earlier, I had to check my sent box to get the right address! Saw some great lifting, Louise Vu Duy taking out the top State place with a PB of 132.5kg at 55.3kg body. She is a powerhouse! A couple of the regulars were also there Rena Littleton and Guilia Mormile also pull some good lifts on the day. Nice to see a few new faces too - really putting in some top efforts. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Quick meeting after the comp to decide what would be run next year in the way of comps and the dates, in light of the disintegration of the Victorian Committee.... tentatively 2 dates for Vic comps... April 5th, July 5th and the Nationals being held in Perth on October 5th. New committee etc will be up for nomination at the next AGM in April.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tired and sore

Left quad has been sore all weekend, and not that lactic kind of soreness but rather like I've strained something.... Anyway wasn't too sure if it would impact my next training session. Went into the gym, prepared to walk back out again if necessary. I don't mind training thru pain, but I'm not a believer in training thru an injury as I find it makes the recovery slower and its ultimately detrimental to any progress.


Warmed up with the bar for 2 sets of 10, 2 sets of 40kg - 6 reps, 65kg - 6 reps, 75kg - 6 reps (so far so good)
85kg - 5 sets of 5 (90 sec rest) - hard but not even a twinge from the quad - all good.


Off a 2 inch platform, wide, overhand grip, conventional stance, no belt but wrist straps used.
warmed up with 60kg - 6 reps, 80 kg - 6 reps 100kg - 8 sets of 3 reps (90 sec rest)

Yes I know - squat went up by 5kg, deadlift down 10kg - however wide, overhand grip made it more difficult. Not to mention the platform!

Have not slept well the past 2 nights.... Sunday night was, well, my own fault, sort of.... Joanne dropped over for dinner and a chat.... 3 coffee's later and I could not get to sleep..... So last night I expected to crash, especially after training, but again - broken sleep, every little noise woke me and there were plenty.... Something scratching in the ceiling, birds I think... I hope... nesting in the roof cavity, dog barking, text messages from Leigh ( awwww :-) ) and then this awful scratching again in the ceiling at 3 am.... I lay there planning a murderous attack on whatever is up there.....

Tonight I will sleep! I will.....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More Leg Bashing

Friday night:

Single leg dumbbell squats
Back to front lunges - these hurt my toe, may need to reconsider doing these or modify them somehow.
Stiff leg cable pull thru's
Alternate lying leg curls
Weighted hyper extensions
Band knee pushouts

Madi has finished school for the year and this means I can leave for work a little earlier in the morning - so next week I'm planning a couple of early morning runs... jogs... walk/run... inside Fawkner park, which is just behind the building where I work. I'd like to get my cardio fitness up a bit and trim off a little excess that has found itself around my waist!

On a sad note I wish to pay my respects on the passing of Ahmed Dalvean, the founder of CAPO. As out national president, Damon Hayhow said "He was a passionate Powerlifter and passionate about Powerlifting." That he was indeed and I'll never forget how he befriended me at my first comp and encouraged me as a fledgling into the sport of Powerlifting. RIP Ahmed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leg Bashing

Squat (belt only, no suit, no wraps)

(reps x sets)

8x2 @ bar
8x2 @40kg
6x2 @60kg
5x5 @ 80kg (176lb for those who dont do metric) (90second rest between)

Deadlift (belt only)

8x2 @ 80kg
3x8 @110kg (242lb) (90sec rest between)

Doesn't sound like much, but I was shaking by 2nd last set of deadlifts and had given myself a massive headache. Sweated buckets! Absolutely knackered - Dirk commented that I looked quite pale as I was leaving the gym. Quads and glutes tender today. Could not move out of the recliner last night - slept like a rock.

No training tonight.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Texas Holdem Poker Pro

Well, what a fun 45 minutes that was. And I wasnt the first of the Oracle team to go out, that honor went to James, followed by Adriana (right) then me. Bloody glad it wasnt my own money, tho' I did manage to win one hand. Team Oracle had two players go on into the 2nd round the next day - dont know how they fared as yet.

Got paged all weekend - worked some long hours :-( Still found time to get outside and spray roundup on the weeds and found a little critter in the drive way - a blue tongue lizard (left), a good 30 cm long.

Leg training tonight - squats and deads in the same session - lets see how this works out.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cool hand Luke....

Corporate Games today - Kickoff? at 4pm Crown Casino. My debut as a poker champion (LOL) I am to be allocated $1500 in chips - more than I thought - perhaps I will last more than 10 minutes.......

Deadlift training last night:

Conventional pulls - 60kgx10 x 2 sets, 80kg x8 x2sets, 90kg x6 x 6 sets - RAW RAW - no belt.

Hypers with a 15kg plate 4 sets of 15 reps.

Shrugs - 35lb dumbells 4 sets of 12 reps

Crap weekend ahead, apart from the Federal Election tomorrow, I'm oncall - yuck.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Physio all clear

Had my final visit to the physio this morning and got the all clear. Stuart is happy with my progress and I have 60 degree movement in the joint. Need to keep up the mobilization work at home at least until Christmas. He noted that I had quite a build up on the scar in a couple of places, in particular near the toe joint. To prevent further scar build up and to reduce the existing scar Stuart has taped along the scar. I am to keep the scar covered 23 hours a day for the next 2 - 3 months, only removing the tape to massages the scar and then shower. I have another appointment with the surgeon, Mark Blackney, next week.

Deadlifts last week were again very strong. with a max lift of 120kg conventional and 130kg sumo.

Monday night squatting.

Squat: warm up - bar 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps x2, 60kg 8 reps x2, 80kg 6 reps, 90kg 4 reps, 100kg 3 reps x 2, 110kg 2 reps.

At 110 I had my old, larger, squat suit on with the straps down.

Per last week I worked on driving up under the bar. Set the bar on the low cross rails - just below parallel when under the bar and 40kg total.

Drive ups: 6 reps easy. Added another 10kg and struggled to move it, managed 1 rep finally. Dropped 5kg (45kg) and drove up another 3 sets of 6reps.

Leg press: 100kg 12 reps, added another 50kg but found this was putting too much pressure on the ball of my big toe and so dropped back to 100kg again and pushed out 3 sets of 12 reps, wide stance, knees to ears.

Quads were quite touchy on Tuesday! Just how I like 'em!

Tuesday night benching.

Yay, got into the gym a little earlier than usual and was able to snaffle the bench.

Bench Press:
warm up
- bar 12 reps x2, 40kg 5reps x2,50kg 5 reps x2, 55kg 5 reps, 60kg 5 reps x2 & 4 reps x2

Next week I'll drop back to 50kg and go for 8 sets of 8.

Over head tricep press: warmups then 4 sets or 12 reps at 100

Lying dumbell press: 30kg 4 sets of 6

Rope/face pulls: 70 4 sets 10 10

Tonight - rest...... maybe........ maybe not........ maybe shoulders and biceps.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Training news

Friday night deadlift - remembered to pack the talc AND wear shorts. Warmed up 60kg, 90kg, 110kg all conventional style - Raw (belt only). Bumped the bar to 130kg - wouldn't budge... Set up in sumo stance - up it went like picking daisies! 3 more singles at 130kg in sumo stance (all successful) interleaved with conventional attempts (all failed) hmmmm......

Monday night squat - knee wraps in the bag and wearing shorts (I'm so glad the weather is getting warmer) Warmed up: bar, 60kg 2sets, Belt on & 80kg 2sets, knee wraps on & 100kg 4 singles, wraps off back to 60kg for a final set of 8.

Followed up with some explosive work that Leigh had shown me earlier in the year - put the bar on the low crossbars, 40kg only, climb under the bar and starting from the squat position, explode up. 3 sets of 6reps. Finished with llight leg press 100kg 4 sets of 10 reps (mindfull that this puts a lot of pressure on my toe joint. Legs were quite shaky by the time I had finished.

Other news
CAPO Victoria is in disarray with both the state president (Webby) and treasurer (James) resigning over the weekend. Starting surfing the net looking at the other powerlifting federations here - Powerlifting Australia being the main one and checking out some powerlifting clubs like Southern Powerlifting Not that I want to leave CAPO but I'm just not sure of its future here in Victoria.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bench night

Dumbell press - 30lb x12, 40lb x10, 50lb x8, 55lb x6, 45lb x10
Bench press - 40kg 2 sets of 8, 50kg 2 sets of 6, 60kg 2 sets of 3, 65 kg 2 singles.
Overhead rope press - 70 x12, 90 x12, 100 x10 x3sets
Rope pulls - 70 x12, 90 x12, 100 x10 x3sets
Seated rear delt flyes - 15lb dumbells 4 sets of 8 reps

*** New pics uploaded to AMG ***

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Incy Wincy Spider....

Squat work Monday evening.

Donned the squat boots in the gym (never wear them outside.... too precious)

Squats - Warmup 40kg 10 reps, 60kg 8 reps x 2 sets, 80kg (belt on) 6 reps x 3 sets, loaded 100kg then realized I did not have my knee wraps.... down to 90kg for 4 singles with just the belt on.... and gym wear... no this is NOT neked powerlifting ;-)

Sumo dumbell squats - 55kg 4 sets of 8 - eowww tight inner thighs.
Good mornings - 40kg 4 sets of 8. Again ouch..!
Incline side twists - 10lb dumbell 4 sets of 8
Side planks - 3 sets of 8

Sat on the floor in the boxing room after doing the side planks and removed my boots...... F*&K... there's a massive spider sitting on top of my right foot - actually I was too scared to scream and just shook my foot wildly - didnt see where the spider went, looked under the black box I was using for side planks... nope... perhaps I was hallucinating? Started to put on my runners.... one... then the next and as I moved my leg there was the spider, under my leg.... Arrrghhhh..... Ever seen anyone scoot backwards on their bum? I would have won the Melbourne cup!!

Leigh suggested I have a spider tattooed on my foot... hmmm , ok poll time.... Hell - I cant believe the damn thing didn't bite me after being in my boot while I squatted....

Gym tonight - benching. Will check my equipment thoroughly!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Photo time

Yes, at last, some new pics.... Some of which I'll be sending to Andy at AMG later in the week.

Crap - I hope this chair doesn't break

Just me

Do my triceps look big in this top?

Friday night drinks after work.... Interesting conversation with the manager in Education, any time I'm interested in joining them..... Plus Darren has asked me to send my resume when he gets back from Singapore - his first assignment working for SUN. Not sure I'm ready to make the quantum leap out of Oracle just yet. I'm still to travel around Europe on my long service leave!

Weekend alone, Leah and Andrew went camping and got drowned in the heavy downpour and Madi has gone to Philip Island with Fiona and her parents. Went wandering around the shops on Saturday afternoon and picked up this new top. What do you think?

Working hard at home

Working from home today, on pager... same tomorrow for the public holiday for Melbourne Cup. Makes it a little easier to get to training early - tonight -> squats.

Reply to comment:
Casually_me - good point, some grip training wouldnt go astray!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Deadlifts - Off the floor!

Conventional deadlift - Warmed up with 60kg for 10 reps
80x8, 100x6 (3 sets) 120kg x 2 (1 conventional and 1 sumo), 100kg x 6 (3 sets)
Barbell Hypers - 30kg 4 sets of 8 - Needed Reece to hand the bar over for each set.
Bicep curls - 20lb x12, 25lbx10 (2 sets) 30lb x8 (2 sets)

My hands have become so soft. Gripping the bar for the deadlifts was hard, I need to develop the callouses again, I could feel the ridges on the bar ripping my hands....

Out for a few drinks tonights at Cafe Equesta - just across the road from work. 2 colleagues are leaving - Darren, whom I mentored years back.... and Claudia. Must keep in touch with them. (Particularly Darren as he's going to work for Sun Microsystems.... I wouldn't mind working there myself..... hehehe)

Of note too across the road (and down a bit...) is the Victoria Police Headquarters.... Yummmm. Nice lot of eye candy out the front there other day whist I was on the tram heading into the city..... Ahhh such is my fetish for men in uniform. ;-)

Boyfriend is away this weekend and so I'll use this time to catchup a few things that have been on my 'to do' list for some time. I really want to do another spring clean of the house and chuck out some stuff thats just been jammed in the cupboards. If the weather picks up at all there's a little bit of gardnening to be done (weeding etc) and both the new car and truck need a wash. I also want to indulge in some 'me' time - read my book, watch some video's etc maybe even take time to get some new photo's for the blog.....

P1 pager next week - yuck!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a week(end)

Lets start back at last Thursday.... When I picked up my new car!!!!!! Cute little Mazda 2 Genki. No more driving the beast to work.

Saturday was nothing short of hectic with prepartions for Madi's deb ball. Make up, hair, final adjustments to the dress - she looked llike a princess. I donned the low heel shoes and hobled into Rembrants with Leigh's help..... Sunday morning slept in a little and while Leigh went off to get the Sunday papers I cooked up some omelettes .... pretty much spent a relaxing day together which was great after all the stress and running around leading up to the deb.

Have manged to get my squatting back to Monday nights...
Box Squat - warmed up on 40kg, then 5 sets of 8 reps at 60kg and finshed of 2 sets of 3 at 80kg
Zercher squat - 50kg 4 sets of 8
Leg extentions - 40, 50, 60, 70, in sets of 14 -> 10 reps

Left it there as my foot had been quite sore over the weekend. Iced and elevated when I got home.

Tuesday, Physio and post op surgeon visit.... Stuart has suggested more stretching exercises for the calf cramps otherwise he is happy with the progress - another 3 weeks of maintenance training and all going well I should be able to start on back heavy training again.

Then into my review with Mark Blackney. The pain and swelling is as expected at this stage and now is the time to start pushing the toe a bit more. Scar tissue has built up and now is the time to start breaking it down - the healing is at a point where I should be able to do this. He has also prescribed a strong arthritis drug, Mobic, to help reduce the pain and inflammation while I work the toe harder, even suggesting that I can start a very light running programme.

Researched a little about Mobic (Meloxicam) on the internet - seems to be quite a potent drug, with some risks attached. Almost in the same category as Vioxx which has been taken off the market. But WOW it works - today I am walking like a normal person.... Its a miracle... I CAN WALK. :-)

Trained last night as well....

Bench 40kg x8, 50kg x8, 60kg x6 (5 sets) then went for a 1 rep max of 70kg (with a little help) Pleased with that given the break I've had from heavy training.
Dumbells 40lb x12, 50lbx8, x6, x6, 45lb x8
Floor tricep press 40lbx12 50lbx8 (3 sets)
Overhead rope 10 reps at each of 60, 70, 80 90, 100
Calf stretches - Per physio's instructions

More Pics from the Deb.......

Monday, October 22, 2007

My next challenge

Poker. Yep, having my first lesson on Thursday and then I'm up for the corporate games poker at crown casino - Joe Hachem make room at the table - LOL

Physio appt last Friday was less than encouraging. Foot is more swollen than expected and not from the squatting or partial deadlifts but rather I am doing too much walking and not enough elevation. So a concerted effort at the weekend saw my foot a little less swollen. Appears that my body is also rejecting the 'dissolving stitches' as I mentioned I had pulled a stitch from my toe and now the other end of the scar keeps weeping - yuck! Anyway I have my followup visit with the Surgeon next week so I can raise this and the issue of calf cramps.

My training to date has been a bit erratic. I've managed two squat sessions, the first being 2 sets of each front squats, regular squats and zercher squats all with only 40kg and I found that although the front squats were hard on my front delts I actually squatted well and pushed with my heels taking the pressure off the front of my foot. Last week I kept to just the front squats and some tried some partial deadlifts at 100kg. The physio has given me the go ahead to increase the weight by 10%, a short more intense heavier training session is preferable to a long drawn out session. Tonight I'm back in the gym for a third squat session, I'm still confused about my training regime. Leigh has been a little to busy to guide me and has suggested I go back to Dirk to work out my training. To be honest I'm a little disappointed.... well frustrated is probably more like it. I hate being tethered back and already I feel like I've lost ground - I know I have! Perhaps Leigh is right, I should sit down with someone and write out a plan to give me some focus. At the moment I go to the gym, start training and make it up as I go along which doesn't seem to be very productive.

In my otherwize nerdy life last week I installed 2 new oracle databases on two test machines and set up a streams environment to play with and to be used for Streams bug testcases..... got bored with that by Thursday and after looking around our internal site I found a new Oracle connector for Microsoft outlook. Downloaded it and installed yippee I was able to finally connect my Dopod to our mail system AND still see my calender appts and contacts.... That was until I rebooted and it all went south for the winter..... So here it is Monday morning and I'm still trying to re-install Outlook (for the 3rd time....) The install is taking all my available bandwidth on my laptop and I cant even get to the bug database - I've had to restort to writing this blog update in notepad!! Crap.

Today I have 'Meet and Mingle' morning tea at 10am.... Now that we've moved to the new building and were are all together management thinks its a good idea for us to get to know our colleagues (we used to be in 2 separate buildings...) Well, its a free latte and muffin..... and probably my Outlook install will still be running.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Long post and Gripe!!

Decided to head down the beach afterall. Left home at 6.00pm and arrived there just after 9.30pm. Bad traffic accident on the way - triple fatality, held up the traffic for a bit and Mojo got a bit antsy in float. Terrible weekend on the roads with 12 people losing their lives - such a terrible shame, I really feel for the parents of the kids in the accident we sore - especially after Leah's accident at the beginning of this year. (and I'll whinge about this a little more later....)

The weather wasn't too bad, and Madi managed to get a couple of rides along the beach - me with my dodgy foot stayed out of the saddle this time. Mojo enjoyed a nice roll on the beach too.

The mosquito's were in plague proportions. At one point we could not get into the truck there were so many of them, we kept having to spray Mojo with repellent - which he did not appreciate!

In true 4WD form I managed to run over a sign out the front of the fish and chip shop where we stopped to get lunch on the Saturday - ooppps!

Back Sunday night to a roast pork dinner, complete with apple sauce and crackling, cooked by Leah and her boyfriend Andrew - yummm!

Worked Monday, trained chest and triceps - went a little lighter so as not to pull up so sore again.

Flat dumbells: warmup 35lb for 12 reps, 40 x12, 45x10 (2 sets)
Incline dumbells: 45x10 3 sets
Flat flyes: - very light at 20lb 10 reps 3 sets

Lying tricep extention: 20lb 3 sets of 8
Cable pushdown: 80, 90 100, 120 all for 10 reps

GRIPE of the year!

VicRoads are giving Leah a hard time about her accident at the beginning of the year and are now intending to suspend her license indefinitely. She has complied with all their requests, filling in reports and attending 2 doctors appointments to prove that there is no medical reason for her not to drive. The rude and ignorant medical review, Brian, finally telling us that according to the police report Leah has had 2 incidences of 'blacking out' behind the wheel, the other occurrence being in 2005 (bullshit - she only had her learner's permit then!) So I tracked down the 2 officers from Ringwood police to see what had been written in their report. The constable (Matt Henri) that wrote the report is on leave..... great! Any way I explained to the other officer (Mel LeGrande) what was going on and she called Matt at home. Apparently he made a mistake in his report - a typo on the date, which he knew about so he wrote a second report to correct the first one and to his knowledge it was all sorted out. WRONG!!! Even after sending a statutory declaration as to her medical fitness and stating the error by the police officer, the VicRoads guy (although admitting that he knew the 2nd reports was to correct the 1st report) is still taking the 2nd report as a 2nd incident because it too has an error..... so as far as he is concerned she has had 2 blackouts (actually she just fell asleep at the wheel due to fatigue) So now she has to see a neurologist (twice at a cost of $270 each time) and she cannot get the 2nd appointment for a month - VicRoads have given her 10 days notice of suspension of licence (Oct 17 - just days before her birthday!!). Const. LeGrande called VicRoads but without any success - we have to wait for Const. Henri to return from leave next Monday (Oct 15) and see if he can sort out something with VicRoads - in any case the arrogant little VicRoads prick has said he will not give her license back until Mid November. F*%#' sake!!! Do they expect her to take public transport to and from work??? Right - she works afternoon shift at the Police records section, finishes work at 11pm - do they expect a 19yo girl to catch a train to the outer suburbs at that time of night??? Yes she made a mistake - had an accident but for her license to be suspended some 10 months later, when she was not charged with any offense, had a ZERO blood alcohol level and does not take drugs - this is so WRONG!!!

All this anger is making my toe throb!!!

Right - that off my chest, trained last night - Back, shoulders and biceps.

Bent over rows: 40 kg 10 reps, 50kg 3 sets of 10
Lat pulldown: 100 3 sets of 10
Face pulls: 90 3 sets of 10

Overhead shoulder press: 100 10 reps, 120 10 reps 2 sets
Side raises: (light) 15lb db 4 sets of 12

Incline db bicep curls: (light) 15lb 4 sets 12
Cable curls: 20 4 sets of 15

George introduced me to the new guy working at the gym, Reece, who is also a powerlifter and trains at Apollo gym (westside/Metal Militia). He was really pleased to someone that benches 'properly' (as a powerlifter not a bodybuilder - LOL). We had a great ole chat about powerlifting and training. He has offered to lend me his Metal Militia cd's and will help me with my shirt technique in the Metal shirt when I am ready as he uses all Metal gear and so is very familiar with how it should be worn and used. That's a way down the track tho', for now I'm itching to get back under the bar and squat!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Road to recovery

Gentle leg and bicep workout last Thursday

Leg extensions 4 sets, 60, 12 reps
Leg curls 4 sets, 30, 12 reps
Seated good mornings 4 sets, 40kg, 10 reps

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets ,30lb, 8 reps
Single arm preacher curls, 3 sets, 25lb, 8 reps
Cable curls, 20, 25,30 - 10 reps

Physio Friday - Stuart is happy with my progress and swelling is as expected (still) next visit is in 3 weeks and just prior to that I should be able to squat at 30% of my usual training weight (not one-rep max). So when the time comes I'll try out around 30 - 40kg and ease back into it.

Saturday afternoon, drove to Queenscliff with Leigh (and Oden the wonder dog). Nice latte at one of the cafe's, a walk along the beach and then very casual dinner (fish and chips) back at the beach - very relaxing afternoon - away from the footy crowds.

Handed over my car to Leah on Sunday - the lease had ended and she opted to buy the car for the residual. For now I'm driving the truck to work while I source a new car for myself. Test drove a little Mazda 2 Genki last week - neat little car, very zippy and will be heaps more economical for driving to work each day.

This week I'm on an Internal training course at work (long hours) which mean I get home very late.... and haven't made it to the gym so far.

Mojo caught his head in the wire fence and the vet had to be called - so poor boy is back on penicillan and anti-inflamms. We were planning to go down t0 he beach this weekend.... We'll have to see how he is Friday and get sheepskin cover on his bridle.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back in training, Bandages off....

Finally ventured back into the Gym on Tuesday night. Trained chest and triceps.

Flat dumbells: warmed up with 30lb for 12 reps, followed by 40lb for 10 reps, 50lb for 2 sets of 8 then 6, back down to 40 for 8 reps
Incline dumbells: 45lb 3 sets of 8
Cable crossover: 3 sets of 12 at 20lb,30lb and 40lb (very strict with a good stretch)

Close grip bar: warmed up with 30kg for 12 reps, followed by 40kg for 2 sets of 8 reps
Rope pulldown: 80lb 4 sets of 10 (I think... was chatting at bit.....)
Dips: 3 sets of 6 (nervous doing these in case I slipped and landed on my foot!!)

Foot was throbbing by the end of the workout - I guess the elevated blood pressure from training.....

Went home, showered and removed the bandages from my foot - at last.... here are the pics. You can see there is still quite some swelling.

On the subject of pain - Two days later I am severely sore from Tuesdays nights session! I guess thats what happens when you don't train for nearly a month!! Realistically I think the December deadlift comp is looking bad. I'm no where near being able to bear any weight on that foot - the best way I can describe it is this - Imagine having a little marble taped under the ball of your foot - thats what if feels like when I walk or take any weight on my right foot - I think its just from the swelling. Physio tomorrow so I'll ask Stuart.

Anyway, if I cant do the deadlift comp I'll offer my services to referee again - it was fun and I as I love this sport I'd like to put something back into it. I know I'm not the only one that thinks like that as my fellow nationals competitor Louise Vu-Duy was also at the novice bench press last weekend in an official capacity doing the scoring.

Tonight I'll be in the gym again to do a little leg work, leg extension and leg curls.... about all I can do really. Probably throw in some bicep work. Cant even think of doing back or shoulders with my chest jammed up the way it is. Ohh the pain, the pain.... :-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Best laid plans....

Been a while since I updated.....

Email offering a free shirt arrived the other week and being a sucker for such things I read on.... Corporate games participants get a free Oracle Shirt..... I want one! So checkout all the different sports on offer.... tennis, badminton, poker???, running - ahhhh 5 or 10k run. Thinking this could be a great motivator to rehab my foot I put my name down for the 5k run..... Then a planned post op visit to have my stitches removed (ow ow ow), bandaged up with waterproof coverings and then into the physios's room, where any thoughts of running were quickly dissipated...... a subtle reminder from Simon "you've just had surgery on your foot - no running for at least another 10 weeks - you can go a for a long walk at about the 6 week mark say 1/2 an hour...." Set some exercises for me - bending the toe up to get the range of movement back and have to try to walk as 'normally' as possible. Next physio appt is this Friday.

Finally this week I can get out of the 'spastic shoe'. Recommended footwear for the next 3 months..... runners (no way!!!), sports sandals (yuck) or Crocs - well the best of bad bunch - hopped online to and ordered a pair of purple crocs.

Physio has given me the ok to start training upper body however the deadlift comp in December is looking a bit doubtful. I am recovering quite well I think and have managed to get out a little with Leigh taking me to the movies the other week and weekend just gone I reffed at the novice bench press comp (my fist reffing!!!) Prior to the bench press was the strongman comp which I managed to see the tail end of.... different..... and I finally picked up my trophy, medal and bucket of oats from the nationals.

Sunday was a surprise party at my sisters place for her 60th birthday coming up later this week. All the family was there, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and their children too.... Introduced Leigh to my family, fortunately Leah's boyfriend Andrew is also new to the clan so Leigh wasn't the only 'newbie' at the do! :-) It all went off pretty well, lots of food and a pretty relaxing afternoon. I really need to get back in the gym!!! LOL

Monday, September 10, 2007

Life goes on

Stardate Monday September 10. Captains log:

Manning the lonely P1 pager, trouble brewing in the outer regions, data corruptions are coming in. 5, nay 6 P1's, one immediately shot down to yellow alert (P2). 3 handed over from the earlier US shift and deflected thru to India, 1 closed and another denied.

So that was the first day back on the job, along with a tonne of email (delete, delete, delete...) and a crap load of work in my queue that had bounced back to life while I was 'on sick leave'. Working from home has its advantages.... good coffee (although the coffee shop in the foyer at work is good too), get up at 7.30 for a 8am start, stay in my jammies all day.....

As of today I am crutchless....

Noooo..... Not that kind of crutchless.... This kind......

Finally the end of the day and I'm off to make myself a latte and retire to the lounge with my book - Skin Privilege by Karin Slaughter.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I am alive !!

Had my operation last Tuesday. The Doc was happy with the result. The nerve block was bliss - no pain, however it lasted a little longer than expected and that delayed my release from hospital until Wednesday afternoon.

Once the nerve block wore off I was on mild pain killers (digesic) and Ibuprofen (bugesic) which I was alternating every 2 hours to keep the pain at bay. This worked quite well.

The girls have taken good care of me, Madi mastered the art of latte making and Leigh's been over to visit a few times, even bringing Oden the wonder dog on Friday and helping me to get down the stairs and out onto the decking for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. I'm making pretty good progress now but I am keeping my foot elevated as much as possible

Walking around does take its toll tho'

Friday, August 31, 2007

Remedial massage Wed afternoon concentrating on back shoulders and chest. Something I need to do is get my chest more open, its so tight that at the end of the massage I come away very sore and bruised. Wed night trained chest and shoulders with some difficulty as the massage has also stirred up a rear delt injury (right side).

Light dumbells at 35lb for 5 sets of 8, painful but easy enough.
Incline dumbells 35lb 4 sets of 8
Bench press in the rack (partials) 45kg 4 sets of 8
Shoulder press (pyramid) 80x10 100x10 120x8 110x10 (this also hurt my rear delt)
Front raises 15lb 4sets of 8
Seated rear dumbell flyes 10lb

Last day in the office for 2 weeks - although not my last working day as I'm oncall over the weekend - blah!

Reviewed the post-op documents from the surgeon. General anaesthetic and a nerve block for my right leg which apparently will last 6-8 hours after the operation "for pain management" and an overnight stay in hospital. I think that's a hint as to how painful this is going to be afterwards. 7 days with leg elevated on a couple of pillows to help reduce the swelling which apparently may take 6 weeks to fully subside. After 7 days I am allowed light walking and I have to wear a post operative shoe for 4 weeks. Now, I ran into (not literally) one of the guys from work who has been off due to snapping his achillies tendon and he is wearing post-op boot and his comment was that the boot is not the same height as any of his shoes so he is lop sided which in turn is putting a lot of pressure on his other leg - note to self - find a show that will match the post op shoe (in height at least). I somehow think that I will not be making a fashion statement. His once piece of advice (which he did not follow and has suffered as a result) was to KEEP THE FOOT ELEVATED. Seems this is an important part of recovery. Am I getting nervous? Hell yeah! but that's just between you an me right! Anyway the long term benefit will outweigh the short term pain (as intense as it may be).

Started preparing my environment for the upcoming disablement - re-arranged the bedroom, brought up the TV from the rumpus room (bloody thing was heavy - awkwardly so), brought a book to read (which I've almost finished - whoops better get another one), giving Madi a refresher course on the art of latte making since she will be the chief barista whilst I am confined to bed. Made arrangements for one of her friends to take her dance lessons (for the upcoming debutante ball) Hoping the pager will be reasonably quiet so I can do some things around the house and prepare some meals to make it easier on the girls while they look after me - and themselves (and so I don't end up eating junk.....). Taking Monday as annual leave for any last minute running around and final leg training session for a while.

I'll try to get another post in before the op and and some 'before' pics like me standing on 2 feet. :-)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Equine Flu

72 hour lock down - fortunately for me the lockdown started after Adult riding club had finished - although the usual social gathering at the clubhouse was cut short as we were informed that all horses had to be back in their home paddocks by 3pm. Madi was not impressed at pony club being canceled the next day but understanding the seriousness of the outbreak its best to be safe than sorry. Anyway it was back to basics - trot poles, serpentines and standing in the saddle at a trot - great inner thigh workout!!!

One more week to the toe op, so I'll make the most of this week's training - back in squat rack tonight going deep with a light weight - 60kg 4sets of 8 reps. Probably my cardiovascular will give out before my quads! Leg press & hamstring curls 4 sets and finish up with 4 sets of 25 on the leg extension.

Wobbly-man: Movement is moderately restricted, I am unable to do any calf work and its now at the point where its painful to walk even in flat shoes. The surgeon said it was better to get it done now while the prognosis for a full recovery is likely - ie the joint has not yet degenerated (too much anyway) although he covered himself by saying that he wont know the full extent of degeneration until he open up the toe. The wait list was 7 months to get an initial appointment with the surgeon and normally about 6-8 weeks after that for surgery. However the booking nurse got me in a little quicker (3 weeks) when I explained that I had just finished competing and needed to get it over with in order to have an uninterrupted training schedule for next year. They seem pretty sensitive to sporting/training requirements. I'll post an update on coolrunning too as I know there were a few others also suffering from this problem that might be interested in knowing my progress / result.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back in the saddle

Quite literally... Worked from home last Monday so that Mojo could finally get shoes on and this weekend is Adult riding club. Feels like forever since I've been or a ride. This weekend we have a special instructor Colleen Kelly for a one hour lesson on posture and position in the saddle. I'm in the second class from 11.30 to 12.30. First lesson will be a combined dressage / low jumping class. Of course I wont be able to ride again for a couple of months after the operation. Madi has a formal pony club rally on the Sunday so Mojo is going to earn his keep this weekend. Busy weekend ahead.

My bodyweight is starting to edge back up a little , up to 68.5kg. Eating well - kindof, but not much of an appetite still. And event ho I'm not in full training I know its important to keep eating right for recovery. Making myself drink more water too - one of my biggest failings is not drinking enough plain ole water. I've also started back on the MAX's pre workout protein powder and I think that's what is helping with my weight and training energy levels. Tonight training hammies, back and shoulders. Leg curls, seated row and overhead press. Quads are still sore from Wed night, once again I didnit go heavy just repped out and got all the muscles moving. Feels a bit weird going to the gym without a proper training plan but what can I do?

Had to cancel my October leave, the AQ training that was canceled in July is now scheduled for the first week of October - the week I'd planned to take off (last week of the school holidays. Bugger.

Creepy..... Phone call form my ex last week - just to say "Hi, how ya doing?" "Hmmmm just fine thanks" He doesn't know I'm seeing someone. That, along with an email from my girlfriend Jo, who is back from visiting her boyfriend Steve in Far North Queensland, saying she's heard that my ex is out and about with another mutual friend who has split with his girlfriend and has come to the realization that he 'f*ucked up' badly and is missing me. . Well too bad... like the saying... "you dont know what you've got 'til its gone...." I am wayyyy gone! And, no, Jo's not pregnant yet but Steve is putting her under a lot of pressure to move up with him later this year. What will I do without my bestest bestest girlfriend ?

POST Note: Blogger has added the 'POLL' tool. So I've included one just to see how it works. Please feel free to 'vote' Thanks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back in the gym

At last well enough to train and so following Leigh's advise I went in to train arms only. Only light but they were sore the next day - I guess thats what happens when you take time off - even a short time.

Given that in 2 weeks I'm gonna be laid up I'll just spend the time working thru the muscle groups and keeping everything moving and its a good opportunity to do things I havent done for quite some time. Tonight some leg work - leg extensions, leg press and some calf work and Friday back shoulders and hammies.

According to Webby I have a participation medal, a trophy and a bucket of oats waiting for me from the nationals - yay oats! LOL.

Today in the mail I received a bunch of state record certificates in the masters division, in particular one from the Nationals for the Deadlift state record at 157.5kg - still just a smidge away from the Open state record that Shazza holds at 165kg. I plan to topple that in December - its so close I can almost taste it. Shaz has mentioned getting a team of us girls to compete - it would be great to see her compete again.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I fell prey to the Indian cuisine...... somehow I managed to pick up a bug and got really really sick on the Friday night just before I was to leave. The driver took me back to the Taj where I had planned to have dinner but instead found myself violently throwing up in the hotel toilets. I felt a little panicked at the thought of flying in this condition and with only 5 hours before I had to board I seriously contemplated calling the SOS number we're given for emergencies. Anyhoo after I had purged everything from my body all I wanted to do was sleep and so I made my way to the airport, doubled over still in pain and boarded my flight..... I considered asking for an upgrade because I was sick but thought I may end up not being allowed on the flight at all. In the end I slept all the way from Bangalore to Singapore. I was so dehydrated by the time I arrived but still could only manage to sip water - slept again most of the way between Singapore and Melbourne. Zipped thru immigration with my e-passport bypassing the long long queues (suckers!) and into a taxi home..... Remained sick the rest of the weekend with severe stomach cramps and at Leigh's insistence I went to the doctor late in the afternoon on Monday and was prescribed antibiotics....

On this same Monday I had my long awaited appointment with Dr Mark Blackney about the bone spurs on my big toe. This appointment was made 7 months ago. Fortunately my collegue had taken the pager for the afternoon (yes I was carrying the P1 pager the first day back - while sick... such a martyr :-) ) So he check's out my toe and the xray and says I am a good candidate for surgery, there appears to be little degeneration of the joint and prognosis is for a t least 10-15 years of pain free walking/running (and high heels) before any further intervention would be required. Hooray. Next... in with the booking nurse - when do I want this done?? ASAP as I've just finished competing and now off season, get it out the way as early a possible so I can start on my campaign for next years Nationals. In for surgery Tuesday September 4th - overnight stay followed by 1 week complete rest - off work, 2nd week can start getting around (work form home) no driving the car for 2 weeks, and slowing start back at the gym, upper body and slowly work in some light leg work. Unfortunately its general anesthetic so I wont be able to take any pics :-( but if you want to see what the operation entails here a couple of links....



(to be continued.....)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Thursday night.....

I check out tomorrow morning and this has been a long week. By tomorrow afternoon we will have crammed 8 days of training into 5 days. I've been arriving at the office at 8.30 am and not leaving until 6 - 6.30 ish with very few breaks and little coffee..... Siteseeing this time is at an all time low, the evening rush hour is literally that - what takes 15 mins in the morning to get to the office turns around to be an hour or more to get back to the hotel.

As with last time I was here I am fascinated by the amount of 'livestock' roaming around the main roads. This morning 2 baby goats were butting heads on the side of the road. The bigger one was trying to push the little into the on coming traffic - typical kids (LOL - get it... kids... baby goats.... forget it)

The food here is wonderful, except that I may have over done the curries the other day - after dieting so strictly to then bombard my system with curries and spices.... well lets just say my tummy hasn't been too happy - but that doesn't stop me.

Chicken curry and..... A wheat thing stuffed with potato

Its been great catching up with my BDE counterparts here and meeting the new members of the team and meeting up with familiar faces from my previous trip. I've been very well looked after here by my collegues and the hotel staff who have all been out running errands for me while I've been stuck in the office. Sathya found a couple of the Indian Soda bottles - Codd's for me to take back - apparently not so easy to get in Bangalore any more.

Tuesday night, the hotel security guy, Arun, organized an appointment with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, here in Bangalore so that I could swap some Victoria Police badges for Bangalore ones for Leigh. So... I was put into the hotel car along with one of the hotel staff to escort me to the police station. Its not like walking into a police station back home let me tell you. Guards with rifles at each entrance and outside the Commisioners office. After bit of chat I handed over a few of the badges Leigh had given me and he promised to get his assistant to take some badges over to the hotel the next day...... Nothing arrived.... Arun made some more calls and they kept promising to send the badges by 8.30..... Nothing.... Next message is they'll send them tomorrow..... I get to the hotel tonight after work.... Nothing..... Another call is made and about 30 mins ago 3 Bangalore police badges were delivered to my room. :-)

Myself and the Deputy Commisioner of Police

Well time now for me to relax and watch another episode of 'The Shield' before I hit the hay. BTW.... This will be the last update until I return to Melbourne at the weekend.

Lunch at the Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

2nd place Open division

3rd place overall - not a bad effort - but not my best. I knew I was in for a hard battle and even Frank Manning had done the numbers for me, pointing out that I was going to need a 400kg total to beat Tegan - a tough call. Managed a 370kg total comprising of a 132.5kg squat and a 157.5kg deadlift - both competition pb's but failed in my benching only getting 80kg in and missing at 85kg for technical reasons - ala not going up evenly and on my last attempt my butt came off the bench - although I didnt feel it...... The judging was very strict - and so it should be at this level. I had my 2nd deadlift attempt, which was passed, taken from me on protest because I failed to return the bar to the floor with control - actually my foot slipped and even tho I held on to the bar, it went down a little fast and I lost my balance.

157.5kg deadlift

132.5kg squat

I'm not able to give much of a report as I was Leigh kept me from seeing a lot of what was going on - in order to focus on what I needed to do rather than what everyone else was doing. I do know that Tegan pulled some great lifts and Maria also made a huge improvement on her squat from last year and setting a new Vic state record of 147.5kg. An impressive effort considering the squat was not her strongest lift last year. Anyway time now to hand my squatting over to Leigh with a 160kg squat set as my target for Christmas.

Got to say a brief hello to a few of the competitors from Queensland that I met last year, Marie White, Michael Trentin and Terence Titus. Frank introduced me to a couple of strong masters ladies he's training and I was pleased to meet one young girl the daughter of one of the Queensland masters ladies, whose name eludes me at this jet lagged state of time, apparently she has also been reading my blog - nice to meet a reader!!

Here I am now in Bangalore India, hence the delayed update. Flew out of Melbourne at 10 am Sunday morning after the comp - 8 hours to Singapore (4 hour stop over ) 4 hours to Bangalore. By the time I arrived at the hotel I had a massive migraine and had trouble sleeping - before I knew it the wake up call was blaring and it was time to head to the office. Crashed out last night from 8.30pm until 6 am this morning. Still feeling somewhat jet lagged as its 10pm here but 2.30 am according to my body clock. I'm off to bed......