Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fun in the sun

Boy-oh has it been hot these past few days, now this week is summer, unlike last weeks drenching rains - yes we needed it but now to the other extreme!

Wind back the clock to Christmas eve....

Training - squat only
ar 2sets x 10 reps
40kg 2 x 8

60kg 2 x 7

70kg 2 x 6

80kg 5 x 5
90kg 3 x 3

Christmas eve was spent with Madi, Leah, Andrew and little Olivia (Andrews little girl) ohhh and sophie, their new puppy. Stayed up late making treats to take to my sisters on Christmas day and then waited until late for everyone to goto bed so that Santa could put some pressies under the tree.

6.45 am and the phone rings.... Its Leigh claiming to be at the front door and wanting me to get up and make him a latte... 'no way, you cant be at the door' (he started work at 6.30am so I thought) 'yes I am' came the reply and then the sound of a car horn in stereo - outside and thru the phone! OMG! Not even Liv is up yet! Down I go to the front door in my jammies and there he is - in uniform - Yummm... sexy policeman at my door. What a treat! So we exchange pressies and I make the obligatory lattes, all the while Leigh and I are wrestling - our favorite pastime of torturing each other! Eventually the rest of the family gets up and its on, Christmas wrapping everywhere. Leigh heads off to work and after tidying up Madi and I head off to my sisters for Christmas lunch. The Apricot tree in the back yard is chocka full of fruit, so I picked about 3kg off with the intention of making jam.

The day finally wound up around 8.30
and we headed home to to pack Madi and Leah's bags for their annual trip up to NSW to see their father. In bed around 1am and back up at 5.30am when the girls and Andrew left on their 15hour road trip, with the mandatory 2-3 hour calls to make sure they were ok. And they arrived safe and sound.

So now, here I am, home alone and carrying the P1 pager.
Thankfully I must say it did not go off on Christmas day but from boxing day on it has gone off with monotonous regularity. In between times I managed to look for a recipe for apricot jam on the net and set about cooking the apricots. I now have more jam than I can possibly eat, so I'll be sharing it around. LOL.

Trained Wed eve, after doing some more research on the net I decided to do a few different things that night and with no reason to rush home I got stuck into training in earnest.

Rehab stuff:

Incline rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10

Seated rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10

Lying lat pulldown: 80 5 x 10
Regular lat pulldown: 100 5x8 ,120 5 x 3

Bench press: bar 2 x 10, 40kg 3 x 5, 45kg 3x5, 50kg 5 x 5

Dumbell press: 40lb 5 x 10 (this hurts my right shoulder - so quite light)

Rolling tricep press: 25lb 4 x 10

Tricep push down single: 30 4 x 20

Attempted o/head shoulder press at 100 - but way too painful in the shoulder, so didn't pursue this exercise.

Cardio: (excuse my bad language)
10 minutes on the treadmill
10 mins on the stepper.

Took Friday off as an annual leave day
and went down to Portsea with Leigh. We headed off late in the morning and it was getting quite hot and the traffic in some parts was quite slow, but eventually we arrived and after some refreshments in town we headed down to Rye beach for the afternoon. Had an absolute ball being tossed around in the surf just at the edge of the shore - not venturing too deep....
a) the undertow was very strong and
b) I cant swim to save myself!

Drove home late in the day
(very little traffic heading back) and then off to the movies. Alain vs Pridoir - a love story Leigh explained. 'A modern Romeo and Juliette?' I inquired - ahhh yes.... Alien Vs Predator Requiem. Dont bother it was crap - Usually this kind of thing scares the bejezus out of me - not this one. 30 days of Night was much scarier. Dinner at Knox Ozone and then home to bed.....

We stayed in bed late
eventually getting up around 10. Sent Leigh off to get the papers while I made brekky - my special porridge, toast with
MY apricot jam and latte's. Then on the spur of the moment off to the movies again in the afternoon to see 'No country for old men' Now that was a good movie! Violent - but good story. Leigh eventually had to go home and I sent him off with a jar of my homemade apricot jam. :-)

My Christmas pressie from the girls arrived in the mail yesterday too - a Naked Portafilter to suit my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. Tried it out tonight - definitely going to need some practice! Looks like some sleepless nights coming up.

So 'Home Alone' again now.
Thinking about my next training session. Want to go back in and squat again before New Years. Its going to be hot the next 2 days and my legs are still fatigued from running around on the beach, I might leave it until Monday night - but the gym is only open until 5, so I'll need to get in early.

Most likely I'll spend New Years eve having a few drinks with my best friend Joanne - unfortunately things haven't worked out with Steve.... Besides, Leigh is working and also has an early start on New Years day.
SO.... If I don't get to post again beforehand.....


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Louise said...

Hiya. There's a street orienteering event at The 100 Acres at Park Orchards if you wanted to get back into running. Or walking. :-)

This Wednesday, 7pm. Ping me if you want more info.