Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24 009

Spring has arrived!

On annual leave this week and had planned quite a few chores around the house and garden. Ordered three cubic meters of crushed rock for the driveway and side of the house, one meter of lilydale toppings to make a path up from the drive to to the back "garden" and two meters of 10ml mulch to prepare the gardens for the upcoming hot summer..... and it's raining! I did get some of stone moved and started on the path but stick inside now.... its bucketing down!

Crushed rock with Anderson doing inspection...

Lilydale toppings and Mulch...

Path to back garden

(Neglected) back garden and Allie cat

I've been out spending, keeping the economy turning.... (got my tax return!) in case you hadn't already figured that out with the garden materials.... but also bought a new TV unit.... which came flat pack!

Priscilla helped...

Loads of swearing at this point.....

Finished product :-)

Had a very busy start to the holidays with my friends at Southern competing in a novice comp out in Campbellfield. I'll upload the photo's and details of who did what etc next week went I've sorted thru them properly.

Sunday Tinkerbell and Paul came over for a BBQ and we watched the CAPO Nationals which Paul had video'd. What better way to spend the afternoon, eating, having a few glasses of wine and watching powerlifting with good friends :-)

Actually I needed a little cheering up and having them over was just what I needed.... Some very, very sad news late on Saturday night, my brother in law, who had been quite ill for some time passed away - no matter how much you know this may happen it still comes as a shock and I sat up until the wee early hours of Sunday morning remembering the good times. RIP Harry.

Well its stopped raining and the sun is peaking thru, so I should get back out working in the garden while it lasts.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

September 9 2009

Such an obliging person I am.....

Athlete Whereabouts

Your Compliance Status

Current quarter 1/07/2009 - 30/09/2009

Success. Compliant from 1/07/2009 to 30/09/2009

Upcoming quarter 1/10/2009 - 31/12/2009

Success. Compliant

Monday at Defo- running short on time for training:

8x bar, 6x40kg 6x80kg (no equip)
4 x 100kg, 3 x 1 @110kg singles (knee wraps and belt)

5x5@130kg (belt undone,no wraps)

End of squat training... :-(

Speed bench last night at Richmond:
Flat bench 8x5 @ 50kg
Lockouts 85 3x5
Dumbell press 5x 55lb,60lb & 65lb
Dumbell rows 8x 55lb, 2x 8x 65lb

Rotator raise 4x8 5kg
Rear delt raise 4x10 5kg


Sunday, September 06, 2009

September 7 2009

OMG! This year is flying by..... September already!

Today is the start of my 10 week comp cycle. And its gonna be good!

Last week ended on a high, deadlifting 140kg for 5 reps without a belt. I should be looking at another PB come end of November. Picked up the new orthotic inserts for my squat boots - whoa! do they ever feel weird. Tried them out with just 50k squats and nearly fell backwards a couple of times. These will take some getting used to, so a little extra time to be spent in the rack with some light weights.

Had to go over to my Dad's on Saturday to re-tune his VCR (yes VCR) because he had been unable to record his tv shows after I installed the digital receiver the other week. Booked in an early one-on-one bench session with Martyn Girvan at Apollo and was lucky enough to get some extra assistance from Shaun Bostock. ;-) 2 singles at 80kg with my shirt on and lockout work with boards @100kg .The constant feedback in the one-on-ones is great. Martyn also gave me a few things to think about for keeping my knees out in the squat. Overall a very productive session.

After being the super hero at Dad's I rushed back over to Ringwood to take a Honda Civic Si for a test drive - very smooth. Lots of purdy lights inside! and it has a push button start, but the wipers and indicators are on the wrong side and I kept flicking on the wipers by mistake. It was an auto and I prefer a manual - well it has to be a manual for now since Madii will also need to be driving it on her L's (ick!) The Civic scored well too with heated leather seats

Booked in a test drive of a Mazda 3 sp25 too later this week. The Honda and the Mazda are the two contenders for my next lease.

Played around with the new printer/scanner so here's a couple of shots from way back when.....

Eowwww - Skinny!!