Friday, June 29, 2007


Trained last night - hmm... so-so...

Clarins sale wasn't that great - mostly perfumes and not skin care stuff that I wanted.

Still sick and miserable - may not train tonight.

Carrying the pager this weekend - hope its quiet.....

Nothing else to report.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Head cold - again

How crap is this? Its only been a couple weeks since my last cold.... Started up Sunday morning with a scratchy throat but still felt ok but now it progressed to a full on head cold, sneezing, sniffing, coughing..... Training will be light - well it speed work so thats a good thing. Fingers are healing - nice big red scabs....

Thanks for the suggestion Louise... the suit slippers are akin to stocking... errr more like stayups with the advantage that you can pull them out from under the suit once you have it on. (I'll post a pic of the suits slippers when I have them on next week) But the idea has go me thinking about having a cut off pair of stockings to help slide the suit up over my fat ass and hips - although then I though I don't want the suit to move once I have it on so how would i then remove the stockings - hmmm needs some more thought. Part of the problem is that I break into a sweat getting the suit on and then it is even harder - talc might help. Hmmm more thinking needed on this one.

Caught up with Coolrunner StuMac for a latte the other day. (increment "coolrunners met count" to 9) Very nice guy, listened to me babble on but it was a little like going to confession since he's quite a good runner and I'm so not! "Bless me father for I have sinned its been 60 days since my last run....." "I promise to get out there next week when 'm over this cold..." Oh wait a minute - scratch that I'm on call next week... ahhh and then off to India... "ok I promise to start when I get back from India..." errrr no, thats getting a little close to Nationals - scratch that too "I promise to start again after Nationals..." Hmmmm that's when I see the specialst about getting the bone spur removed from my big toe... "Right... I promise to start running again in Summer..... " Yessss,yessss.... I hear all the powerlifters out there going "boo... boo......" I know running is a bit like the anti-christ but I really liked that slightly fit feeling I had back at the beginning of the year - now I feel, you know.... sluggish, frumpy, fat etc etc nevertheless - STRONG! And what's worse I feel guilty eating chocolate - doesn't stop me but I feel guilty just the same.

Drove up to Seville see Jo on Tuesday evening - she's off to QLD Thursday night to spend a couple of weeks with her fiance Steve (wont surprise me if she comes back pregnant!!) And she alerted me to the Clarins sale on this Week starting tonight - So for the female readers here... Clarins Sale - repeat - Clarins Sale - Skin care and cosmetics. Whitehorse town hall - 1022 Whitehorse rd Box Hill 3128, Thurs 5pm-9pm Fri 10am-3pm Sat 10am-2 pm.

What else.... hmmm... the big boy is sick too, sicker than me even.... but I guess that's just him being a boy - boy's don't cope as well with sickness or pain. Thats a fact that all women know. Anyway - we seem to be in sync with pretty much everything we do like txt each other at the same time about the same things, call when the other is about to call - and now we even getting sick at the same time... ohhh he is so cute!!

Doped up on anti-histamines I traipsed off into the city today. Looks pretty good for having a car park when we move tho' it will not be on site and I'll have to brave the winter weather crossing St Kilda rd twice a day, so into Myer stock take sale and got myself a new hat, scarf and brolly. Checked out the bags and wallets too.... but prised myself away without either... (I really need new wallet tho') Ahh retail therapy - nothing beats it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Max DL - 150kg

What a struggle to get the suit on!!! Put on the suit slippers thinking they should help but the legs just didn't give an inch. Danny and John worked hard at shaking me into the suit, I managed to get it up part of the way, ripping the skin off my fingers in the process. The pads of my fingers feel like they have been sandpapered and it hurts to type! Tried hanging from the squat rack to sink into the suit, tried sliding from side to side like with the squat suit. At one point I really thought this was not going to viable for the comp in August. I left the suit slippers on the hole time hoping that the suit would keep moving up. Finally got the straps over my shoulders and used my body to inch the suit up a little further resulting in bruising at the end of my traps and onto my shoulders - even hurt this morning just putting a bra on!! Lots of welts across my legs from the suit.

Still with the suit slippers on I attempted to get down to the bar in sumo but I could not reach it. With a lot of persistence and more stretching into the suit I finally reached down and pulled the bar up at 120kg and promptly dropped it again. Kept working at it and finally could get a decent lift. Tried to put on my belt, but the guys could not get it done up..... A few more attempts at 130kg and the suit moved a little more.... Now I could get the belt on..... Attempted 140kg - flew up! Added another 10kg for a last attempt - 150kg - trust me I was exhausted.... Again the bar came up off the floor with gusto but I just couldn't hold it, trying to grip 150kg on the smooth part of the bar, even with chalk, it wasn't happening, so straight back down it went! And that was it - no more attempts. Just as a test I tried to get down in a conventional style for deadlift - even after all the sumo lifts I still could not get near the bar conventional style! Now to get the suit off...... didn't take quite as long, was able to roll the suit down but still needed big John to pull it down off my legs. I think still having the suit slippers on helped to get it off. What a relief to get it off!

Put my training pants back on and go back on with the rest of my routine. Set up the bar with 60kg for good morning squats - 1 rep and I knew it wasn't a good idea - my lower back was trashed - dropped back the weight to 40kg and just went thru the motions - good stretching and getting the blood pumping thru my legs... 3 easy sets of 10. Hamstring raises 10, 8, 8. Reverse hypers 30kg 3 sets of 15. Wrecked..... I left the gym and went home to cook dinner. Figured spaghetti bolognese would be quick and easy and I really needed the carbs.... While that was bubbling away I dragged myself upstairs, changed into my jammies and turned on the leccy blanket. Collapsed in the recliner with dinner to watch Desperate Housewives...... 10.30pm hot shower, hot bed and passed out!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Its arrived.....

Today my new MAXDL deadlift suit arrived from Inzer. Disappointed that I didnt get a tracking email from UPS this time but still happy that it's arrived on time for me to try it out tonight. We'll see 1) how I go getting it *on*. 2) how I go getting down to the bar with it on! I guess sumo style will make it easier to get down but I wonder how much more rebound I'd get if I can get down to the bar in conventional style. Cant wait to try it out. what's been happening to date.....

Thursday night

Box squats - 75kg 12 sets of 2 of the medium height box
Cable Pull thru's - 150lb x 10
Speed Deads - 8x1 @ 60% = 85kg
Fitball raise & curl - 3x12 done
Cable woodchops - 100lb 3x10
Reverse Hypers - 3x10

Hammies and lower back pulled up sore on Friday - in a good way <>

Friday night

Speed bench (U3.5 sec) - 50kg 8 x 3 Had Dirk time the first few attempts and upped the weight until I was just under the 3.5 seconds - then started the 8 x 3 reps
JM Press - light 30kg 3 x 10
Rope Pushdowns - 3 x 10
Hyper dumbell rows - 40lb 10, 8, 8
Cable front raise - 3 x 10

Worked from home on Friday. Mojo was getting new shoes at 11.30 - good timing as both Madi and I rode at the weekend. I had Adult riders Saturday morning, first up was a jumping class with Jonathon McLean. Worked on a lot of transition work first getting the horse to respond immediately to the aids and for me and two of the other riders we spend a bit of time working on left and right canter and I finished up with a poor attempt at three jumps in a row (at a trot pace) with just one stride between them - nearly came off over the last one.... it wa s a bit wider than the others and Mojo jumped big over it... LOL but Jonathan said it was good that I had a go at taking myself out of my comfort zone with trying the 3 jumps. Next up was a short dressage class more rising trot and canter work. Pretty sore by the end of it.

Sunday Madii had pony club and we decided to float down to the club. Freezing cold in the morning, the trucks windscreen had ice on it and the bird pond was frozen over! It turned out to be a beautiful day and all went well until we were going home. We'd just dropped Mojo off at the paddock and were heading downhill towards our street, still towing the float, just as we approached the corner I applied the brakes.... but I dint have any.... SHIT!!!!!!! I was already committed to going around the corner and with my foot flat to floor we managed to slow down somewhat and I pulled on the hand brake and stopped. Took a few mins to get my breath back and think what next..... Put the truck in first and just edged down the street up onto the nature strip out from of home and pulled up with the hand brake again. And thats where the truck and float remain!

Walked up the drive, Madii carrying the saddle - the most expensive item - not to be left in the truck.... and called my brother..... So looks like it'll be off for repairs. At least we made it home safe.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well I made the gym news letter........

Congratulations to Vicki O'Brien on her recent achievements in the sport of Powerlifting.

Vicki, you know the one... the lady with the funny lifting suits and chalk all over her
hands and legs.... the one that hogs the squat rack.... the one who embarrasses
the men in the gym because she can lift more than most of us on her bad days.....
well she has just broken state records in the masters category and one record in the
open category in the CAPO Powerlifting Federation.

Whilst Vicki performed below her own very high standards, she won the state title
in April and now is in training for the National Championships to be held in August
where she plans to break more records and claim her first Australian title.


Back to reality.....

Benched a max of 80kg Tuesday night - barbell floor presses. Followed that up with tricep work : California press 3 x10 and floor crushers 3x10. Back/lat work 2 part pulldowns 3x10 (that is... In the lat pulldown part 1 lay back horizontal, part 2 pull down to the chest - to simulate pulling the bar down in a bench press) must be done in 2 distinct movements. This really, and I know I shouldn't say this... gave my lats a huge pump. Last accessory exercise dumbell side raises 3x10 and then finished with some light dumbell external rotations 3x15 (this is rehab work....) For a bench night it was a good work out.

Tonight speed squat.... featuring none other than, you guessed it, box squats! Yay!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

catchup time

Disaster hit the house last Thursday night. Leigh was coming over for a latte and so I thought I'd stop by Atomica on the way home and pick up some fresh coffee beans. Got home, wiped out the grinder, topped it up for a test run - and shock horror - the grinder seized, no go, no grind, no how, no way!! Almost in tears as I contemplated an evening without a latte..... Boo-hooo....

Spent part of Friday surfing the web for a new grinder. Coffee geek Luca recommended the Rancilio Rocky which is the ideal partner for Rancilio Silvia. (A little short of the Mazzer that I really wanted - but way too pricy...) Had an email offer for another top grinder - but more than I wanted to pay and would have to wait for it to be shipped from interstate - discussed the options with Leigh and went with the Rocky. Bit of search on the internet and picked up Rocky from The Coffee Company for $415.00 and latte'd myself into sleeplessness on Friday night.

Rocky and Silvia - together at last

Whilst on the topic of spending money - also treated myself to a new toy - A Dopod 838pro PDA - which is giving me hours of joy and frustration.... LOL. If only I could get it to sync the contacts AND still see my email..... ugghhh the joys of new technology. I think I need an upgrade to outlook 2003.

Whilst we were out at Pony Club Saturday morning - Madii was doing her C certificate Riding and Practical test my brother Mark returned the truck after he had the power steering fixed for me - just needed a new hose and also he found which fuse was blown so now it has lights as well. Tripped over to see Leigh at work on Sunday and we went for a ride in the truck to have a latte.....

BTW Madii Passed her C Certificate!!! She scored a fantastic 70 out of 77 on the written test.

Trained last night - first night in the new routine..... As I got to the gym, realized I had left my training spreadsheet at home.... but - a AHH- HA.... Dopod to the rescue - I had uploaded the excel spreadsheet to the dopod and so was able to happily continue with the planned training.

Sumo deadlifts - worked up to a 1 rm of 140kg - attempted 145 but it wasn't budging - plus the added pain of ripping the skin of the palm of my hand didn't help my motivation.

Good morning squats - 3x10
Glute ham raise 10,8,6
Decline Russian twists 10lb 3x10
Reverse Hypers 100lb 10x3

Today my lower back and glutes and hammys' are all quite sore!!! Need to do some stretching - probably should have done a bit more last night instead of just lounging in the recliner watching Desperate Housewives after dinner!!

Max bench tonight - gonna be fun holding the bar!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The joy of pain

Well, as I said I would, I trained light and did things I haven't done in a long time.

Dumbbell bench press - warmed up with 35lb dbells x 15, 45lb x 10, 50x8 (2 sets)
Overhead shoulder press machine - 100 x 15, 120 x 10, 140 x 10 (2 sets)
Bicep curls - 20lb x10 (4 sets) medial elbow injury still playing up so I didn't push it.
Behind neck triceps press - 20lb x 15, 35lb x 10 (2 sets)
Cable front raise - 40lb x 10 (3 sets)
Cable bicep curls - 30 x 10 (3 sets)
Reverse Cable triceps press -50 x 10 (3 sets)
Kneeling cable ab curls - 80lb x 15 (3 sets)

Worked hard enough to break into a light sweat but nothing too strenuous. Today only my chest and biceps feel sore. Haven't felt this kind of soreness in these body parts for a long time and it feels good!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Weekend away in Adelaide with Leigh. Drove over Friday, took our time having a few breaks along the some 700+ k's from Melbourne. For the life of me I could not find a cafe that could make a decent latte.... well with the exception of a little place in Rundle Mall where I had a scrumptious breakfast on Sat and Sun mornings. Met up with Leigh at the antique show both afternoons and we did the touristy thing and had a look around Glenelg. Then drove home late Sunday afternoon was long and tiring and we ended up doing quite short driving shifts and eventually I got home at 3am, got into bed and crashed. Really enjoyed the time away tho'.

This weeks training is - NOT ! Yep its a rest week, so to speak. I haven't trained this week but will go in tonight and do some light upper body stuff - shoulders, biceps, triceps... maybe even some dumbell chest presses - things I haven't done in a long time - fun!

In other developing news.... I am off to India next month for training. 1 week in downtown Bangalore to be exact. I've just finished booking the flights and hotel. Then just 3 weeks after I return I have to go back again for another week of training - Wonderful timing too... The training course starts on Monday Aug 6th - errr yes you're reading that right. Thats the Monday after the Nationals. Which means I will have to leave on the Sunday - arrrgghhhh I wont be able to see the big guys compete and I wont be able to attend the presentation dinner! BUGGER!!!!! They're also running the same training in Florida, USA, two weeks later and I tried to get onto that one instead, but the airfare was $US 1400.00 more than to go to India.... unfortunately I couldn't get that past by my manager. Damn it!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1 year on

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. Who would ever have thought I'd keep this up this long! LOL.

There have been more than 10,000 visits to the blog since I added the site meter 6 months ago. A big thank you to the 3 people who hammer my site... Just kidding I know there are heaps of regulars out there. Knowing that has been the driving force keeping this blog going. To all of you that leave comments I also send a big thanks - the feedback, encouragement and plain ole fun things being said are all much appreciated.

In the little over 12 months since my first comp - the Masters back in 2006, I have improved my squat from 85kg to 130kg, bench from 65kg to 85kg and deadlift from 115kg to 155kg. Not bad if I do say so myself.

The next 12 months after the nationals which coming up in August are going to be big - with Leigh on my side I'm set to see some more state records tumble and hopefully will heading for my 2nd National title over in Western Australia in August 2008.

Its looking pretty damn good.....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Squat and Deadlift test

Suit down (the old suit 2 sizes too big), belt on, no knee wraps. Max 1 rep 120kg (264lb). Pretty pleased with that lift, good and deep. Attempted 130kg (286lb) but had trouble getting off the bottom without the knee wraps, Daniel gave me nudge up and I completed the lift unassisted but I wont count that as my max lift.

Still with the old suit on but down I worked up to a 1 rep max on deadlift - 140kg (308lb) and threw up into my mouth - yuk. I need to be more careful about eating before deadlifting - the pressure from the belt just brings everything back up - its happened before - I should know better! Attempted 150kg (330lb) but the bad experience weighed too heavy in my mind so not even a decent attempt was made. I'm happy with the lift tho' as this lift was not with a whippy bar like we have at the comps and the bar makes a big difference to what you can lift.

Tonight I'm going in to test my bench press - RAW.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Red & Raunchy

Myself and the birthday girl, Shaz ' before.....

Shazza and the boys

Me and Leigh (cutesy!)

Shazza in her element

Penny and friend

The Raunchy Red Girls

Shaz and friends

Time for some birthday cake!