Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Weekend away in Adelaide with Leigh. Drove over Friday, took our time having a few breaks along the some 700+ k's from Melbourne. For the life of me I could not find a cafe that could make a decent latte.... well with the exception of a little place in Rundle Mall where I had a scrumptious breakfast on Sat and Sun mornings. Met up with Leigh at the antique show both afternoons and we did the touristy thing and had a look around Glenelg. Then drove home late Sunday afternoon was long and tiring and we ended up doing quite short driving shifts and eventually I got home at 3am, got into bed and crashed. Really enjoyed the time away tho'.

This weeks training is - NOT ! Yep its a rest week, so to speak. I haven't trained this week but will go in tonight and do some light upper body stuff - shoulders, biceps, triceps... maybe even some dumbell chest presses - things I haven't done in a long time - fun!

In other developing news.... I am off to India next month for training. 1 week in downtown Bangalore to be exact. I've just finished booking the flights and hotel. Then just 3 weeks after I return I have to go back again for another week of training - Wonderful timing too... The training course starts on Monday Aug 6th - errr yes you're reading that right. Thats the Monday after the Nationals. Which means I will have to leave on the Sunday - arrrgghhhh I wont be able to see the big guys compete and I wont be able to attend the presentation dinner! BUGGER!!!!! They're also running the same training in Florida, USA, two weeks later and I tried to get onto that one instead, but the airfare was $US 1400.00 more than to go to India.... unfortunately I couldn't get that past by my manager. Damn it!!

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