Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Squat and Deadlift test

Suit down (the old suit 2 sizes too big), belt on, no knee wraps. Max 1 rep 120kg (264lb). Pretty pleased with that lift, good and deep. Attempted 130kg (286lb) but had trouble getting off the bottom without the knee wraps, Daniel gave me nudge up and I completed the lift unassisted but I wont count that as my max lift.

Still with the old suit on but down I worked up to a 1 rep max on deadlift - 140kg (308lb) and threw up into my mouth - yuk. I need to be more careful about eating before deadlifting - the pressure from the belt just brings everything back up - its happened before - I should know better! Attempted 150kg (330lb) but the bad experience weighed too heavy in my mind so not even a decent attempt was made. I'm happy with the lift tho' as this lift was not with a whippy bar like we have at the comps and the bar makes a big difference to what you can lift.

Tonight I'm going in to test my bench press - RAW.


Casually Me said...

Looks like you are on pace to exceed your goals. GREAT JOB.

Christine Petty said...