Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21,2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy....   5 days off....  Can swan about the house and do nothing - literally.  Madi on the other hand can mow the grass again and poison the weeds - all things I cannot still do...Lounging around is about my limit :-)  But  the least I can do is supervise...  especially since I spotted amongst the weeds along the driveway - a tomato plant... WTH??

Of course training wont stop... I've got myself quite nice little routine happening now which I hope to continue throughout the year.

Mon, Wed, Fri I'm up at 4.45am to be at ESP by 6.15 so I can leave around 7.45 (8am at the latest) Gets me into the office before 8.15.

Tues & Thurs I'm working from home so I can sleep in until 6.45am and be online for work by 7.15 easy-peasy since I can work in my PJ's  This gives me some 'much needed' and 'sweet as' recovery sleep!

Saturday up around 5.30 ESP by 7am-ish - for the time being, until I can return to training with the morning crew.

Sunday - nada, nothing, zip, rest, sleep-in.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20, 2011

Progress at last!!!   That snapping catching sensation that's been going on in my shoulder has finally gone away.  The rehab is getting easier and the most exciting thing this week is that I can now move my arm enough to change gears in the car.  Whoooo   the Civic is back on the road!!   Its all coming together, even sleeping better this week.  Cant wait for my 2nd physio appt on Monday, I think Simon will be surprised how well I'm doing - and I've been good, haven't pushed it, just followed the guidelines that he set down.....  yay! Progress!

Also earlier this week I had my review appt with the surgeon, Mr.Hoy.  He's please with my range of movement or lack thereof,  nice and stiff - LOL.  Made a note that I still have some numbness at the front of the delt,  probably as it gets more use it will regain feeling - the bicep is functioning so but nothing to be too concerned about. At the time of the appt I was still getting a few catches in the shoulder which he put down to the bicep tendon moving over the repair site.  Its settled down now tho as I mentioned already.

Of course still no benching but keeping up the right hand upper body work, one arm rowing, pressing and overhead press and of course various forms of squatting on the other days. Mostly technique still - cant really put a lot of weight shoulder or the belt.  When I see the physio I'm gonna bring up the idea of the zercher harness, have a pic of Bro using it to show him how it works and I'll ask again about the SSB  - hands free of course.

Training week in review:

Monday - heavy (as much as possible...) power squat.
Worked up to a PR 5 !/2 plates
Sled 8 trips 20kg
Back raise 20g  4x15
situps 4x12 (glute/ham)

Wednesday - Belt squat (technique)
Low box 2 plates 8x5
Back attack 30kg 4x12
Glute/ham raise 5x5

Tomorrow - speed power squat.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13, 2011

Running late for training yesterday morninf, arrived at 6.30am,  but what does it matter, I'm training on my own anyway.  Back in the belt squat for my Wed morning session while everyone else was benching. Its overrated anyway...   Glutes still sore so I worked on technique with a plate and 1/2, 8 reps per set using a low box. only time for one more exercise so have to make it count.... Back raises with a 10kg plate, really stretching the hammies at the bottom, 4 sets of 15. 

Then rehab.....   seem to have reached a sticking point, range of motion has stopped improving, still I persist and next week hopefully the physio will start pushing it.

IPF have updated the International rankings.
For my weight class / open division, 63 total competitors:

Powerlifting World Ranking 2010  Women 67.5 kg                       
PL NAME                 BWT   Best SQ  Best BP Best DL Total   W.pts  
27. Victoria O'Brien 66,41  150,0       92,5     195,0   437,5  451,80

Across all weight classes out of 443 competitors:

IPF 2010 Powerlifting World Ranking on Wilks points - Women   
Pl    Class Name               NAT   BWT   TOT    Wpts  Place   Date  
159. 67,5 Victoria O'Brien AUS   66,41  437,5  451,80 Pilsen 28.09.2010


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 11 2011

Excellent training session yesterday morning.  Now I can use the power squat machine - very much like a backwards hack squat, the beauty of it is its hands free!! 

Powersquat 1 plate x10, 2p x8, 3px 6 4p x3 x 6sets.
Single leg squat 5kg x10, 7kgx10, 10kgx 8, 15kg x8 x 3sets
Sled with 20kg 8 double trips

Holding me back a little was shouldering the weight when I needed to rack the powersquat, Could have gone heavier but wasnt going to risk setting back my shoulder rehab for the sake of fueling  my ego.  When I got up this morning my glutes were letting me know that they'd been pushed.

On that subject, shoulder rehab is coming along well, range of movement is increasing although last 2 nights I've needed some 'assistance' to get to sleep resulting in some bizarre dreams.  Started supplementing with some SCF and  MSM  to hep with the recovery.

Have written up my first Powerlfitng Australia Newsletter in the form of a End of Year wrapup  - should be posted on the side in the next few days.  Looking back it was a tremendous year for PA and 2011 is going to be a blast with RAW really making headway into the calendar.  Will I do a RAW comp tho'? hmmmmm  I like my equipped lifting too much.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jan 6 2011

First Physio session yesterday and I was expecting it to be tough.  But to the contrary, we started by discussion my perceived pain levels and check some basic range of movement, all of which are quite normal - even the flicking sensation that I dread so much.   I explained my training and competition plans for the year, what my current lifting level were and particularly what my bench should be.  After which  Dr Simon B warmed the shoulder up with a heat pack, followed up with some gentle massage thru the pec, bicep. On to my side for a massage of the rear of the should and scap then the exercises could be started. 

1. leaning forward to let the arm hang 10 small circles right, 10 small circles left
2. as above controlled swing back to hips and forward again without pushing it - repeat 10
3. as above controlled swing from left to right across body - repeat 10
4. Lying down with a stick in bot hands, raise arms up and allow arms to go back as far as they will  - without forcing - repeat 10 from centre and then lower back down at the end (the hardest part)
5. sitting up - external rotations across the body - gently, repeat 10 and then using stick gently push the hand out further - repeat 5 times

That's it - twice a day for the next 2 weeks  - less is more for the next 4 weeks, every thing is just gentle, no pushing it hard yet.   Wont be able to drive my car, which is a manual, for another month at least.  Lucky the 4wd is an auto!!

The slow road back to lifting.....