Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21,2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy....   5 days off....  Can swan about the house and do nothing - literally.  Madi on the other hand can mow the grass again and poison the weeds - all things I cannot still do...Lounging around is about my limit :-)  But  the least I can do is supervise...  especially since I spotted amongst the weeds along the driveway - a tomato plant... WTH??

Of course training wont stop... I've got myself quite nice little routine happening now which I hope to continue throughout the year.

Mon, Wed, Fri I'm up at 4.45am to be at ESP by 6.15 so I can leave around 7.45 (8am at the latest) Gets me into the office before 8.15.

Tues & Thurs I'm working from home so I can sleep in until 6.45am and be online for work by 7.15 easy-peasy since I can work in my PJ's  This gives me some 'much needed' and 'sweet as' recovery sleep!

Saturday up around 5.30 ESP by 7am-ish - for the time being, until I can return to training with the morning crew.

Sunday - nada, nothing, zip, rest, sleep-in.

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