Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Before I start my review I have a confession to make… I ran again this morning… very naughty! BUT… In doing so I made an important observation…. My big toe does not like hills, neither up NOR down. 4.5k with a nasty hill up Reynolds road. When I returned home needed to ‘frozen pea’ the toe. I would have used the jell cold pack I have except that by some strange teenage reasoning, my eldest daughter, Leah, has taken the cold pack with her down to Phillip Island - in the esky to keep the food and drinks cold! (roll eyes) Go figure!

The Year in Review - 2006

This was to be the year that I turned things around. The previous 18 months since I told my partner to leave had been difficult. Mentally, physically, financially, emotionally. 2006 was time for that to change.

2006 resolutions.

Rekindle old lost friendships. Sadly unsuccessful. My ex coveted me. So much that my friends slowly disappeared. Some I could not find, others didn’t return my calls.

Meet new people. After a short stint on an internet dating service (OMG never again) and at the suggestion of a friend to put a profile on AMG I have managed to make a number of friends around the world, including some very special ones like James in NZ who has become a ‘mate’ in the true sense – a great sounding board and an honest to God friend! And Clay, a rather tumultuous friendship – but a good friendship none the less!

Have met a few coolrunners – was made to feel very much part of the group when I went to the Christmas BBQ – its great to meet people that have a different primary objective (sportwise). A great bunch of guys and gals that offer each other much support and advice. Even for me, pathetic at running tho I am, have received much encouragement, in the forums, private messages and emails – wonderful stuff! I hope to capitalize on these friendships in 2007.

Took of the headphones in the gym and met Max (who I affectionately refer to as ‘My Bitch’) Actually it happened like this… Max would talk to me regardless of whether I had the headphones on or not, so I kept having to take them off to hear him…. Eventually it became pointless to have them on! Dirk – my westside coach – great guy and most recently met Daniel and John, the two young fellas that have been assisting my heavy lifts.

Met heaps of people thru the powerlifting fraternity – another great source of support and encouragement. Despite their size and rough exterior all gentle giants and very welcoming.

Learn to swim (aka get over the fear of water). Ahhhh… deferred until further notice…. I’ve actually gotten quite good at holding my breath in the shower. LOL. Truthfully I did make enquires about lessons a couple of times, private lessons group lessons (Gawd no – I could think of nothing worse than having a panic attack in front of a group of people – it was bad enough a few years ago when I went snorkeling for the first time and the instructor had to rescue me – how embarrassing!!!


  • Make the decision to change disciplines – bodybuilding to powerlifting. Got in touch with Shazza whom I’ve known thru the BB circles for some years got my training back on track after long period of nothingness and began competing. Found my love of lifting again.
  • Coming 3rd at the Nationals in August. With a massive PB in the squat of 125kg.
  • Traveled to India for work for 2 weeks and caught up in the riots when a famous actor died – so didn’t get to do as much sightseeing as I would have done on the weekends. Interesting place Bangalore… great food! Made me realize (once again) just how lucky I really am.
  • Madi being accepted to do an accelerated subject in year 10 – its going to be a tough one next year, but I was (am) sooo proud!!
  • Meeting James – now my best male buddy! Its good to have a male best friend – with no catch!


  • Injuries – have spent more than my fair share of time in with sports doctors, physio’s chiro’s, podiatrists.. All well documented in this blog. Ate up all my health insurance limits and then some!
  • The whole Internet dating thing….
  • Falling of the horse (literally) – fortunately no damage except to my pride. Ha ha.
  • Injuries to the horse – causing severe damage to the bank account.

In review:

So 2006 it seems I have thrown myself into sport! Buried myself almost but I’ve been successful and met loads of new people! Well the running still needs a bit of work but the lifting is gooood!! LOL

Work has been ‘taxing’ finally some relief this year with a couple of new heads in our team taking the load off Bane and myself from carrying the pager every other week. Otherwise a fairly uneventful year at work. We will have a new manager when I return to work in mid Jan and I’ve already alerted my current boss that I’m looking for a promotion this year – she needs the clue up the new guy Calum to make this happen.

2006 has been good to me, my confidence has grown again and I’ve really made the effort to meet people – as scary as it might be. I mean the CR Xmas BBQ was quite a big deal for me to turn up to – not knowing anyone at all – quite intimidating…. But I put on the brave, bold face... and it wasn’t so bad after all. I should do this more often! (hmmm note that as a resolution for 2007…

New Years resolutions - 2007

  • Learn to swim (yep that’s back on the list / still on the list… )
  • Keep meeting people.
  • Get out there – be social.
  • Accept help when its offered (aka – stop being so damn stubborn and independent) that’s gonna be hard!
  • Ask for help when its not offered. Whoa… even harder!
  • Be more financially responsible. (2006 - the year of spending) Apart from my squat boots – that’s it for 2007!
  • Be nice to the support analysts at work…. Be more approachable. (I think this was on my performance review – ouch)

Special Thanks

I want to thank everyone that has touched me this year, hmmm that sounds a bit wrong! What I mean is those people who have made difference in my life this year, how ever small the gesture it has made an impact on me! From the hellos on MSN, the simple walks in the park, the strange emails, midnight txt messages…. LOL. Thanks to David ‘Rimmer’ who started me blogging. I thought it would be a complete toss but its actually been quite therapeutic to put down my feelings, some half in jest, some not quite so. Bit of DIY psychotherapy. Ha ha ha

I especially want to thank Shaz, who has been a champion for me. This year our friendship has really come to the fore. Getting behind me in her dominant sport, powerlifting, being there for me at the Nationals in Brisbane. I couldn’t ask for better a friend and mentor! ‘I lurve ya Shazza’

Finally to Jo, my bestest bestest friend. Who stood by me when my world fell apart? Who has been there to pick up the pieces, time after time? Who stayed with me everyone else left? Who has always been there, never judging, just there, telling me it will all be ok. Joanne. You’ve had your share of heartache this year Jo, but now hopefully it’s turned around for you. I wish much happiness for you and you new love Steve! You deserve it my friend.

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!!

Be good – and if you can’t be good, be good at it!

Catch you all in 2007!!!

Vicki xxxxx

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday December 30

Up early, breakfast and then straight outside to do one of the many items on my 'to do whilst on holidays' list. Carting stones around to the back of the house to put under the clothes line - , much better for standing on than pointy rocks! Degree of difficulty - 7. Had to shovel the stones into a bucket - carry the bucket up to the next level (sloping block) chuck it in the wheel barrow and then when the barrow is full take it around to the clothes line. 2 hours later finished!

Speed bench. Into the gym at 12:30
Dumbbell neutral press 1 min rest. warmup set 20lb 20 reps (very fast) 35lb 20 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps - finished with a set of 14 at 30lb

JM press. 30kg 3 sets 8 reps
Lying tricep extention. 20lb dumbbells 12 reps, 2 sets of 10 reps

Neutral front raise. 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10

Wide seated rows. 100lb 3 sets 12 reps

Hammer curls. 25lb dumbbells 3 sets of 12

Out of the gym by 2pm. Fairly average workout. Bit early I guess and having done some lifting earlier in the morning I was not in great form.

Afternoon started on another of the listed items! Cleared off the decking and cleaned it down and re-coated it with decking oil - nasty job! Glad to get that one out of the way - almost... still have a little bit left to do. Took some pics of the back yard, looking down at my house - just to show how dry it is here. And a pic of my hard work(the stones above and the the decking left (before the oil went on)

Movie night at home tonight - headed to video ezy with Madi and picked up 'Snakes on a Plane' LOL what a stupid title for a movie - likely gonna be a stupid movie too!! but we'll have fun with it... Called in to the supermarket and bought some jelly snakes - Snake fest!!! No doubt there'll be snakes flying thru the air tonight. 'Snakes on the recliner...' 'Snakes on the floor...' LOL

Catch ya all tomoz... when I shall review my 2006 and errr set the New Years resolutions.... hmmm

Vicki xxx

Friday, December 29, 2006

What came first....?

The age old question..... In my case did the blister in the arch of my foot arise from my dodgy big toe or did my dodgy big toe eventuate because I cant walk properly due to the blister...?? Now before I get I hundred emails... There is no prize on offer, there is no right answer and I don't really expect one... but.... on this hazy smoke filled morning I thought I'd go for a little run, just a 'little' one, I know, I know... against the physio's orders... but the toe has been feeling good and the never ending blister had healed and I just wanted to see...... and I wanted to wear my new Chrissy Nike top.... So I drove myself the 500 down the road to Mullum Mullum track (I know... you're thinking was sort of runner is she... drives down the street to go for a run... well - not a good one, I can tell you that much - LOL) Its been 10days since my last run, feel like I'm at church in confession and well the penance was well and truly dished out... yes, about 2k into the run I could feel a blister coming on - which reminds me of a funny story... but I digress.... Had planned to only do a very very slow 3k but managed 4k at blistering (pun intended) 6.40min/km - LOL If only I wasn't so un-co! my legs managed to settle into a nice rhythm and I baring the blister I could have kept running for much longer.... but... and there is always a but.... I couldn't bloody breath!!! At about the same time as my blister started making its presence known I started having trouble breathing... it just doesn't come naturally!! Hmmm? I tried to concentrate on what James had told me - about getting my breathing in a rhythm with my pace - wasn't working too well... oh well I'll keep trying.

Later in the morning caught up with a friend for coffee, chat and a stroll for a little while. Scored some Haigh's chocolates - lucky me. Also gave me a couple of gel pads for my blister - double score!! Might even try for another run on Sunday morning.

In the gym for my speed squat session at 5:15pm. remembered to wear shorts this time!

Low Box squats (60%) 60kg 12 sets 2 reps

Speed Deadlifts (60%) 80kg 8 x single rep (tried the gaffa tape but it wouldn't stick to my legs - grrr. Talc'd up instead and now sporting some lovely shin bruises.

Jump Kneel squats. 6 sets of 3 reps (trying hard to keep my arms folded - didn't fall flat on my face tonight)

Hanging leg raises. 3 sets of 10

Side bridges. 3 sets of 10

Barbell Hypers. 28kg 3 sets of 8. Theses are quite hard, need assistance to load and unload the bar across my shoulders and then while hanging down have to stop the bar from rolling down and whacking me in the back of the head. struggled in the last set to get the last rep. Lucky Nadine was there to lift the bar off !

Tomorrow is the last training session for 2006. Speed bench day. Not accustomed to training on a Sat. Will have to head into the gym a little earlier than usual. Have no plans for New Years eve. Most likely head into the city with Madi to watch the fireworks - handy that I can park at work and then just wander down to the Yarra! :-)

Catch you all tomorrow when I write my last training wrap up for the year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Whips and Chains

Another bad night sleepwise. To top it off there was a mozzie dive bombing me.... Hammies, calves and glutes all sore this morning - right calf more so than the left. Must do some extra stretching. Upper back accross the traps and my neck quite stiff from keeping the bar in place for squats and good mornings. Little bit of a sore throat, perhaps that explains the poor performance last night - a little run down.

Tonight's training was for maximum bench. Arrived at the gym around 5:30.

Using chains again and I've not included the weight of the chains in the values below - still need to check with Dirk but I think the chains are adding an extra 20kg or so - for example where I say 60 kg its 60kg on my chest and 80 kg at the lock out. There abouts.

Bench press - chains. 20kg 16reps, 30kg 12reps, 40kg 6 reps, 50kg 4 reps, last weeks max 55kg 2 reps, 60kg 1 rep.
Attempted 70 and 80kg with my shirt on - couldn't get the bar right down to my chest, but still good reps. Had 2 of the big guys, Daniel - who helps me with squatting and his training partner John both helped to get the shirt on and do my belt up. Had a helluva time getting the belt done up too! Talk about being in a straight jacket. Worked up a sweat before I even laid on the bench. Was just as much of a struggle to get the damn thing off too - needed both guys again!! Have some wicked pinch marks under my arms where the shirt bites. I'll see if I can get a photo...

California Press. 15kg Plus the EZ bar (not sure what it weighs) 3 sets of 12 reps

Reverse cable pushdown.
110lb (?) 3 sets of 10 reps

Single dumbbell rows. 60lb 2 sets of 10 reps plus 1 set of 9 reps

Inverted dumbbell side raises. 12.5lb dumbbell 3 sets of 10 reps

Concentration curls. 25lb dumbells 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps

Finished off with the Spread Eagle sit ups which I didn't do last night as I realized they had to be weighted. 20kg 3 sets of 10 reps

Out of the Gym as 7.30.

Overall a good workout - pretty happy having lifted the max bench press by 5kg this week. most of the others are an improvement also.

On a personal level, had a couple of wins in the stores today. Leah's hair straightener wasn't working so she returned it a couple of weeks ago. went in to see if it was back, nup hasn't even been sent off.... So I explained nicely that it was only a month old and she was going away for all of January and really 'the damn thing should be replaced!!' and so they did - gave her a brand new one.... nice! Kiss on the right cheek from Leah.. :-) Then went into vodafone as she is also having problems with her new Nokia phone which has been replaced once already and repaired last week and is now not working again... so I asked for another replacement. 'Ohhh cant do that!! I'm not authorized' was the response from the sales guy. So I argued with the guy.... 'Only my manager can MAYBE do something, if it can get hold of her' 'Yeah - so do it then' I replied. So unlike me to be this argumentative and pushy... really!! Anyway upshot was they replaced the phone!!! Kiss on the left cheek this time thanks!!! LOL

Phew, have to be back in the gym tomorrow night - normally I would have a day off now but with this week being messed up.... Speed work tomorrow! Legs. My hammies and glutes are not going to be happy.

Vicki xxxxx

PS. C-M. My Bench shirt is an open back. Much easier than a standard shirt. I have an Inzer shirt too - only used it once. Couldn't get the sweet spot. I bench low! I've heard good things about the Titan shirts. My friend Storm (Emma) from the UK advocates the Titan Shirts. Haven't seen the Video - will drop you an email. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Buns of Steel

Alright... Jelly.... but more on that later.

Haven't been sleeping well, too much alcohol, too much food, not enough exercise and just the whole holiday thing messing up my routine. Woke at 2:16am then spent half of last night tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling. Fell asleep finally, must have been around 5 am cos I remember getting a txt message from Leah just before 5. (I insist when she goes out with her friends clubbing that when she gets to where ever she is staying the night she had to send me a txt- usually they all get a cab to one place and crash for the night) Anyway, up at 8.30 starving hungry.

Drove into the city at lunchtime, parked at work and tram'd it to the physio for my 1:30 appointment. Not a lot of good news, making some progress but still not supposed to run for at least another week. Not looking good for the Portsea twilight fun run I was hoping to do. I did, however, have a win in that he conceded to let me start squatting again (like I stopped....??) Promised to keep good form, pushing up from the heels and no coming up on the toe - same for good mornings - just gotta keep the pressure off the toe joint. Treatment - continue with traction and mobilization, massage, icing and anti-inflamms. Next appointment - Friday week. Joe suggested that if I really need to do cardio then I should cycle - great I don't have a bike and hate sitting on the stationary bike and I'm none too keen to head down to the gym at the crack of dawn to sit on the bike for an hour. Wonder if I can hire a bike for a couple of weeks.... hmmmm.... Think I'll just get fat! To that end I walked down to Haighs and picked up a couple of latte and whisky truffles.

Caught up with a friend for a late lunch down St Kilda. He also couldn't believe that I'd been stood up the other week, gave him all the gory details and so he said he would take me out for dinner and a movie early in the new year - and promised NOT to stand me up. I really need that too, starting to feel like there is something wrong with me. Chatted as we walked along the beach, we're both single and started to discuss the things that we miss most about not being in a relationship. Actually, this is something I was thinking about the other night when went to bed, chilly night, had to turn on the leccy blanket to get warm.

My list:
  • a warm body to snuggle up to - and put my icy feet on! LOL
  • someone to annoy when I cant sleep
  • sympathy when I get hurt... like when I rolled my ankle up at the horse paddock and wanted to cry.
  • good ole fashioned cuddles (we both agreed on this one)
  • ..... errrr.... censored (there could be minors reading this)

Back into hardcore training after the Christmas break - Haven't trained since last Friday and now its Wednesday and I supposed to be doing a Monday routine. Confusing - well it must have been for my body. Had a lousy training session. Arrived at the gym at 5pm.

Max Squat day: (first 3 exercises are done in the squat rack - which I take over each Monday... even tho today is Wednesday.....)

Low box squat. Started at 40kg to warmup. 50kg for 6 reps, 60kg 6 reps, 70kg 6 reps, 80kg - crashed 2 reps - how pathetic!! Put on the weight belt - 1 rep.... had to drop the bar. Breaking into a sweat - chalk up the bar and my back. Need to wrap my knees... Idiot me, knew I needed to wear shorts to the gym, but no, put on the long pants - so had to roll 'em up so that I could wrap my knees. 80kg 2 reps. Daniel saw that I was struggling - he spotted me last week when I was under the bar at 110kg. loaded the bar to 90 kg 1 rep (with Daniel standing behind me - good rep too) at this point on a max day I do I rep at each weight until I fail. 100kg 1 rep, 110kg 1 rep (really struggled) loaded the bar to 115kg for a final all out effort.... Needed Daniel's help this time to get off the box - a failed attempt but a good one just the same.

Rack pulls. did ok here. 165kg 8 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps (have acquired a couple of 'nice' blisters on my hands)

Stiff leg good mornings. 50kg 3 sets of 12 reps. Bar kept sliding down my back - copious amounts of chalk wasn't helping much as I was sweating.... sorry... perspiring.... so much.

Pulldown abs. 60lb? 3 sets of 10

Spreadeagle situps.... skipped - will do 3 set of 10 in the lounge later....

Hypers front. 20kg plate held in front of my chest. 3 set of 20 reps (that was a killer)

Now you may understand the - buns of steel/jelly comment. Really worked my butt off tonight - despite the poor performance in the squat rack. Left the gym at 7pm walking just a little funny - gonna be sore for a couple of days. No break this week - will train straight thru to Saturday. Sunday & Monday off. Back to max squat on Tuesday. Legs will have recovered by then. Tomorrow - Max Bench. Chains and bench shirt - hopefully someone will be there to help me get it on.

Right better get into those spreadeagle situps before I take myself off to bed and read for a bit... and eat those truffles... he he he......

Catch you soon

Vicki xxx

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


He he he... hmmmm....... ate, drank and was merry!!!
Spent Christmas eve in good company with Shaz over at her friend Neville's place in Abbortsford. Met some really lovely people, Neville's partner Peter, Shazza's best friend from Sydney, Brett - so sweet and a great story teller! Kate and Kate, Michael & Melita, Georgia (or Georgina?) Peter and ??? and this is where I start losing the names..... Neville was making some very potent raspberry and pineapple Vodka slushies - and that explains why I cant remember names..... Have some pics to share:

Christmas day and the heavens opened up. Much needed rain - even hail over night. Thankyou Santa. Our roof had so much hail in the gutters it looked like snow! A Chilly Christmas morning but we all welcomed the rain at last. Leah and Madi sat over the ducted heating vent - like it was winter again! Presents and paper everywhere!

My sister bought me the softest, warmest,cuddliest dressing gown from my birthday - how wonderful !! LOL

'I am dead sexy!!'

Wanted to get a nice picture of me and my girls - don't have very many of the 3 of us, so I asked my nephew to take a picture of us at the dinner table before lunch - expecting to get a happy family portrait - hmmmm this is what I got:

Thanks Girls!!!!!!

Right time for some silliness.... who am I kidding..... Silliness is what I live with!!!!!!

They can be nice sometimes!

Ok - 'nuff of that. Managed to get a nice shot of the whole family - more madness as we all stood around with 3 cameras all on self timers.....

Haven't really said much in this update, I guess the pictures say it all - I had a magical Christmas surrounded by my loved ones. Such a contrast to last year when I spent my first Christmas alone having split with my partner of 7 years only six months earlier and the girls up with their Dad in NSW (we take in turns to have the girls at Chrissy each year) They'll be off up to their Dad's on the 2nd of Jan - leaving me with a few weeks 'Home Alone' LOL.

What mischief can I get up to??

Love Vicki xxxx

PS. I did eventually get a 'nice' picture with my girls:

Leah Me Madi

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ouch... that hurts!

I can apply the above statement to any part of my body at the moment. Coming back to training after a couple of weeks off was always going to end in tears. My hammies stll hurt from Monday nights heavy leg training, have had trouble getting in and out of the recliner Do you have any idea how hard it is to put the foot rest back - like doing a seated hamstring curl - yeoooww. I was even thinking of installing rails in the bathroom to help get on and off the loo. Abs are caning from the hanging leg raises along with my obliques having done the most innocuous excercise ever - side bridges - they felt soooo easy I was almost considering using some hand weights. Glad I didnt!! Sore chest from neutral dumbell press - light weight as it was a speed day, 3 sets of 20 reps real fast have taken their toll! Jump squats - from a kneeling starting point jump up onto your feet and then press up like from a squat - were not as hard as first thought, so I asked Dirk how to make it harder.... Hold a wooden pole behind your neck and then try it - ok - flat on my face!!! Take a step back and just try it with my arms folded in from of me - managed two without falling over. Enough!

'Tis the night before the night before Christmas..... I can't wait for Christmas morning, watching my girls open their presents. I still get a kick out of it even tho' they're 19 and 14. They know what their big pressies are already but have no idea about the trinkets that I've put under the tree.....

Desperately want to go for a run tomorrow morning..... grrrr. The people in my head are aguing and I cant make sense of it.... 'go for a run - it wont hurt...' 'running is counterproductive to getting a big total (powerlifting)' (thanks Casually me' 'you need to run' 'that blister will just get bigger' 'consistency is the key' ... (thanks Stu!!) 'The physio said no...' 'A little time out now is better than a long time out later...' Arrgghh stop the in fighting.... Ok.... I'll compromise and go for a walk... fast... real fast.... hmmmmm who am I kidding? walk/run/walk/run - I'll decide in the morning.

Right, better go and feed the hungry hoards....

Seasons Greetings... (isnt that cheesy)

Vicki xxx

PS. Casually Me - I checked out your blog... you're one sick puppy!! LOL. I think you could teach me a thing or two about powerlifting..... anyway I hope you'll find something useful here as I explore the world of Westside Training!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The good and the bad....

As planned went for a late(ish) run around the Tan at 7am. Still doing intervals: 7 minute warmup followed by 3 x 7 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery. In the first 14 minutes (warmup and first interval) I manage to make up to the top of Anderson Street. Heart rate hit 181bpm - hmm a bit high. Struggled thru the run, legs were just not coping after the big 'return' to training on Monday night. Bumped into Eat 'Em from Coolrunning as I walked back to the car from the last interval. Nice to put faces to names (or forum handles as the case may be) and get a little encouragement along the way. Into the office for a shower and coffee with the boys at work before heading into the city for my 2 doctor's appointments.

First up was Ben Baressi, the sports doc. He asked how my elbow felt in the days after the shot and I explained about how much my arem ached after the local wore off. This is normal - most of his patients would have called him being in so much pain, but he siad this was a good sighn that the injection was in the right place. So he was quite happy with the progress of my elbow, although he feels I may be back at some time for a 2nd shot - I hope not! Never the less he has given me the all clear to train. Normally he would tell his patients to go back slowly, only do light weights, but he felt this message would be wasted on me... so his advise was to strap it while training, strap up my wrists also and then to ice it for 15 minutes after training.

On to the next appointment. Now I thought I had booked in with Joe, but the receptionist said I had an appointment with Roger??? Funny. I've never seen Roger before, so I just thought Jow was not available. Then I saw Joe come out and he saw me sitting there and it all just seemed at bit weired. He must have thougth something was up too 'cos he was looking at the schedule, I think he was trying to work out who I was seeing and when I was supposed to come back to see him. When Roger called me in, he thought I was there about my elbow, so I explained that I thought I had an appointment with Joe. Just nearby was Joe and one of the receptionists - still checking out the appointment schedule... 'Ahhh - that explains things.... Joe was wondering what was going on....' he said and then jokingly 'he was very upset that you werent here to see him....' All sorted out and he handed me over to Joe.

So, now with Joe.... but I'm in trouble 'cos I havent kept off my toe...(see photo - above right - actually its not looking too bad - not as swollen) Squats are a no-no and what was that I was doing Monday night? Errrr… box squats at 110kg? Running around the Tan?? (As evidenced by the nasty blister rising in the arch of my foot again - see photo on the right) Oh-oh.... Not happy with me.
So I got the whole lecture about having to give the treatment a chance so that we can see if its making progress and if its not then we can investigate further with xrays etc but no use doing that if I’m not my bit….. etc etc….

Ok ok ok…. I’ll stop running (for a bit) at least then I can say ‘See, it made no difference!’ I hope. Then I hear this familiar voice…. It’s Shaz! Those cheeky girls at reception conned Shaz into changing her appointment time to coincide with mine – she DOES see Roger for her elbow problem. LOL. So we had a great ole time chatting thru the curtains, poking fun at our therapists…. After our treatments we went and had coffee together and a long chat about our plans for next year and Shaz also told me off for running. Same as Dirk said… If I am going to run then it should be sprinting or sprinting with weights and pulling sleds…. Yeah yeah…. When I conquer the 5k run I’ll switch to sprinting…. That is, when I get the all clear to run from Joe! Spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for trinkets to put under the tree for Leah and Madi. Cant wait for them to open these on Christmas morning!

Phew…. Well, training that night, with the blessing of Ben, first up benching with chains. What a strange feeling, the bar swings a little, feels a little less stable. Worked up to a one-rep max of 60kg plus the chains. Must be another 10 or 15 kg with the chains on. Must remember to ask Dirk tonight when I go in to do my speed training. This will really add the kilo’s to my raw benching. Next week I’m going to try using the bench shirt WITH the chains!! Accessory work was mostly concentrating on triceps, California press, reverse grip pushdown and then inverse dumbell shoulder raise. Had to change one exercise tho’. We had put down reverse bicep curls, but I immediately felt this was going to cause trouble for my elbow so after consulting with Dirk, we changed this to concentration curls. Definitely a much easier session than Monday’s max squat workout!

Quiet day yesterday, Wednesday, just another day. I’ll say no more on that subject….. ‘What the…?’ You all must be thinking. LOL.

Today – should have been a run day… but being good, I stayed in bed. Feel a bit odd having not gone for my scheduled run. Like missing a run is going to completley destroy my plans… right, missed one run…. Now I’m never gonna be able to get back into a rythym of running. I thnk that’s what scare’s me about missing a run, that if I don’t keep to the schedule, I’ll start making excuses and not running because of this or that…. Like it has to be a rigid plan, same as my powerlifting training, or I will lose my ‘mojo’ for it. Is that a symptom of OCD?? Ha ha ha. Anyway, now there is a gap in my POLAR graphs, bugger it! Well, I’m trying to be good.

Ok that’s it for now, will report on my progress later in the week.


Vicki xxx

PS. Louise, thanks for the vote of confidence! Shaz and I have this theory that we are dyslexic anorexics… LOL. We see skinny girls in the mirror and want to be bigger!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Its official !!

It's Monday and I'm on holidays..... not doing a damn thing today. Got plenty of chores for the next 4 weeks so I want to enjoy this day of 'nothingness'....

Saw the new James Bond movie on Saturday night with my eldest daughter, Leah - after being stood up by my date..... sheesh, what's a girl gotta do? Anyway, the movie was great, really enjoyed the action, the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) isnt bad on the eyes either, nice tight bod!! Longish movie, thought it had finished at on point but went on for another 20 mins or so... went to the 9:30 pm session, we were a bit late but got in just before the movie started. Had to text Madi when we got out at midnight to let her know I was on my way- I was supposed to pick her up at 12 from a party!

Sunday morning went for my regular run up to the servo to get the sunday paper, damn HRM messed up and I missed recording the first 8 minutes of the run.... bugger. I know, I'm so anal about these things. I like my gadgets and pretty graphs that are totally meaningless to me, but I just have to have them and I was totally pissed at missing the start of the run.

Went to the gym today a little earlier than normal thinking it would be a little quieter in there - but it was packed - everone must be on holidays!! Lucky for me not too many guys like training legs 'cos I totally took over the squat rack tonight. Maximum squat of a box - got up to 110kg with just my belt and knee wraps - not bad. Followed that up with heavy rack pulls 3 sets of 8 single reps at 160kg. Then, still in the squat rack, stiff legged good mornings 3 sets of 12 reps - very strict- at 50kg. Finally out of the rack and weighted spread eagle situps, followed by pull down abs - which are really a bit of a misnomer since the main goal is not so much abdominal crunches as keeping control when you come upright again - I kept getting pulled back to the weight stack - Hmm this is really hard to explain... I'll try to find some pics later to explain this exercise. Finally onto weighted hypers, picked up the 20kg plate - was supposed to do 3 sets of 20 reps, but I took on more than I could do, so only manged 18,16,16 - my lower back was trashed from the earlier good mornings and rackpulls. Hot shower when I got home, could do with a lower back rub tonight - amazing what just 2 weeks out of the gym will do to you.

Back to the sports doc tomorrow, hopefully get the all clear on the arm - had no trouble with it tonight - but I guess what I did wasnt putting any stress on the elbow joint - tomorrow night's bench training will be the real test. Immediately after I see Ben, I go in to see Joe, the physio so he can check on my toe's progress - havent got much to report there....

Well that's about it. Getting late and I want to get an early run in tomorrow morning before I see the doc's... Will let you know how it all goes.

Vicki xxx

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday 15th...

Pay day - yay! and its also the last day at work before I have 4 weeks off! Not back in the office until NEXT YEAR!!

Have been a good girl - no training - no lifting that is... still went for a little run aroud the Tan on Thursday morning, but I am being good and doing all the stretching etc thats been prescribed.... Even did a good deed after my run. When I arrived at the Tan around 6:15 I heard some yelling and arguing and saw a bunch of guys hovering around a black sports car - anyway I set off for my 'jog' and when I came back 30 mins later they were still there, arguing, so I set about doing some stretching etc. minding my own buisness but watching as they kept looking over at me. Next thing I know one of them approaches me , ready to panic and run, the poor guy just asks if I could help jump start their car... 'ohhh ok.....' They were most grateful for the help and kept saying 'Thankyou sister' - 'yo! no problem bro' ' LOL. Glad to have been able to help them out !

Ok , so here's the promised pic of my new METAL bench shirt - can't wait to try it out. Looks like a straight jacket huh? Same effect - cant move!! LOL Also looking into getting some squat boots made early in the new year. There's a place in Tassie that will make a custom pair of boots complete with orthotics. If I make the trip over there I'll be able to claim them on my health insurance - well part of the cost anyway. They are medical grade boots and I think given the problems with my toe and ankle... and the glute/piriformis injury I had from squatting earlier in the year all pointing to instability in my foot/ankle it will be worth spending the money to get the boots made rather that risk further injuries. Well that will put an end to any frequest flyer points I have accumulated!!

Just thought I'd include a couple of pics from the Raw Push/Pull back on Nov 9th.
Courtesy of Titania at

Well thats about it from me. Not much on this weekend, lunch on Sunday with the ex-outlaws. Still get along well with them and since Leah and Madi's dad lives interstate I still get invited to the family Christmas get together. Sunday night Jo is coming over for Dinner, gossip, waxing and coffee - not all at once of course - well maybe just the last 3!! She's hinted that there is a new man in her life, but would give many any details, wanting to save it all for Sunday night. I just lurve gossip!!

Love 'n' kisses
Vicki xxx

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ha! I was wrong...

Sunday was not, I repeat not, better ! Pager was going off all afternoon and into the evening. Even had to pass up a date for dip down at the beach - had to settle for an ice-cream in front of the computer which Leah bought home after work.

Did go for a little run in the morning - a little later than I would have liked and it was already starting to get hot and the air again filled wtih smoke coming down from the bushfires. Very hard to breath and ended up with bit of a sore throat as a result.
Took this photo today from my office - doesnt really do justice to the haze thats hanging over the city again today from the bushfires and I'm also pasting in my run graph from my Polar s625x HRM- just to see if I can. If its unreadable... errr sorry!

Went to the Gym Monday night, Not able to train much but still managed to do a few things that I havent done in a long while like leg extentions and leg press - someone left the leg press loaded with 200kg so that was handy for me. 5 sets of 6-8reps. Hamstring curls (boring), hypers with no weight, set of 25 reps fast and abs: leg raises, incline board situps and include twists. Sat on the bike for 10 mins - stationary bike is not my thing. Didnt feel like I'd trained all that well but better than nothing. At least I was starting for feel sore by Tuesday afternoon - those leg press's really got into my glutes and quads! Ouch!

Up at the crack on Tuesday morning, wanted to get a 'gentle' jog in before going to see the physio at 7:40 am. Was at the Tan just before 6am - at least the air was clear. Told Joe that my toes was getting worse, seemed more aggravated by the massage.... he didnt ask if I'd been running, so I didnt have to 'fib' about it - good stuff!. Anyway - no more massage but he still wants me to do the 'traction' thingy... ha ha errr 'pull my toe' stuff. Keeping up the calf stretches and ankle work. See him again next week on Tuesday - when I'm on leave. Same day that I see Ben, convenient! - can get both done in the one trip. Hmmmm if I plan this right I can come in for a run, shower and change at work, call in somewhere for brekky and then see the two docs,. They're both at Melbourne Sports Medical centre..... Dawdle around the city, Myers, Adidas, Rebel sport, NikeTown, Haighs..... Have lunch and head home before the peak hour hits.

Caught up with Dirk last night for a planning session for my next Westside cycle. Chains!!!! Will be using chains (and my shirt) probably in the 2nd week as part of my bench work, how exciting!! We were going to use the chains on the box squat on the Max Squat day but since I havent done any heavy squatting since August Dirk thought it might be better to leave them off for now. Have some more really 'challenging' things to do like jumping kneeling squats - that is on your knees, bum to heel, then jump up onto your feet in a squat position and press up. My first attempt saw me lnad on my knee's - ouch! That floor is damn hard - all the more reason not to miss. Got it eventually but really hard - need to work on this - the goal is to be able to do this with a loaded bar on your back!!! The purpose - leg drive and speed for deadlifting. More.... weighted hypers with a loaded bar - will need someone to help me load and unload the bar of my shoulders. Anyway lots of new and exciting stuff Cant wait to get started!!

Mentioned to Dirk that I'm doing a bit of running, just a few k's 3 times a week. I explained that when I was doing the good morning squats I was getting out of breath before I was fatiguing the muscles, so I need some cardio conditioning. Not good, engaging the wrong fibres, he would prefer that if I 'have' to run... that it was short fast sprints with walking recovery - but with my toe joint the way it is that's out of the question for now. Dirk would prefer that I did more traditional powerlifting conditioning - like pushing a loaded wheel barrow, dragging a sled or flipping tractor tyres..... he even suggested pulling a car - up hill. He has the harness for it! ha ha ha errrrrr.... I think he was being serious !!

Stay tuned ....

Vicki xxx

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Its 8:15 pm Saturday night and here I am in front of this bloody computer. Should I rename the blog? something along the lines of Life and times of a Computer Nerd ? On pager this weekend and so far have been paged 4 times. Yippee, what exciting bugs will come along tomorrow?

I should have been at the deadlift comp today - dont even know how it went. Spoke to Shaz earlier in the day.... wonder if she ended up going? Hopefully we'll all get an update email from Webby later in the week.

Picked up my Metal bench shirt from Marty's gym in Footscray. Arrived sooner than expected. Cant even try it on tho' my arm is still quite sore from the cortisone shot and the last thing I want is to get my arm stuck in the shirt sleeve (they're very tight). I'll post a pic of the shirt tomorrow.

Trashed myself last night.... would have made an interesting blog update except that I couldnt see well enough to type...... Started out at the Curve Bar for our social club Christmas drinks. Not that I had much to drink there, concious of the fact that I had to drive 'the Beast'
home (the Maverick 4WD)- and not wanting to plow anyone down.... but just enough to put me in the mood to polish off a bottle of Dulcet when I got home, which I must say was sickly sweet after the Sav Blanc earlier and got stuck into the potato wedges and sour cream. Oh yeah I was on a roll last night! Anyway, feeling a little sad and sorry for myself. Woe is me, single, unable to train, not allowed to run, new bench shirt that I cant play with, single... oh I said that already..... So, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Fell asleep in the recliner for a bit, much to the amusement of Leah and Madi.... Dragged myself up the stairs to bed around 11pm and passed out. Woke at 6am - dehydrated, got up to get a drink of water and then promptly fell back into the bed, eventually rising at about 9am. Have had a nagging headache all day and as I mentioned the pager nagging me as well!

Tomorrow will be better - the power of positive thinking!! Have been doing the calf stretches throughout the day and massaged my toe - how disgusting, I need some slave to do this for me... kids are useless. Anyway, I'm thinking I might still go for a little run tomorrow morning... just a little one - I promise.....

Vicki xxx

Friday, December 08, 2006

Totally sidelined

Went in to see another physio, Joe, about my big toe which has seized.... After a long discussion about when I first started noticing the pain and lack of movement etc he has determined that my ankle and calves are the culprits. Calves are so tight that they lack the flexability I need to squat or support myself in good mornings.... and with my ankle being unstable this has put undue pressure on my big toe for balance - and its just had enough.... another form of overuse!

Treatment: massage of the joint (painful!) exercises to strengthen the ankle and lots of stretching for the calves - thats all ok - I can handle that. Now the frustrating part..... no squating, good morings etc that need me to balance and NO RUNNING. For the next couple of weeks at least. I'm gonna have terrific abs by the end of this 'cos that's about all I have left to work on. I can bike he said.... great! I dont have a bike! Stationary bike at the gym - how bloody boring!

Vicki xxx

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Have had the past week and a bit off the gym and getting lots of massage from Gordon at the Melbourne Sports Medical Centre for my left elbow problem, but its just getting worse so he referred me to Ben Baressi the sports doc. Went in this morning at 10am.... Came away having had a cortisone injection into the elbow. Its now 2pm and the local anesthetic is starting to wear off and boy-oh-boy is it ever aching!! No training for the next 2 weeks. Back to see Ben on Dec 19 for a review. Will try to get into the gym and do some leg work, but even that will be difficult as I cannot go picking up the 20kg plates to load the bar... will have to rely on pin loaded machines. :-( Well it gives me time to concentrate on my running, which is by the way, coming along nicely. Did a time trial at the weekend at the Tan and ran the 4k course (non-stop - including Anderson st hill) in 27.22

Sunday, Madi had her Christmas Gymkhana down at the Pony club. Floated Mojo down, the Maverick handled it well!! :-) Arrived bright and early to get Mojo looking beautiful, plaited his mane, braided his tail, and clipped around his feet. Nice and shiny horse.... get into the warmup ring and.... he's lame. Limping badly.... what the....???? Fortunately (???) Chris, the vet, was already on-site looking at another horse so when he was finished he came to look at Mojo. Possible abscess or deep bruising to the hoof. He removed the shoe and poked around unable to find anything specific, but the limping was very pronounced! Gave him a shot of anti inflamms and dressed hi hoof with a hot poultice to try and draw out any abscess... Got some Bute to put in his feed and put him back on the float to head home again. Drove up to Saddle up in Chirnside to get an 'Easy Boot' to go over his hoof to protect the dressing. Vet will be back out again on Wed to check the progress....

Later that afternoon we down to Jells park to the CR Christmas BBQ, got there a little late so missed quite a few of the CR's. My first CR outing! Everyone was very welcoming, but with ay I was having I wished I'd taken something stronger than the Chili cordial to drink!

Quick catch up with Russell down Brunswick st who I haven’t seen for a little while. Had hoped that Cafe Atomica would be open as I was out of coffee beans for home.... sadly it wasn’t, so we wandered down the road and settled in at another cafe for a class of red. Looks like the training pgm that Shaz has him on is doing good!!

Monday morning.. Big day for Madi (and me...) Into hospital to have her tonsils out! I can report that all went well and was over with rather quickly. She stayed overnight at the hospital, they gave her some morphine to help her sleep and I took her home on Tuesday morning. Very painful procedure, I think a lot of people under estimate just how serious the operation is. She's on a lot of painkillers and has to eat, of all things, crunchy food!! No ice cream and jelly.... toast, chips, apples etc anything that will help scrape any muck out from the back of her throat. Will take her up to 10 days to recover and she's confined to home for the first week.

Well, I'm about to take to my arm with the butcher’s knife..... Better stop typing now...


Vicki xxx