Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Buns of Steel

Alright... Jelly.... but more on that later.

Haven't been sleeping well, too much alcohol, too much food, not enough exercise and just the whole holiday thing messing up my routine. Woke at 2:16am then spent half of last night tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling. Fell asleep finally, must have been around 5 am cos I remember getting a txt message from Leah just before 5. (I insist when she goes out with her friends clubbing that when she gets to where ever she is staying the night she had to send me a txt- usually they all get a cab to one place and crash for the night) Anyway, up at 8.30 starving hungry.

Drove into the city at lunchtime, parked at work and tram'd it to the physio for my 1:30 appointment. Not a lot of good news, making some progress but still not supposed to run for at least another week. Not looking good for the Portsea twilight fun run I was hoping to do. I did, however, have a win in that he conceded to let me start squatting again (like I stopped....??) Promised to keep good form, pushing up from the heels and no coming up on the toe - same for good mornings - just gotta keep the pressure off the toe joint. Treatment - continue with traction and mobilization, massage, icing and anti-inflamms. Next appointment - Friday week. Joe suggested that if I really need to do cardio then I should cycle - great I don't have a bike and hate sitting on the stationary bike and I'm none too keen to head down to the gym at the crack of dawn to sit on the bike for an hour. Wonder if I can hire a bike for a couple of weeks.... hmmmm.... Think I'll just get fat! To that end I walked down to Haighs and picked up a couple of latte and whisky truffles.

Caught up with a friend for a late lunch down St Kilda. He also couldn't believe that I'd been stood up the other week, gave him all the gory details and so he said he would take me out for dinner and a movie early in the new year - and promised NOT to stand me up. I really need that too, starting to feel like there is something wrong with me. Chatted as we walked along the beach, we're both single and started to discuss the things that we miss most about not being in a relationship. Actually, this is something I was thinking about the other night when went to bed, chilly night, had to turn on the leccy blanket to get warm.

My list:
  • a warm body to snuggle up to - and put my icy feet on! LOL
  • someone to annoy when I cant sleep
  • sympathy when I get hurt... like when I rolled my ankle up at the horse paddock and wanted to cry.
  • good ole fashioned cuddles (we both agreed on this one)
  • ..... errrr.... censored (there could be minors reading this)

Back into hardcore training after the Christmas break - Haven't trained since last Friday and now its Wednesday and I supposed to be doing a Monday routine. Confusing - well it must have been for my body. Had a lousy training session. Arrived at the gym at 5pm.

Max Squat day: (first 3 exercises are done in the squat rack - which I take over each Monday... even tho today is Wednesday.....)

Low box squat. Started at 40kg to warmup. 50kg for 6 reps, 60kg 6 reps, 70kg 6 reps, 80kg - crashed 2 reps - how pathetic!! Put on the weight belt - 1 rep.... had to drop the bar. Breaking into a sweat - chalk up the bar and my back. Need to wrap my knees... Idiot me, knew I needed to wear shorts to the gym, but no, put on the long pants - so had to roll 'em up so that I could wrap my knees. 80kg 2 reps. Daniel saw that I was struggling - he spotted me last week when I was under the bar at 110kg. loaded the bar to 90 kg 1 rep (with Daniel standing behind me - good rep too) at this point on a max day I do I rep at each weight until I fail. 100kg 1 rep, 110kg 1 rep (really struggled) loaded the bar to 115kg for a final all out effort.... Needed Daniel's help this time to get off the box - a failed attempt but a good one just the same.

Rack pulls. did ok here. 165kg 8 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps (have acquired a couple of 'nice' blisters on my hands)

Stiff leg good mornings. 50kg 3 sets of 12 reps. Bar kept sliding down my back - copious amounts of chalk wasn't helping much as I was sweating.... sorry... perspiring.... so much.

Pulldown abs. 60lb? 3 sets of 10

Spreadeagle situps.... skipped - will do 3 set of 10 in the lounge later....

Hypers front. 20kg plate held in front of my chest. 3 set of 20 reps (that was a killer)

Now you may understand the - buns of steel/jelly comment. Really worked my butt off tonight - despite the poor performance in the squat rack. Left the gym at 7pm walking just a little funny - gonna be sore for a couple of days. No break this week - will train straight thru to Saturday. Sunday & Monday off. Back to max squat on Tuesday. Legs will have recovered by then. Tomorrow - Max Bench. Chains and bench shirt - hopefully someone will be there to help me get it on.

Right better get into those spreadeagle situps before I take myself off to bed and read for a bit... and eat those truffles... he he he......

Catch you soon

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

Having someone help with putting on a bench shirt has got to be a lot easier for you than it is me. I would imagine the fellas get in line for that one, until they realize how hard it is to put the shirt on, lol. I usually annoy the gym staff or even someone in the locker room. Trust me, when I break out that shirt...people run. I am using the Titan Katana, which is kind of the durable cousin to the fury. I went raw for Dec. and am going to shirt up next week as I have a meet in March.

Have you watched or own Gillingham's DVD on deadlifting? I actually get to compete against that monster in May...but he will crush me. I need another couple of years for that guy. Anyway, if you don't have a copy of it...I can send you one, gratis as I have it memorized by now. Just give me a gym address. It is well worth it, that guy is a legend.