Saturday, December 09, 2006


Its 8:15 pm Saturday night and here I am in front of this bloody computer. Should I rename the blog? something along the lines of Life and times of a Computer Nerd ? On pager this weekend and so far have been paged 4 times. Yippee, what exciting bugs will come along tomorrow?

I should have been at the deadlift comp today - dont even know how it went. Spoke to Shaz earlier in the day.... wonder if she ended up going? Hopefully we'll all get an update email from Webby later in the week.

Picked up my Metal bench shirt from Marty's gym in Footscray. Arrived sooner than expected. Cant even try it on tho' my arm is still quite sore from the cortisone shot and the last thing I want is to get my arm stuck in the shirt sleeve (they're very tight). I'll post a pic of the shirt tomorrow.

Trashed myself last night.... would have made an interesting blog update except that I couldnt see well enough to type...... Started out at the Curve Bar for our social club Christmas drinks. Not that I had much to drink there, concious of the fact that I had to drive 'the Beast'
home (the Maverick 4WD)- and not wanting to plow anyone down.... but just enough to put me in the mood to polish off a bottle of Dulcet when I got home, which I must say was sickly sweet after the Sav Blanc earlier and got stuck into the potato wedges and sour cream. Oh yeah I was on a roll last night! Anyway, feeling a little sad and sorry for myself. Woe is me, single, unable to train, not allowed to run, new bench shirt that I cant play with, single... oh I said that already..... So, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Fell asleep in the recliner for a bit, much to the amusement of Leah and Madi.... Dragged myself up the stairs to bed around 11pm and passed out. Woke at 6am - dehydrated, got up to get a drink of water and then promptly fell back into the bed, eventually rising at about 9am. Have had a nagging headache all day and as I mentioned the pager nagging me as well!

Tomorrow will be better - the power of positive thinking!! Have been doing the calf stretches throughout the day and massaged my toe - how disgusting, I need some slave to do this for me... kids are useless. Anyway, I'm thinking I might still go for a little run tomorrow morning... just a little one - I promise.....

Vicki xxx

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