Friday, December 29, 2006

What came first....?

The age old question..... In my case did the blister in the arch of my foot arise from my dodgy big toe or did my dodgy big toe eventuate because I cant walk properly due to the blister...?? Now before I get I hundred emails... There is no prize on offer, there is no right answer and I don't really expect one... but.... on this hazy smoke filled morning I thought I'd go for a little run, just a 'little' one, I know, I know... against the physio's orders... but the toe has been feeling good and the never ending blister had healed and I just wanted to see...... and I wanted to wear my new Chrissy Nike top.... So I drove myself the 500 down the road to Mullum Mullum track (I know... you're thinking was sort of runner is she... drives down the street to go for a run... well - not a good one, I can tell you that much - LOL) Its been 10days since my last run, feel like I'm at church in confession and well the penance was well and truly dished out... yes, about 2k into the run I could feel a blister coming on - which reminds me of a funny story... but I digress.... Had planned to only do a very very slow 3k but managed 4k at blistering (pun intended) 6.40min/km - LOL If only I wasn't so un-co! my legs managed to settle into a nice rhythm and I baring the blister I could have kept running for much longer.... but... and there is always a but.... I couldn't bloody breath!!! At about the same time as my blister started making its presence known I started having trouble breathing... it just doesn't come naturally!! Hmmm? I tried to concentrate on what James had told me - about getting my breathing in a rhythm with my pace - wasn't working too well... oh well I'll keep trying.

Later in the morning caught up with a friend for coffee, chat and a stroll for a little while. Scored some Haigh's chocolates - lucky me. Also gave me a couple of gel pads for my blister - double score!! Might even try for another run on Sunday morning.

In the gym for my speed squat session at 5:15pm. remembered to wear shorts this time!

Low Box squats (60%) 60kg 12 sets 2 reps

Speed Deadlifts (60%) 80kg 8 x single rep (tried the gaffa tape but it wouldn't stick to my legs - grrr. Talc'd up instead and now sporting some lovely shin bruises.

Jump Kneel squats. 6 sets of 3 reps (trying hard to keep my arms folded - didn't fall flat on my face tonight)

Hanging leg raises. 3 sets of 10

Side bridges. 3 sets of 10

Barbell Hypers. 28kg 3 sets of 8. Theses are quite hard, need assistance to load and unload the bar across my shoulders and then while hanging down have to stop the bar from rolling down and whacking me in the back of the head. struggled in the last set to get the last rep. Lucky Nadine was there to lift the bar off !

Tomorrow is the last training session for 2006. Speed bench day. Not accustomed to training on a Sat. Will have to head into the gym a little earlier than usual. Have no plans for New Years eve. Most likely head into the city with Madi to watch the fireworks - handy that I can park at work and then just wander down to the Yarra! :-)

Catch you all tomorrow when I write my last training wrap up for the year.

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