Friday, December 08, 2006

Totally sidelined

Went in to see another physio, Joe, about my big toe which has seized.... After a long discussion about when I first started noticing the pain and lack of movement etc he has determined that my ankle and calves are the culprits. Calves are so tight that they lack the flexability I need to squat or support myself in good mornings.... and with my ankle being unstable this has put undue pressure on my big toe for balance - and its just had enough.... another form of overuse!

Treatment: massage of the joint (painful!) exercises to strengthen the ankle and lots of stretching for the calves - thats all ok - I can handle that. Now the frustrating part..... no squating, good morings etc that need me to balance and NO RUNNING. For the next couple of weeks at least. I'm gonna have terrific abs by the end of this 'cos that's about all I have left to work on. I can bike he said.... great! I dont have a bike! Stationary bike at the gym - how bloody boring!

Vicki xxx

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2P said...

Bugger - maybe you need a toe truck *tish boom*

Hope it gets better soon Vicki.