Tuesday, December 26, 2006


He he he... hmmmm....... ate, drank and was merry!!!
Spent Christmas eve in good company with Shaz over at her friend Neville's place in Abbortsford. Met some really lovely people, Neville's partner Peter, Shazza's best friend from Sydney, Brett - so sweet and a great story teller! Kate and Kate, Michael & Melita, Georgia (or Georgina?) Peter and ??? and this is where I start losing the names..... Neville was making some very potent raspberry and pineapple Vodka slushies - and that explains why I cant remember names..... Have some pics to share:

Christmas day and the heavens opened up. Much needed rain - even hail over night. Thankyou Santa. Our roof had so much hail in the gutters it looked like snow! A Chilly Christmas morning but we all welcomed the rain at last. Leah and Madi sat over the ducted heating vent - like it was winter again! Presents and paper everywhere!

My sister bought me the softest, warmest,cuddliest dressing gown from my birthday - how wonderful !! LOL

'I am dead sexy!!'

Wanted to get a nice picture of me and my girls - don't have very many of the 3 of us, so I asked my nephew to take a picture of us at the dinner table before lunch - expecting to get a happy family portrait - hmmmm this is what I got:

Thanks Girls!!!!!!

Right time for some silliness.... who am I kidding..... Silliness is what I live with!!!!!!

They can be nice sometimes!

Ok - 'nuff of that. Managed to get a nice shot of the whole family - more madness as we all stood around with 3 cameras all on self timers.....

Haven't really said much in this update, I guess the pictures say it all - I had a magical Christmas surrounded by my loved ones. Such a contrast to last year when I spent my first Christmas alone having split with my partner of 7 years only six months earlier and the girls up with their Dad in NSW (we take in turns to have the girls at Chrissy each year) They'll be off up to their Dad's on the 2nd of Jan - leaving me with a few weeks 'Home Alone' LOL.

What mischief can I get up to??

Love Vicki xxxx

PS. I did eventually get a 'nice' picture with my girls:

Leah Me Madi

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Casually Me said...

Great looking kids, you can tell they get that from their mother. Thanks for the pictures. Glad you had a great holiday. Now...back to training...hehe..