Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Next challenge

2012 Australian Equipped
Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships

Open – Sub Junior – Junior – Masters – Male & Female

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2012
Strength Republic Gym

54 Clyde Street, Hamilton North, Newcastle, NSW 2292
Owners Shaun Perrett & Yvette Perrett

Entries Close: Friday, 6th July 2012

Saturday 28th July
SESSION 1 – Weigh-in 7am, start 9am. All women 47kg to 84+kg + Men 59 to 74kg
SESSION 2 – Weigh-in 1pm, start 3pm. Men 83kg to 93kg
Sunday 29th July
SESSION 3 – Weigh-in 7.30am, start 9.30am. All Bench Press competitors.
SESSION 4 – Weigh-in 9.30am, start 11.30am. Men 105kg to 120+kg

Timetable subject to change upon receipt of entries.

Australian Championships All Day - $10 per ticket each day

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well its been over a week since the comp so I guess I should post an update....

Mixed feelings about my result, not my best total by far.  Weighted in at 65.7kg which put me in the 72kg class and my first comp in the Masters 2 category.

Squat was a rather paltry 140kg (M2 record never the less)  having missed my 135 opener on depth and failing my 3rd on 155kg - lost balance.

Bench Press was the highlight of my day. Unusual because I am notoriously a poor bencher, I opened with a comp PB 95kg.  Dave jacked my shirt for attempt 2 at 100kg  but I struggled to get the bar down and missed the lift, 3rd attempt got the shirt just right for what felt like a really easy 100kg (M2 record).  Think I would have had the planned 105kg had I not missed the 2nd attempt.  Was absolutely stoked! 100kg - That's a decent bench press.

Deadlift - well that went off the boil after the amazing 200kg pull in training and in the week preceding the comp I failed to pull 190 which was going to be my opener...  Lowered my opener on the day to 180 and missed - grip issues, 2nd attempt 180 and got it - (Open Record) and then tried for 190 on the third attempt but my grip failed again.

Totaled 420  - 17.5kg behind my best total.  It was a learning experience anyway. Certainly the shirt jacking proved to be a success, I know what I need to work on for my deads and my squat... back to the drawing board.  It has now sunk to the lowest, poorest lift of the 3 disciplines of powerlfting for me.  I must fix this!

2nd attempt 180

3rd attempt 190