Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matti TIkka rescheduled

Sometimes you just want to scream.  Heard last night that the Matti Tikka is now being split over 2 days and of course the equipped women are being moved to the Saturday.  As if I haven't spent enough money on this comp already now an earlier flight - cant change the cheepy flight have to book another and possibly another night in Sydney if its an early weigh in.  Poooo!

Or do I just pull out?

Bad deadlift session on Friday has left me feeling a little underwhelmed at the prospect of competing.  My lifting is like a roller coaster at the moment, PB bench on Saturday, 100kg touch and go, not comp worthy but its a start, then a bullshit deadlift session.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

PA news Issue 19

2012 Preview
The 2012 competition calendar looks to be jam packed with exciting events in what is shaping up to be an astronomical year of Powerlifting.  Here is a sneak preview of key events. Get your training plans in order its going to be a wild ride:
March 30/April 1  Australian Raw Championships
                       Arrow Hotel Melbourne,   
                       + Australian Blind Champs
                       + Masters Open Equipped
July 28 − 29      Australian Open (Equipped) Championships
                      Iron Grip Gym Nth. Sydney,   
                      Open/Junior/SubJ./Masters PL & BP-Only 
December 7− 9  Oceania Champs.
                      Iron Grip Gym  North Sydney  
                      Raw/ Equipped  
                      Open/Junior/ SubJ./Masters PL & BP-Only  

At 6ft.2, 160kg, NFL draft turned RAW Powerlifting Megastar, Blaine Sumner, boasting a 390kg squat, 205kg bench and a 330kg deadlift will be heading down under as a special guest of Powerlifting Australia at the Australian Raw Championships.
Blaine, hailing originally from Colorado, USA, set an NFL Testing Bench Press Record by doing 100kg X 55 reps and is a 5 times National Powerlifting Champion. Dont miss this opportunity to rub shoulders with this colossal performer.

Just beware googling Blaine Sumner (images)  you'll get more than you bargained for :-)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Yet Another Drug Test

Finished Max bench workout with a triple 90kg off the one board and a double 100 off the 3 board.  Was feeling strong again this week, confidence is soaring.  Started on my assistance work down the back of the gym and shortly after noticed a bunch of people coming into the gym....   ASADA...

LOL, they must be checking my bank statements and seeing how much money I've been spending at the local vet clinic....  hahaha.   But really, it sees they have been doing the "end of year" testing rounds of all the powerlifting clubs.  Melb Uni a couple of weeks ago and Southern later on the same day as us here at ESP.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

IPF Drug test result

John Edwards      GUY 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Vicki O'Brien     AUS 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Gary Pamplin      USA 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Luis Tapia        PUR 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Wade Hooper       USA 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Eric Kupperstein  USA 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Tatiana Zubkova   RUS 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Nina Kondrasheva  RUS 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Glyn Moore        CAN 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Reinhard Melzig   GER 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Tatyana Fomina    RUS 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Patrick Hartwick  CAN 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative
Jeffrey Douglas   USA 26.09.-01.10. St.Catharines/Canada World Masters Negative


So, immediately after pulling a PR,  I've come down with the flu  :-(   Must be the stress of the new trg pgm - its pretty full on.

Nevertheless I've sent off my entry form for the Matti Tikka and booked my return flight using points...  still deciding whether to head up early on Sat or in the afternoon.  Better get around to tho or I'll be paying a premium for the ticket.

Outside of lifting, some fantastic news, Mojo's fracture has healed.  Xray taken on Wed morning shows no sign of the fracture and the joint appears to have fused - which is what we had hoped.  He'll still be in the cast for the next week and then hopefully just a half cast for while and then back to the paddock in time for summer!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Deadlift PR

Full training program resumed last week and you may have noticed the count down timer has been reset for December 4. That will be my last comp for the year, the Matti Tikka in Sydney.  This comp signifies the 12 month mark since my shoulder surgery and with a little less pressure than a World competition I hope to set benchmark numbers for my 2012 training schedule.

Its looking good....

Only a week into the program and this morning already a new PR.  200kg deadlift.  My holy grail.  Ready to be carved in to the national record books.

Rankings have been updated on the PA website too:

Women's Rankings - Top 5 Open
Jeannette GEVERS
Jasmine HIGGS

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Masters World Record


Vicki O'Brien sets new IPF Masters 1 World Record Deadlift!

47kgWorld Standard165.001.01.2011
52kgWorld Standard175.001.01.2011
57kgLisett Buriel1971VEN56.30192.518.08.2011Buenos Aires ARG*
63kgVicki OBrien1962AUS62.14195.527.09.2011St.Catharines CAN
72kgTatiana Zubkova1967RUS67.74215.527.09.2011St.Catharines CAN
84kgWorld Standard225.001.01.2011
84+kgSonia Manaena1961NZL126.18242.529.07.2011Melbourne AUS

- 63 kg
1.Gevers Jeanette1962AUS62,201,0844170,01102,51162,52435,0 471,7112
2.O'Brien Vicki1962AUS62,141,0852150,0385,02195,5 1/w1430,5 467,199
3.Stavik Anita1965NOR61,861,0890160,0275,04160,03395,0 430,138
4.Watkin Julie1964CAN59,861,1169140,0480,03152,54372,5 416,047

Friday, August 26, 2011

CAPO Powerlifting Nationals 2011 - Weigh in & Lifting schedule

Weigh in

FRIDAY 26th AUGUST 2011- Weigh In to be conducted at Supershape Trim & Tone Centre (First Floor, City Walk, Dean St, ALBURY, NSW 2640.)

10;00am – 7;00pm Teenage Men
12noon - 7;00pm Open Women
3;00pm - 7;00pm Junior Men

SATURDAY 27TH AUGUST 2011- Weigh In to be conducted at the Commercial Club Gymnasium

08;00am – 09;30am Teenage Men
09;00am – 10;30am Bench Press
10;00am – 11;30am Master Men / Open Women
1;00pm – 2;30pm Junior Men
2;00pm – 3;00pm Open Men

SUNDAY 28TH AUGUST 2011- Weigh In to be conducted at the Commercial Club Gymnasium
07;00am – 08;30am Open Men & Women Bench Press
08;00am – 09;30am Master Men
12noon – 1;30pm Open Men

Lifting schedule


10;00am Teenage Men
12noon Women
3;00pm Junior Men


09;00am Bench Press
10;00am Master Men
2;00pm Open Men

Thursday, August 25, 2011

PA Newsletter

Finally made it onto the weightlifting platform. Albeit a pretty lame performance...  Had hoped to total 100 but only managed 92.  Snatches were good in the warmup up to 35kg  then went flat at 40 on the platform, 2 subsequent attempts at 42 were a dismal failure.

Clean and Jerks were better, 2 successful attempts  47 & 52.  Third attempt at 56, which would have been a PB, was red lighted on a technicality, apparently 2 refs felt that I pressed out the jerk.  Oh well, that's how it goes.  I have a total recorded now and something to beat.

Scott:  Thanks for leaving the comment - Its all about the attitude lifting those kind of weights :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011

Over did it...   weighed in 61.96...

Terrible squats  140, 145(fail) 145(fail)
Bench 85, 90 (fail bum of bench) 92.5 (fail lockout right elbow)
Deadlift 175, 185, 195 (fail lockout) - will get this at Worlds in September

Total 410

Ok, disappointed with the squat but otherwise not a bad effort 8 months after major shoulder surgery and dropping 6kgs for the new weight class.  Still a national deadlift record.

Oh and I passed my refs exam the day before the comp, 94% and then reffed the afternoon session as a test ref.  Need to ref again tomorrow afternoon in order to pass teh practical test, but after that I am a qualified National Ref.  :-)

Bed....  Exhausted and sore!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011

Sigh....  waiting, waiting, waiting.....

Down to 63.something kgs and water loading...

Since my last update, Mojo's wounds took a turn for the worse, the constant rain here and no shelter meant that his bandages could not be kept dry, they were clean (no mud) but very wet and this just made the wounds weepy...  So I decided it would be best for him to go to hospital where he could be stabled for the next 3 weeks (at $70 a day + vet fees....)   Although expensive, he will heal faster, vet estimates about 12 weeks if left out in the paddock and well this puts my mind to rest about what to do with him while we're in Thailand for Deb's wedding next week...

Tomorrow have the day off work and will head up to Yarrambat Vet Hospital to visit him. It was decided the other day that his front leg was continuing to reopen every time he moved his leg, so a cast has been put on to immobilize it - poor baby.  Will post up some pics tomorrow after my visit.

Busy few days ahead,  tonight I need to study for my Referees exam which is tomorrow afternoon, then  head off to the competitors meeting.  Saturday weight in is at 8 am and lifting commences at 10  (for me)  Another session at 2pm and I'll be doing my ref's prac test. Sunday Ref's test again at the bench only at 10am and the big event - the Invitational with Brad Gillingham and Tony Harris at 2pm....  Presentation dinner at 7pm  (I wont be staying long...)  Then finally on Monday morning fly out to Phuket, Thailand for a weeks rest and relaxation.

Live streaming at Nationals

Powerlifting Australia will stream the Australian Powerlifting Championships on Saturday and Sunday July 30-31!! Click this link to follow the action and interact in real time with the broadcaster via chat functionality:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19 2011

OMG!  The last week has been insane!  Insane BAD!

Mojo got his foot caught in the fence up at the paddock and as he thrashed around trying to get free he wrapped his two back legs in the fence.  Luckily a passer-by saw him and called the RSCPA who in turn called a vet to free him and move him into a holding paddock. Unfortunately not a horse vet so then we needed to call our own vet to perform some emergency surgery on his legs. In the miserable rain and muddy paddock he had to be completely sedated and off course fell to the wrong side then had to be rolled over - no easy task with him being 500+kg  and dangerous to say the least.  Stitched up and bandaged Madi and I kept up hourly vigils thru the night with the risk of colic and the massive blood loss - around 5 litres.   Luckily no tendon damage just very deep lascerations and arterial damage (hence the massive blood loss).

Next day (Wednesday) we moved him up to another cleaner menage for recouperation and the vet returned to sedate and check the wounds, then re-bandage again.  Penicillan shots twice daily and some BZT's (anti-inflammatories) in his feed as well.

Vet was back out again Monday to sedate him again to change the bandages and check how well he is healing, thankfully the wounds are clean and now he's on powdered antibiotics - yay - I hated giving those injections....

I'll try to post some pics if I can figure how to get them off my phone...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July 5, 2011

Where I would like the bar to sit...

Where it does sit....

Oddly enough my left arm (Shoulder reco side) is in a better position than my right  - however it's because it cant rotate up (restricted).  Maybe I should get the right side reco'd...   (not).  Consequently this affects my balance for squatting.  I need the bar to be lower.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Really ASADA???    Exactly 4 weeks since my last drug test - here they are again. This time in the early morning Max Bench session at E.S.P.

Still, training went well, worked up to a single at 65kg Raw. The on with the big shirt, and I mean big, I can get it on by myself!  Then with a one-board I went 70x3, 75x3, 80x3, 85x3, 90 x1 x1, x1.  Shoulder was comfortable with those weights, but I need to build lockout strength..  Next week I'll see what I can get to touching, hopefully 85 :-)

Jason's 40th birthday last weekend was a blast from the past - literally, with everyone dressing up in 70's theme, tv shows etc.  By special request (of Jason) I went as Wonderwoman - LOL

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

Leaking steam valve  - replaced the o-rings but the leak was still there so I decided to go for a full upgrade of the  steam arm / valve and knob on Silvia.


Monday, June 06, 2011

June 6, 2011

Sat morning bench:

Raw: 40x5, 50x5, 60x3
Raw & 2 board 70x3, 80/fail
Shirt & 2 board: 80x3, 90x3, 95x2, 100x1

Not unhappy with that.  Followed by assistance and rehab. Shoulder pulled up fine afterwards.

Had brekky with the guys, Dave, Rhys, Bro and Glen and then home for a snooze.

Up and off to Phoenix for weightlifting....

Concentrating on snatches,  worked up to 35kg at which point form really breaks down for me.
Clean and jerks a  little lighter than Tuesday, up to 45kg, pretty comfortable.
Snatch pulls 65, 85 and 95  (was really starting to run out of steam...)
and finished with some overhead squats - a laughable PB of 27.5kg  (I have no sense of balance with the bar overhead!)

Relished my sleep in on Sunday morning, got my French homework done,  mowed the grass and cooked a roast for dinner. Mmmmmmm

Back to the grindstone this morning, but no squatting.  Deadlift pulls, varied stances and a rep set at the end.
More lowerback assistance work and abs...   and off to work....

Back in the gym 6.15am tomorrow....    Yoga, Martyn Girvan style....

Friday, June 03, 2011

June 3, 2011 (more)

From what I hear around the traps it seems like ASADA are doing the rounds of the powerliftering clubs.  Its that time of the year when they need to expend all their budgeted allowance for the financial year, so the fringe sports get tested....

I got swept up two weeks ago, but that was part of their fairly regular testing of the weightlifters, although it was usual for them to turn up at Phoenix on a Saturday afternoon, so I think I'm pretty safe now at least until Nationals.

Anyhoo, enough gossip.  Rehab and off to bed.  Been at ESP 6.15am every morning this week  and Saturdays are no exception.  Sooo looking forward to Sunday morning sleep in before doing it all again next week.  Character building Martyn says....   Character is not what I'm thinking when the alarm goes of at 4.55am.

Sleep, glorious sleep.....

June 3, 2011

Rat trap this morning,  had forgotten how hard it is! Black bands and 70kg was ok , 110kg was too much, settled for a few singles with 90kg and one final rep at 100kg.  Form took a beating - need more this to tighten up my technique.  Assistance: reverse hypers - controlled, stiff leg deadlifts, glute/ham raise and standing abs...

Shoulder feeling really good this morning.  Hope I can say the same tomorrow after benching.

Promo for ESP - The Prowler...  This bastard is pimped - 120kg!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

June 2, 2011

Reverse bands. triple 160kg, double 180

So, I have passed my last review with Dr Hoy.  All is well and good with the shoulder and I can push through the pain from the tightness.  Of course I still need to do a lot of rehab exercises and get both rotator cuffs strong.  I think in 12 months I will be making big gains.  For now, Nationals is in my immediate plans, just to get on the platform,  and I've started putting together my own competition schedule for 2011

July 29/30  Australian Titles   (Powerlifting)
August 20 Ian Laurie Cup  (Weightlifting  - my debut on the platform)
Sept 27 World Masters, Canada  (Powerlifting)
November 20 Matti Tikka Challenge, Sydney  (Powerlfiting)

I'd like to get another Weightlifting comp in there somewhere but the dates tend to clash a bit..

Oct 15/16 Australian Masters Championships - maybe a bit to ambitious for my first year...  Plus I will have only just returned from Canada...   or...

Nov 26  Phoenix Open incorporating Masters GP5 - but this is only 1 week after the Matti Tikka...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

"You can run, but you can't hide."  Iliya Djukic ASADA  D.C.O May 21, 2011.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

Thought I'd try something different last night....  Bikram Yoga

Packed class, room was dark and just slightly warm as I entered and found myself a spot.   Few minutes later: lights: On, Furnace setting: Depths of Hell...  An hour and a half of yoga in a sauna.I was praying for it to end... one newbie, not coping too well with the heat tried to leave.  Uh-uh.. no leaving, she just had to lay on her mat and wait.... Showing my total lack of flexibility and balance I muddled my way thru the class and in the end was thoroughly drenched  -  literally it was like I had wet my pants!  Got home for a shower and struggled to get my gym top off, as if I don't have enough trouble getting tops off with my bad shoulder, it was glued to me soaked in sweat!

On the plus side, this morning I felt pretty good and weight was down to 64kg.  Maybe I can persist with this once a week I might actually make my new weight class!

Although.... as far as competing goes, I'm really feeling like Nationals is slipping away.  Tried benching with a shirt 2 weeks ago and it was a disaster.  Worked up to 60kg double raw, put on my training shirt and tried 70kg...  Bah-boww... couldn't lift it - pain shot thru the arm and it was like the nerve had been compressed and shut down the arm.  Tried twice...  failed twice.  Took the shirt off and put on a slingshot and got 2 doubles at 70kg.  My only option may be to do a raw bench at Nationals, bringing my total down by at least 30kg  :-(


Monday, April 18, 2011