Tuesday, November 08, 2011

PA news Issue 19

2012 Preview
The 2012 competition calendar looks to be jam packed with exciting events in what is shaping up to be an astronomical year of Powerlifting.  Here is a sneak preview of key events. Get your training plans in order its going to be a wild ride:
March 30/April 1  Australian Raw Championships
                       Arrow Hotel Melbourne,   
                       + Australian Blind Champs
                       + Masters Open Equipped
July 28 − 29      Australian Open (Equipped) Championships
                      Iron Grip Gym Nth. Sydney,   
                      Open/Junior/SubJ./Masters PL & BP-Only 
December 7− 9  Oceania Champs.
                      Iron Grip Gym  North Sydney  
                      Raw/ Equipped  
                      Open/Junior/ SubJ./Masters PL & BP-Only  

At 6ft.2, 160kg, NFL draft turned RAW Powerlifting Megastar, Blaine Sumner, boasting a 390kg squat, 205kg bench and a 330kg deadlift will be heading down under as a special guest of Powerlifting Australia at the Australian Raw Championships.
Blaine, hailing originally from Colorado, USA, set an NFL Testing Bench Press Record by doing 100kg X 55 reps and is a 5 times National Powerlifting Champion. Dont miss this opportunity to rub shoulders with this colossal performer.

Just beware googling Blaine Sumner (images)  you'll get more than you bargained for :-)

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