Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Lifters:

        Stephen Pritchard - 535.706 pts
        Richard Hozjan     - 531.527 pts        
        Chris Caltabiano   - 523.943 pts        
        Anita Millington    - 450.990 pts        
        Vicki O'Brien         - 450.008 pts            
        Lee-Anne Dwarte  - 448.031 pts

Pipped by   .882 of a point!

Congratulations again to Anita Millington  :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nationals outcome

Squat 160
Bench 90
Deadlift 185
Total 435

Body weight 66.25
Wilks points  450.008
7.5kg squat pb
12.5kg total pb
Australian Masters 1 Total record.
5kg under the elite 1 total  (ie I don't go back on the RTP)

First place Under 67.5kg

Not a bad outcome under the circumstances. 

Last minute inclusion into my weight class was Jeanette Gevers, usually a 60kg competitor, and multiple world champion.  Ohhhh  farrrrk!  But what can you do, I already had my plan worked out with the lifts for what I wanted to achieve.  As Leigh reminded me, this was a battle that's was coming my way, at some point I was going to meet her on the platform and this weekend was it.

Started off badly  was running late from my warmups and almost timed out on my first squat, but was so rushed that I lost balance taking the bar down and rather than face plant into the head ref's lap I came back up out of the squat and was red lighted on depth.  No fear tho', 145kg was easy  and so I bumped the next attempt to 155kg anyway, which with calmer preparation, expert knee wrapping by Damien and a cautious decent I came up with out any problem.  Next attempt set to 160, perfect execution and to be sure I had Buff call my depth, tuned into his voice only, and came straight up as soon as I heard the call.  Beautiful with more in the tank I know!

Plan was just to get a token bench in and if there was any pain I would forfeit the next attempt.  Opened with 85 - all good  .   2nd attempt at 90 got the lift but a little untidy, didn't hurt the shoulder tho' so I went for a 3rd at 95.  Got the lift up but the was a little downward movement just before lockout and so I missed the lift.

Had Buff running my numbers and at this point I was trailing Jeanette by 17.5kg, but I wasn't concerned.

Dropped my opener to 175kg to conserve energy, this would still give me an immediate 7.5 kg lead.  All whites.  Next attempt at 185 to also all white lights and waited to see what Jeanette's next lift was, after she completed he last deadlift the MC announced that that was the gold medal lift - Hahahaha, he should have looked at the score sheet I was already a 5kg ahead ,so my last lift, I could have walked away but I wanted to have another go at the Masters record.  Bumped my last attempt to 195kg, Took my time to set up as soon as I started the pull my hips shot up and I was left with no drive, got the bar off the floor but no way was I going to get it up for a lockout.

And as expected as soon as I got off the platform.....   "Hi Vicki, my name's Brooke. I'm from ASADA and you've been selected for a drug test....."   Ho-hum....

Afterward, a bit of time to relax and watch some of the lighter men's lifting and got to have a friendly chat with Jeanette and play the online ASADA drug quiz.  Although I'd met her briefly at last years Nationals when she want competing, this time I was able to get to know her a little better and she was kewl .  I hope her and her partner Jim are able to make it World Masters and show me the ropes but preferably back in the 60kg class . :-)

Wanna send out a big thanks to Buff and Dave for the expert handling - it makes a huge impact having the right people support you. I know now first hand why Dave recommended Buff, you've gotta have someone getting in your head before you go out to lift.   And to everyone that supported me from ESP both in training and at the comp - guys this win was for you.

GO E.S.P. !!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 8, 2010

What the hell?   Is it really only 2 weeks to Nationals? Surely not!

Still not touching, even shirted, but have managed a 90kg press from a one-board, so my token bench at Nationals wont be a total disgrace (so I keep telling myself).

I need to see where my squat is, perhaps next week.  A couple of weeks back I managed a single 160kg box squat with straps down and no knee wraps.  So I'm feeling good for a 165.

Have no idea about my deadlift :-(  The Titan Velocity  that I urgently got hold of for Masters Nationals is 'too big' although it was meant to be a size smaller than my squat suit....  no way! I'm gonna have to do some adjustment to the legs to keep it in place cos once it moves up, I have no pop out of it at all.  Maybe I should have gone the Metal King Sumo after all.  If I had the money I'd be ordering one for Worlds and maybe then I'd  have half a chance at pulling the World Record. I'll be close but I don't think the Velocity is gonna give me the edge.   

Shame I didnt 'qualify' for one of the three custom deadlift suits that Minh, our local TITAN dealer, had to give away as a promo from TITAN USA         Mega :-(