Friday, June 30, 2006


Benched last night under Shazza'a watchful eye.

Hand was a little sore - felt more like bruising and I guess it didnt really like having a 65kg bar sitting in it. Worked hard on technique again, not likely that I'm going to make big gains before the comp in August, but that's ok - more important at this stage to establish good benching technique. Its harder than it looks. Arched back, bum on the bench, shoulders down and locked in place for the whole movement. Any way, my squat and deldlifts are coming along nicely!

Loads of sets but low reps and these were 'sets of singles' - what I mean by this is that each rep is brought down to the chest and help until the signal is given to press the bar up. So in practice it is what is done at the comp.

When I got home later in the evening, my daughter Leah, who is a Uni student studying nursing insisted that she take me to the doctor as she believed that I would need stitches - and because she wanted to see them being put it - very thoughtful of her huh? So Leah drove to the after hours clinic where the Dr. confrimed her diagnosis. He asked her to check my blood pressure (and then he checked it After he irrigated the wound he was suprised himself to see how deep it really was. Then came the local anaesthetic.... did that ever sting!!!!!! He then proceeded to put in 2 stitches. Leah gave me all the gory details about blood pouring out and the needle getting stuck - after we left thankfully. As the local started to wear off my hand started to ache.... So glad I got all that benching in first!!! LOL

Have a couple of appointments after work and then later tonight off to a BBQ. Shaz suggested I bring my new squat suit - we might have a go at getting it on and I'll take my camera to capture the event.!! hahaha. Will have to make sure I take it easy tonight - have got a big day ahead tomorrow. >>>>>>> Squats @ 95kg.

Oh One last thing...

Note the updated links on the side - linking to my profile on these following sites. site and Karren Sessions Female Bodybuilding site. Also check out Karen's Elite Physique site

Catch you all after the weekend.

Love Vicki xxx

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Travel Travel Travel....

Sent off my entry from to CAPO (Council of Australian Powerlifting Organizations) Have booked my flights and accomodation for the August meet. Head up early on Friday Morning, August 4th. The weigh in starts at 10am and then I'll have the rest of the day to eat 'n' play around Brisbane. Staying at the Mecure, which is where the comp is being held - very convenient! Lifting is scheduled to start at 10am Saturday morning. Getting excited, its getting close now.

6 weeks to go (5 training weeks)
Deadlifts on Monday once again were a breeze . 4 sets of 4 at 120kg - coming up easy. Grip is starting to be a problem - but only for reps.... Partials at 140kg are getting harder - I guess because the full deadlifts are getting heavier so my stamina is starting to wane. Still managed a few reps and sets and set the bar back to 130kg for an extra few partials.

More travel (Sydney).... Heading up to Sydney on the 9th of July for business - training course, have booked flights and accomodation (Sydney Harbour Marriot) very close to where I need to be for the course. Very nice hotel - have stayed there before and its close to the Opera house and Harbour bridge. Some nice restaurants not far from there if I remember right. Back home again in the evening of the 12th. So this shouldnt interfere with my training too much. If anyone can suggest a good gym that is near by to the Marriot please drop me line! Thanks.

Benching tonight... Will be interesting. Had a little errrr 'accident' and cut open my hand. Ok it doesnt look like much but its deep and keeps opening and bleeding. Didnt hurt tho I was shaking afterwards. All I could think was 'I have to bench tonight' LOL. Priorities!! BTW... got my quat suit from INZER and managed to get it on - well it took more than 20 minutes and I didnt quite get the crotch all the way up - prabably could have with a helper or two - and I broke into one hell of a sweat doing it, but it was on!! Damn hard (and painful) to squat in - Good!! So now I know it fits and I dont have to send it back, I'll get into it again this weekend with a bit of helpfrom some powder and see if I can get it up a bit higher. I'll take some pics this time!

Catch you all soon.

Love Vicki xxxx

Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 25th - back at work

My couple of days off work are over. back in the office and the work has piled up..... Never mind it was worth it.

Where did I leave off? Last Wed trained with Shaz - still working on my bench technique - dont have it down pat.... yet! So we dropped the weight back a little to 60kg and concentrated on form. Pushed out 5 sets of 5 reps - very slow, holding and keeping correct form and contraction in the lift. That was when I tried out the large sized bench shirt.... ok so the question has been asked - what is is the bench shirt for.... OK this is a very stiff shirt and lilke the squat suit really restricts your movement so that it actually makes it hard to bring the bar down to your chest, this has the effect of a spring action when you want to press the bar back up. Note in the pic how the arms are being forced forward.... So now I have one of these on my wish list....... (before the August comp too please!)

Went to the movies while I was on leave too - saw 'Click'. I'm not much of an Adam Sandler fan but this movie was quite funny and in some parts quite sad - but overall very entertaining. Makes you wonder how much of our lives we wish away.....

Have taken heaps of new photos and some new clips, need to go thru and sort out what's good, what's not and crop a few - the backdrops are not always that great. Here' one of Titania and me from the other night whenI went over to her place.... More of these pics can be found at the musclefemme website - Use the free registration link and take a tour around the site - more of these exciting pics can be found in the members only section

A freezing Saturday morning down at Blackburn lake for some more pics with my good friend and photographer Bernie, before he heads off holidaying up north with his wife. Will have to wait for him to send the disk thru with the photos before I can share them with you all but he did send thru a little sneak previews - see I told you I've got heaps of new pics coming..... Ok I'm pulling paces because it was soooo cold and starting to rain....

Naughty naughty me..... against Dr's orders I went into the gym on Sat afternoon for a squat session.
Still hurts like all hell for the few few sets - even with just the bar - the amount of weight doesnt seem to matter. After a few good warmup sets racked up to 90kg and blasted thru 5 sets of 5 reps. They felt pretty good in fact. Especially after last week where I felt I was struggling a little at the beginnning..... finished off with some leg extentions and butt blasters..... sore the next day.....

Sunday saw me freezing my (very sore) butt off at Pony Club with my daughter and Mojo - bring on Summer.....

Well have to run for my Dr's appt - se if he'll prescribe some heavy duty anti-inflamatories.... So much more to tell - but another time !

Love Vicki

Friday, June 23, 2006

Where am I???

Havent been posting much the past few days. I'm on leave - just doing a few things at home and enjoying the break.

So where did I leave off.... Went around to see Titania the other night and now I'm being featured on her website I have my alter ego... She-Hulk..... LOL There is a link to the
free registration just over in the right panel.... Titania has uploaded some pics there - a couple in the free section and some more in the private section. I'll be updating the pics there regularly. We also took some fun pics together. What an awesome body - hope you take a tour around her site too. I think Titania has already posted a couple of the pics we took on the website and I'll post a couple of them here also in the next few days....

Also Andy has updated the photo's on my web page at his site. Check the link on the side. Let me know what you think. More photos coming soon.

My new INZER squat suit is on its way - just received a tracking notification from UPS...

Package Progress:

Location Date Local Time Activity

21/06/2006 21:40 ARRIVAL SCAN

21/06/2006 20:14 ARRIVAL SCAN

21/06/2006 19:16 ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 22/06/2006 21:13 Eastern Time/New York Time (USA)

I just love being able to track my parcel.... I'm a little jealous actually - it get to see more of the US than I ever will - LOL. Well, I'll have tonnes of fun trying to get this one on when it arrives - due to hit my office on the 26th. I'll get Shazza to give me a hand to put it on. Will update with new photos then!!

Tried on Steve Brown's rather large bench shirt yesterday - to see what it feels like to bench with a shirt on. WOW - even though it was too big - it still cut into my shoulders and I could feel the benefit. This is another fun item to get on. Lucky this was a large size shirt and Shaz was able to pull the it down without too much difficulty.... but of course all 'bits' were pushed down so she had to put her hand down the front of the shirt to pull those 'bits' back up.... (once you're in that shirt its near impossible to lift your arms...) what a laugh... cant afford to be a prude in this sport! LOL. which reminds me of my first weigh in for powerlifting.... ahhhh another time.....

More updates coming soon.

Vicki xxx

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday Deadlifts....

Quick post...

Fantastic deadlifts last night - once again coming up with ease. 5 sets of 5 reps at 110kg.. Only my grip strength now starting to falter- but thats ok - wrist straps will help when the grip really begins to fail. Partials at 140, getting the bar up off the rack is getting easy but again grip is proving to be a problem - used the wrist straps on the last set and managed an awesome 5 reps. Got some lovely bruises on my knees as a result!! Well thats a small price to pay. Heading towards to 140kg off the floor at a cracking pace!!!

Catch you all soon

Vicki xxx

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ahhh Another weekend over

Friday night basketball – what a game. Madi’s team took down the opposition 78 to 19 – what a thumping!! Then a quiet night in watching a dvd….

Saturday was a different pace all together. Madness sat morning with the rush to get the shopping out the way and a bit of housework – hmmm someone want to sponsor a housekeeper for me? LOL. Afternoon out at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary and some nice pics by the water…

Spent my evening in good company, celebrating a friends 30th birthday, few drinks and good food, but yet another late night - this seems to be becoming a habit lately! Will have to pull that it in soon getting closer to the comp I’m going to need all the rest I can get – training will just be getting more and more intense!

Hmmm now what did I do yesterday…. Short term memory loss…LOL ok yeah that was my day in the backyard… So let me just preface this by saying that I live on an acre block that only a mountain goat could love – yes it really is that steep that some of my friends cars don’t make up the driveway – get the picture!

So you’ll understand that cutting the grass is no mean feat – especially as its too steep for a ride on mower. So I have the next best thing - a self-propelled mower and off I go. Get to the bottom of the driveway to do the nature strip and the mower is shaking all over the place… check underneath and ouch – broken blade. Well, you know I can lift heavy things, but replace mower blades… hmm better leave that to the experts. Oh well its due for a service anyway. Still determined to cut the grass I get the trusty lawn edger out – now there’s a power garden tool - rev that up!! Off to tackle the knee high grass up the back of the block – I’m so glad no one could see me – absolutely covered in grass, revving the motor, looking like some mad hulk from the jungle – ha ha ha! – No, no pictures!! Don’t ask! Felt so good to get in the shower after – grass in places that grass should never be! -Errr no pictures of that either

Up at 2 am this morning to cheer on the Aussie soccerroos, but fell asleep at half time and when I woke they were down 2 nil…. Off to bed.

7 weeks to go. Training tonight Deadlifts - having to shuffle things around a bit – need to bench again with Shaz on Wednesday and leaving squats for as long as possible - Friday will be the test of all this physio! Will have my deadlift report on here tomorrow!

Catching up with my gal pal Titania tomorrow- and will upload some pics of us together. Titania will also feature me on her website and I’ll be a regular visitor there in there forums and galleries.

Big night on the box….
Desperate Housewives
, the return of Greys Anatomy
followed by Boston Legal
(just love William Shatner and James Spader in the show).

Catch you all tomorrow


Friday, June 16, 2006

Just a quickie

About to head off home. No training tonight - just a lazy one on the couch and watch a movie.....

Saw the physio again today. She's happy with my progress and the deep massage into the glute was not nearly as painful as the first time. Wish I could say the same for the ITB massage (the side of the leg) that was just as, if not more, excruciating as Tuesdays massage. I'm sure there was some residual bruising.....

Last night training was spot on. Deadlifts at 105 kg were coming up easy. Not quite so for the 140kg partials that I did following the 6 sets of full deadlifts, but they felt good just the same!! On to some hamstring work and then lat pulldowns.
Overall - Good strong workout !

Have a great weekend everyone.

Vicki xx

Thursday, June 15, 2006

That was a big one...

Hi Everyone

WOW, can’t believe I’m still sore from my squat session on Monday – amazing…. And still sore from the massage - which reminds me I’ll be back there again for some more pains and suffering tomorrow morning!! Ouch!! - - Err cant wait….

So far the week has been a quiet one. Had a good bench session yesterday with Shazza. Up to 67.5kg for 6 reps - pretty tough going for me – this is my weakest lift despite all the compliments that I get on my chest – I’m not that strong at benching. Most of my chest size can be attributed to years of dumbbell work.

Now doing bench – the power lifting way is a totally different technique using back (lats) and triceps with as short a movement as possible.

I have the best coach for this – Shazza is an amazing bencher and holds the Australian record for a single bench press at 140kg – equaling the likes of Bev Francis at the same body weight. More than double what I am able to do – awesome!! This is Shazza Benching (left) and my bench at the Master comp back in March (right)

Slacked off last night - no training. Well I did train yesterday – but it was in the middle of the day. So took advantage of the night off and spent it in the kitchen cooking up a whole batch of meals for the rest of the week.

Tonight - Deadlifts. Having to train a little earlier than I’d like as Madi’s basketball game is an early one tomorrow night – no hope of training. So tonight it is…. Will have to juggle my training next week to. Will try to leave my squat session for late in the week and give this glute strain as much rest as possible.

Andy (Andys Muscle Goddesses) is putting an update to my page so some new pics will be available in the next day or so. I must say Andy has been a wonderful supporter. He does such a great job with the web pages for all the muscle ladies!! Hopefully soon he’ll be able to build a person website for me which will be great! I’ve given him a little clip to add – just trying to get some practice in front of the camera ‘cos Ill need to do these for the website once its up. Photo’s I’m fine with but video…. Just feels a bit weird. Guess I’ll get used to it eventually. Constructive criticism will be most welcome!!

Love ‘n’ kisses


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the suit goes back...

Hi guys..

You all know that I got my new training belt the other day, well along with the new belt came my first squat suit....

Now I know these things are meant to be hard to get into but...... Now I know I ordered the right size..... I'm 150lb and its meant to fit 138lb to 158lb but even with support stafff I dont think I could squeeze my 52cm quads (and that measurment is taken pulling the tape in as tight as I can) into the 38cm opening in the leg of the suit!

Called Inzer fitting and they suggested that I use some old knee high socks with the foot cut out with the idea that pulling the sock up would squeeze my quad and allow the suit to slip up easier.... uh -uh... not a hope.... I could barely get the suit past my knees which measure about 40cm. Also of concern whas that will all this pulling and tugging that the stitching would rip - no problem - if anything happens to the suit its under warranty - well thats a relief - but what happens if I split? The other fearful thought I had was - what if I get this on... and cant get it off? LOL.... hmmmm so back to the Inzer fitting dept again and now after discussing the size of my quads they've suggested I return the suit and exchange it for two sizes up..... of course I have to pay the shipping again..... check on this.... $US 45.00 ouch!!!! yes this is a bit much the suit itself is only $US 42.00 so they kindly agreed to ship it for $US 6.50 which is says on the sticker.... So of it went today..... stay tuned... hopefully I'll have the larger one before the comp in August....

So hows the training you ask.... Deadlifts last Friday, good and strong 7 sets of 7 reps at 90kg. Nice... and didnt hurt my butt! Followed up with some partials (lifting from knee height to upright) at 140kg 2 sets of 4 reps. Now that really targets the traps and lower back. Nicely sore the next day - great!!

Pretty social weekend, Madi had a basketball tournament, so running about to the games spreadout thru the day (they didnt win a single match.... :-( ) caught up with a friend for a late lunch and a glass of red on Saturday afternoon between games. Sunday after the final basketball game in the morning went over to see Shazza's new place and bit of a catch/goss up over a coffee. Later in the afternoon went to see Poseidon - ohhh if you're thinking of seeing it - do yourself a favor...DONT! It was crap! Late Sunday evening of to 'The Room' nightclub to celebrate Shazza's friend Perry's birthday - danced on until almost 3 am.

8 Weeks to go....

Monday - Start of a new week and first up is a big squat session. 6sets/ 6reps 85kg.... a few warm up sets... can still feel the glute medius is sore but I persist because I know it will start to feel better.... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! struggle.... 5 reps - whats wrong with me? only 5 and doing it tough... ok rest and try again.... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! Damn it 5 reps try again..... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! 4 reps - 5th rep the bar rolls off my back on to the guard rails.... what is going on.... check the bar ahhhh well if only I could add up! Its set up for 90kg - now 5kg might not sound a lot - but its the diffrerence between 5 reps and 6 reps.... So start over 6 sets/6 reps at 85kg! Sucess!!

Tuesday - ohhh my quads and butt are sore.... and I have a physio appointment.... sweet torture! She's happy with my progress tho'. Tightness is subsiding and greater range of movement and the massage thru the glute is not so painful. Then she decides that the side of my leg from the knee up needs to be massaged into submission - the most excruciating pain - now I'm not normally a wimp when it comes to this kind of thing but I couldnt beleive how painful it was to have this massaged - I broke out in a sweat from the stress! All in a good cause I guess.... back for more punishement on Friday - WOW I wonder if she does remedial massage ' cos that's one hellava lot of pressure she used...!!!

Easy one tonight.... Bi's, Tri's and Abs...

Catch you all soon

Love Vicki

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gluteus sore-us

Hi Guys

Well the physio has determined that I have strain my gluteus medius. This particular little muscle in
the side of the hip is responsible for hip adbuction ie rotating the hip in and out. So it makes sense since this is under a lot of pressue when I'm sqautting as it has to keep my knees out from the hip and not allow them to roll in. The remedy... well massage was first on the list, so she got stuck into it hard with her elbow - owwwwch. But you know what - as much as it hurt it felt good too! Its very tight was she remarked... we'll its not the first time I've been called a tight arse... LOL.

Next on the list to get this healed are some stretching movements targeting the gluteus and and then once its healing I'll need to get into some strengthening exercises like side leg raises. Feel much better now that I have a plan and it doesnt involve not training!!

Also had myself booked in for a remedial massage for an hour late last night - ohhh I love nothing more than a massage - ok so remedial is a bit painful but it s feels ohhh so good after. Back, shoulders, lower back, glutes and then over for a bit of chest and delt work too. I could lay there forever while someone massages my back.... mmmm almost in dreamland just thinking about it.

OK - back to reality. back in the gym tonight - deadlifts are on the menu 7 set of 7 reps after a good couple of warmup sets. Will be putting the new belt to the test again tonight - and getting myself a few new bruises I imagine - but hey - I'm tought enough! LOL

Long weeekend coming, Madi's got a basketball tournament, so I'll be playing taxi driver and catching up with some friends again. Possibly partying Sunday night at 'The Room' Another friend of Shaz's having a birthday so watch out for some more party pics. Here are a couple more from last weekend....

OK and just to prove that, yes, I really did compete - Here's on from the last comp I did back in mmmmm 2002?

New toys....

You just gotta love a sport that allows a gal to accessorize! LOL

Here 's the new belt that came the other day - requiring assembly! Love the color! Have some awesome bruises on my ribs now because the belt is so stiff - but feels great to put some pressure on it for lift. Great with the quick release too - once the bar is racked (put back) just a flick and belt releases and I can breath....

Standby for upcoming pics of me attempting to put on a squat suit.... coming soon.... LOL

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mid week blues....

Hi guys,

I was hoping to get an update done late last night but having so much trouble wth my internet connection last night - as always seems the case from home - couldnt even hold up a decent conversations on msn. Then this morning this site was down for an update too..... Talk about frustrating....

Computer problems aside, last night was squat night and I was really looking forward to getting under the bar for a big session with the my new belt that arrived just the other day from Inzer in the US. But with one thing and another I ended up leaving the city late and got caught in the damn peak hour traffic! :-( Now anyone that knows me will know that I hate having my routine messed up so getting home an hour late was setting up for bad night..... If it wasnt for the up coming comp in August I probably would have just thrown my hands up and not gone training. However, a plan is a plan and so late or not I went off to the gym still excited about christening the new belt. In with a few warm up sets and ouch.... trying get deep on the squat and sharp pain in the right hip joint as I get down low. Now this is something that I aggrivated a few weeks back and probably could do with a little more rest but after a few sets the pain subsides. I'll get it looked at - today if I can - by a physiotherapist. Gotta look after this fine body! LOL Could do with a massage too - any volunteers!?!

Someting I ate didnt agree with me either, by the time I got to the gym I wasnt feeling the best and putting on the new belt (and tight) wasnt helping and I broke out in a sweat after the first full set in the squat rack.... not going well tonight. Took my time and finished all the required sets for my training but decided against doing the extra bodybuilding work that I usually would do. ie leg press, extentions and some specific glute work and headed home.

Lucky for me, Leah had already cooked dinner and I was able to relax and later veg out in front of the telly again - Prison Break this time - another of the 'do not disturb' TV shows. LOL. Catch you all again soon.

Love Vicki

PS. Just got my appointment with the physio... yay! now for the massage....

PPS. I want to publicly thank Dave for his many email suggestions for topics etc - actually he pointed me to this site to start a blog.... I think he'll be drawing a wage soon as my PR guy!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets get started then....

Out on the weekend, party time..... had a absolute ball at Shazza & Kathy's combined birthday party at the Market night club. So many powerlifters and bodybuilers in one place - you'd almost think there were was a comp. Went along with my party gal friend Christine - we had a couple of pre-party drinks at my place... The theme for the party was black, fetish, feathers n fluff - which made for some very intersting outfits and a bit of traffic stopping getting from the car park to the night club! Shaz (who is my PowerLifting coach) and Kathy were both dressed in pink and looked absolutely gorgeous. Chrissy was able to organize a cute male stripper, at very short notice, to flaunt it all for the birthday girls - what a honey! Nice to see a few familar faces, since I've been out of the Bodybuilding scene for a little while, building on some new friendships and a little flirting!
Home at 4 am - not too bad considering..... and up again at 7:30am for Madi's horse riding event at pony club - ohhhhh.....

Next comp August 5th - 9 weeks out.... Trained last night - Monday is usually bench night, so got in to the gym about 5:30 and warmed up.... 7 set / 7 reps 65kg. My PB is 70kg for 1 rep, so this is starting to get tough - but I just have to step up and get tough too! Needed a spot for just the last couple of reps in the last 2 sets. Not always easy, I train on my own and pretty much keep to myself in the gym... dont want any distractions - this is serious stuff. But... I did have one young guy there that I've spoken to a few times and he was happy spot me. So we got chatting a little between the sets and he told me that I had changed his opinion on women with muscle - he actually thought it looked good! Always thought muscle girls were butch and unfeminine. So compliment in hand and proud to have turned someone on to muscly women being sexy! LOL

Off to do some rear delt work 150 on the pulleys 6 set of 10 with restricted movement - keeping the scapulas pulled in close. over to the dumbells then for some more chest work - 4 sets flat, 4 sets incline maxed at 65lb per dumbell..... really pumped! Finished off the evening with a short and sharp shoulder workout , just a few set of of machine millitary press followed by side raises, by which time I'm pretty out of it and only lifting the 25lb dbells for about 8 reps each set. WOW its 7.30.... where does the time go? Off home...... dinner and then time to relax.... Monday nights... Desperate Housewives 8.40... do not disturb!