Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mid week blues....

Hi guys,

I was hoping to get an update done late last night but having so much trouble wth my internet connection last night - as always seems the case from home - couldnt even hold up a decent conversations on msn. Then this morning this site was down for an update too..... Talk about frustrating....

Computer problems aside, last night was squat night and I was really looking forward to getting under the bar for a big session with the my new belt that arrived just the other day from Inzer in the US. But with one thing and another I ended up leaving the city late and got caught in the damn peak hour traffic! :-( Now anyone that knows me will know that I hate having my routine messed up so getting home an hour late was setting up for bad night..... If it wasnt for the up coming comp in August I probably would have just thrown my hands up and not gone training. However, a plan is a plan and so late or not I went off to the gym still excited about christening the new belt. In with a few warm up sets and ouch.... trying get deep on the squat and sharp pain in the right hip joint as I get down low. Now this is something that I aggrivated a few weeks back and probably could do with a little more rest but after a few sets the pain subsides. I'll get it looked at - today if I can - by a physiotherapist. Gotta look after this fine body! LOL Could do with a massage too - any volunteers!?!

Someting I ate didnt agree with me either, by the time I got to the gym I wasnt feeling the best and putting on the new belt (and tight) wasnt helping and I broke out in a sweat after the first full set in the squat rack.... not going well tonight. Took my time and finished all the required sets for my training but decided against doing the extra bodybuilding work that I usually would do. ie leg press, extentions and some specific glute work and headed home.

Lucky for me, Leah had already cooked dinner and I was able to relax and later veg out in front of the telly again - Prison Break this time - another of the 'do not disturb' TV shows. LOL. Catch you all again soon.

Love Vicki

PS. Just got my appointment with the physio... yay! now for the massage....

PPS. I want to publicly thank Dave for his many email suggestions for topics etc - actually he pointed me to this site to start a blog.... I think he'll be drawing a wage soon as my PR guy!!

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Rimmer said...

What a bummer! That doesn't sound like a good evening - hope the physio can sort you out soon so you can get back to training.
Massage volunteers! Where do I sign? :)