Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 25th - back at work

My couple of days off work are over. back in the office and the work has piled up..... Never mind it was worth it.

Where did I leave off? Last Wed trained with Shaz - still working on my bench technique - dont have it down pat.... yet! So we dropped the weight back a little to 60kg and concentrated on form. Pushed out 5 sets of 5 reps - very slow, holding and keeping correct form and contraction in the lift. That was when I tried out the large sized bench shirt.... ok so the question has been asked - what is is the bench shirt for.... OK this is a very stiff shirt and lilke the squat suit really restricts your movement so that it actually makes it hard to bring the bar down to your chest, this has the effect of a spring action when you want to press the bar back up. Note in the pic how the arms are being forced forward.... So now I have one of these on my wish list....... (before the August comp too please!)

Went to the movies while I was on leave too - saw 'Click'. I'm not much of an Adam Sandler fan but this movie was quite funny and in some parts quite sad - but overall very entertaining. Makes you wonder how much of our lives we wish away.....

Have taken heaps of new photos and some new clips, need to go thru and sort out what's good, what's not and crop a few - the backdrops are not always that great. Here' one of Titania and me from the other night whenI went over to her place.... More of these pics can be found at the musclefemme website - Use the free registration link and take a tour around the site - more of these exciting pics can be found in the members only section

A freezing Saturday morning down at Blackburn lake for some more pics with my good friend and photographer Bernie, before he heads off holidaying up north with his wife. Will have to wait for him to send the disk thru with the photos before I can share them with you all but he did send thru a little sneak previews - see I told you I've got heaps of new pics coming..... Ok I'm pulling paces because it was soooo cold and starting to rain....

Naughty naughty me..... against Dr's orders I went into the gym on Sat afternoon for a squat session.
Still hurts like all hell for the few few sets - even with just the bar - the amount of weight doesnt seem to matter. After a few good warmup sets racked up to 90kg and blasted thru 5 sets of 5 reps. They felt pretty good in fact. Especially after last week where I felt I was struggling a little at the beginnning..... finished off with some leg extentions and butt blasters..... sore the next day.....

Sunday saw me freezing my (very sore) butt off at Pony Club with my daughter and Mojo - bring on Summer.....

Well have to run for my Dr's appt - se if he'll prescribe some heavy duty anti-inflamatories.... So much more to tell - but another time !

Love Vicki

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Rimmer said...

Thanks for explaining what a bench shirt is Vicki! Never knew they existed.
That photo of you in the rain- LOL!
Your arms look fantastic in that "gardening" photo - hooley dooley!
Good to hear you're focussing hard on your training for the Australian Open and keeping your injuries looked after.