Thursday, June 15, 2006

That was a big one...

Hi Everyone

WOW, can’t believe I’m still sore from my squat session on Monday – amazing…. And still sore from the massage - which reminds me I’ll be back there again for some more pains and suffering tomorrow morning!! Ouch!! - - Err cant wait….

So far the week has been a quiet one. Had a good bench session yesterday with Shazza. Up to 67.5kg for 6 reps - pretty tough going for me – this is my weakest lift despite all the compliments that I get on my chest – I’m not that strong at benching. Most of my chest size can be attributed to years of dumbbell work.

Now doing bench – the power lifting way is a totally different technique using back (lats) and triceps with as short a movement as possible.

I have the best coach for this – Shazza is an amazing bencher and holds the Australian record for a single bench press at 140kg – equaling the likes of Bev Francis at the same body weight. More than double what I am able to do – awesome!! This is Shazza Benching (left) and my bench at the Master comp back in March (right)

Slacked off last night - no training. Well I did train yesterday – but it was in the middle of the day. So took advantage of the night off and spent it in the kitchen cooking up a whole batch of meals for the rest of the week.

Tonight - Deadlifts. Having to train a little earlier than I’d like as Madi’s basketball game is an early one tomorrow night – no hope of training. So tonight it is…. Will have to juggle my training next week to. Will try to leave my squat session for late in the week and give this glute strain as much rest as possible.

Andy (Andys Muscle Goddesses) is putting an update to my page so some new pics will be available in the next day or so. I must say Andy has been a wonderful supporter. He does such a great job with the web pages for all the muscle ladies!! Hopefully soon he’ll be able to build a person website for me which will be great! I’ve given him a little clip to add – just trying to get some practice in front of the camera ‘cos Ill need to do these for the website once its up. Photo’s I’m fine with but video…. Just feels a bit weird. Guess I’ll get used to it eventually. Constructive criticism will be most welcome!!

Love ‘n’ kisses


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Rimmer said...

Hey Vicki, it's great to hear your training is going so well even though you have to juggle it around physio and family stuff at times. Keep pushing those benches!
Love both the side chest photos, and can't wait to see what video you have for us!