Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the suit goes back...

Hi guys..

You all know that I got my new training belt the other day, well along with the new belt came my first squat suit.... http://www.inzernet.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=02_ZSUIT#

Now I know these things are meant to be hard to get into but...... Now I know I ordered the right size..... I'm 150lb and its meant to fit 138lb to 158lb but even with support stafff I dont think I could squeeze my 52cm quads (and that measurment is taken pulling the tape in as tight as I can) into the 38cm opening in the leg of the suit!

Called Inzer fitting and they suggested that I use some old knee high socks with the foot cut out with the idea that pulling the sock up would squeeze my quad and allow the suit to slip up easier.... uh -uh... not a hope.... I could barely get the suit past my knees which measure about 40cm. Also of concern whas that will all this pulling and tugging that the stitching would rip - no problem - if anything happens to the suit its under warranty - well thats a relief - but what happens if I split? The other fearful thought I had was - what if I get this on... and cant get it off? LOL.... hmmmm so back to the Inzer fitting dept again and now after discussing the size of my quads they've suggested I return the suit and exchange it for two sizes up..... of course I have to pay the shipping again..... check on this.... $US 45.00 ouch!!!! yes this is a bit much the suit itself is only $US 42.00 so they kindly agreed to ship it for $US 6.50 which is says on the sticker.... So of it went today..... stay tuned... hopefully I'll have the larger one before the comp in August....

So hows the training you ask.... Deadlifts last Friday, good and strong 7 sets of 7 reps at 90kg. Nice... and didnt hurt my butt! Followed up with some partials (lifting from knee height to upright) at 140kg 2 sets of 4 reps. Now that really targets the traps and lower back. Nicely sore the next day - great!!

Pretty social weekend, Madi had a basketball tournament, so running about to the games spreadout thru the day (they didnt win a single match.... :-( ) caught up with a friend for a late lunch and a glass of red on Saturday afternoon between games. Sunday after the final basketball game in the morning went over to see Shazza's new place and bit of a catch/goss up over a coffee. Later in the afternoon went to see Poseidon - ohhh if you're thinking of seeing it - do yourself a favor...DONT! It was crap! Late Sunday evening of to 'The Room' nightclub to celebrate Shazza's friend Perry's birthday - danced on until almost 3 am.

8 Weeks to go....

Monday - Start of a new week and first up is a big squat session. 6sets/ 6reps 85kg.... a few warm up sets... can still feel the glute medius is sore but I persist because I know it will start to feel better.... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! struggle.... 5 reps - whats wrong with me? only 5 and doing it tough... ok rest and try again.... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! Damn it 5 reps again......rest... try again..... Under the bar belt on, wraps on.... go! 4 reps - 5th rep the bar rolls off my back on to the guard rails.... what is going on.... check the bar ahhhh well if only I could add up! Its set up for 90kg - now 5kg might not sound a lot - but its the diffrerence between 5 reps and 6 reps.... So start over 6 sets/6 reps at 85kg! Sucess!!

Tuesday - ohhh my quads and butt are sore.... and I have a physio appointment.... sweet torture! She's happy with my progress tho'. Tightness is subsiding and greater range of movement and the massage thru the glute is not so painful. Then she decides that the side of my leg from the knee up needs to be massaged into submission - the most excruciating pain - now I'm not normally a wimp when it comes to this kind of thing but I couldnt beleive how painful it was to have this massaged - I broke out in a sweat from the stress! All in a good cause I guess.... back for more punishement on Friday - WOW I wonder if she does remedial massage ' cos that's one hellava lot of pressure she used...!!!

Easy one tonight.... Bi's, Tri's and Abs...

Catch you all soon

Love Vicki


Rimmer said...

Damn that suit looks good! Could you move that blue thing out of the way so I can get a better look at it? :P
Sounds like you had a great weekend and are training hard. Go Vicki!

Paul Taylor said...

Maybe you can cut the legs off and make it into some funky short-short blue dress!!!

Keep pumping Vic!