Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another day

Tuesday night squat session, not quite as planned. Maybe its the colder weather but my hip as sore as its ever been. Struggled thru just 4 sets of 3 at 90kg. Lockouts were not so bad, pin height 24, so still only a fairly small movement bringing the hips forward. Then finished with some bottom partials in the smith machine.

Benched last night, worked up to a 3 rep max with my inzer shirt - just to see what it was like. No dumbell presses this time.
Tricep press down 120lb x10 x5
Dumbell press across chest 25lb x8 x4
Rope Face pulls 80lb x 10 x4
Lying pulldown 80,90, 100 & 120lb x8

Then home and traded a 'hair dyeing' for a foot massage with Madii. Which uncovered a lump under my foot - which now after being prodded is quite sore!

Joined up to Genesis for 6 months after negotiating a deal - Oracle corp price and some gifts, and extra week on my trial membership and delayed my start date until I return from leave in July. Then I will have an 'assessment' and they will devise some cardio plan, I assume, to help me lose the 5 kg for October's Nationals. That's the plan anyway.

Louise, if you're reading this, I'll email you my opinion on Genesis shortly, now that I've been there for a few weeks!

Had A chiro appointment today with Andrea Bisaz, who I saw last year when my hip first started playing up... He's moved to 1 Queens rd in Melbourne, really handy, just around the corner from work! so walked over there this morning and he adjusted my shoulder - his diagnosis also irritated shoulder capsule - shoulder not sitting in the socket correctly, so between his adjustments, physio exercises and massage I hopefully will get this problem sorted out.

That's it - night off training tonight. Deadlifts tomorrow. Should finally be able to finish reading Underbelly:The Gangland War.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Winter Solstice

Yay - the shortest day has passed. Roll on longer days!

Worked from home today - one of the perks of being in IT I guess. After the farrier came last week and removed Mojo's shoe he was confined to the 'Jenny Craig' paddock and so he's had to be hand fed and Madii and I put a poultice on his hoof. Today Anthony came back and put the shoe back on - hoof abcess hopefully dealt with.

Friday night did a killer hamstring workout.

Good mornings up to 60kg for 8 reps x 4 sets,
Speed deadlifts with 80kg and the green jump ban.
Hypers with a 20kg plate 8 x 4 sets,
Deep leg press up to 170kg 8x4 then
back to 100kg for 4 more sets of pause/push reps.

All ok 'cos I'm not back under the squat bar until tomorrow night. My hammies are still tight tho!

Into my last week at Genesis and I've been getting txt messages, snail mail offers and phone calls. One of the personal trainers there, Madi (Madelaine) is doing her best to make me a good offer to take up a membership there. So far I've not lost any weight from the cardio but I think taking the time to stretch when I'm there is certainly having some benefits. And lets face it, its the only chance I get to do stretching, honestly, when I get home after training, shower, make dinner etc the last thing I want to do is stretching.... i just want to unwind from the day have a latte and veg out watching some inane television programme.

No training tonight, R&R before the big squat session tomorrow night at Doherty's

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Been back to Melbourne Sports Medical centre getting treatment for my dud shoulder. The diagnosis I believe is a tight / restricted shoulder capsule, so my shoulder is not sitting in the socket properly - hence the pain and weakness thru the arm. Massage and stretching excerices - so far seem to be helping. Managed to press 65lb dumbells for 6 reps, after having warmed up on 45lb and 55lb respectively. Incline press gave me a little more pain so settled that at 50lb only. No chance of overhead pressing yet.

Still managing to get to the gym at lunchtime, except when I have to go to physio - like today. But as today was my day of weight training, I headed into Definition for a 40 minute stint on the stepper.

Not much else to report - Mojo lame again, Farrier coming out on Thursday to check for a hoof abcess. Time for bed, I'm bugggered.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NOT a morning person

Long weekend spoiled by being oncall - and getting called out all day...
Thankfully pager finished on Sunday night at 8pm - an hour over due to getting paged 3 times fifteen minutes before the end of my shift.

No sleep in Monday tho'. Leigh wanted me to squat early, so instead of our usual 7pm session I was up at 6.30am and in the gym by 8.30am. Training in adverse conditions or some such... yawn. He did take it easy on me - sort of.

5x5 @70kg
3x2 @ 90kg
lockouts 165kg pin height 25 5x3
hack squat partials continuous to failure 4 sets

Post workout Latte in Brunswick st - needed that!

Legs sore by the evening - must have been the hack squats

Cardio today on the stepper at Genesis - late didn't get there until after 2pm. Tonight Bench press - close grip 62.5 5x5 is the plan.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cardio o' cardio

Have been making a regular appearance at Genesis during lunch and cardio'ing away. Dont think I could ever get motivated to train there tho'. Doesnt quite have the atmosphere - but great for the cardio. Oodles of machines - treadmills, steppers, bike etc.

I had hoped they would have yoga classes. I really enjoyed them when 'what's her name' used to come in and take classes twice a week (if I remember her name....) Anyway they have a couple of pilates classes but only one at a time that suites me and I'm not into the spin or bodypump thing. I'm sure its good - they have a reasonable size class from what I saw - just not for me tho'.

Squatted last night at D's. Still working on depth and slowly increasing the weight. There is no point adding a load of weight to the bar if I'm going to squat shallow so I have to be patient. As Leigh says, its about longevity and so I'm taking my time to build a better foundation for the future.

Not that the future is looking that great for CAPO with no comps in Vic this year and the National committee stepping down. Rumour has it that some dill is trying to sue after injuring themselves at a comp a few years back. I dont think anyone wants to take on an official role in light of being legally responsible.... so I hear anyway.

Tonight = benching. Close grip seems to be working and the stretching and rehab stuff is kicking in. Last week I was able to flat press 55lb dumbells for 8 reps - was not a problem with the weight but previously even the 25lb dumbell would make my shoulder scream - like a nerve being pinched or something and causing weakness down the tricep. Will have a go at the 60lb dumbells tonight my bench work.