Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Been back to Melbourne Sports Medical centre getting treatment for my dud shoulder. The diagnosis I believe is a tight / restricted shoulder capsule, so my shoulder is not sitting in the socket properly - hence the pain and weakness thru the arm. Massage and stretching excerices - so far seem to be helping. Managed to press 65lb dumbells for 6 reps, after having warmed up on 45lb and 55lb respectively. Incline press gave me a little more pain so settled that at 50lb only. No chance of overhead pressing yet.

Still managing to get to the gym at lunchtime, except when I have to go to physio - like today. But as today was my day of weight training, I headed into Definition for a 40 minute stint on the stepper.

Not much else to report - Mojo lame again, Farrier coming out on Thursday to check for a hoof abcess. Time for bed, I'm bugggered.

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