Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 2011


Under the straight bar at last!  Reverse band box squat, worked up to3 doubles at 140kg.  Sheesh the bar bites tho' into  the trap on my operated side - I guess I'm holding the bar unevenly as the right side has no mark at all.

Its so damn raw I think I'll have to deadlift this Friday morning instead of doing speed squats.

Wed morning bench  - another good session 3 sets of 10 reps at 40kg - tried 50kg - 1 rep :-(
Will try 3-board on Saturday just to feel a heavier bar weight.

Results from Raw nationals are up on the PA website, great that Tim was able to get them up so quickly and the livestream test went  really well - definitely a goer for future comps.


Tuesday  - arrived just before 5pm in order to do a longer warmup for the shoulder.    Slow presses with varying grip width - sadly only the bar still and its difficult :-(  Cleans are feeling ok  and I worked up to 40kg,. I'm reasonably happy with that as its enough weight to feel the movement and practice technique.  Too light and I just curl the bar, too heavy and I messup the technique.  Anyway at 40kg I cleaned and then did 5 front squats for 3 sets.  Still no snatching. Finished with 60kg pulls.

Starting this week I'll be training twice a week, Tuesdays AND Saturdays.  Later in the year I might talk to Rob about making it 3 times a week.

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Powerlifting Australia will trial live streaming from the first Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships on Saturday March 26th!

The 105kg+ categories and medals ceremonies will be streamed live. To follow the action all you have to do is click the link below at 5.30pm on Saturday March 26th (Australian Eastern Time) :

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Made my return to weightlifting last week!  No snatches, no jerks, just some light cleans, bar presses and high pulls.  Felt good! Felt real good!  Will head over to Phoenix again tonight and then from next week should be able to up the pace to 2 times a week.

Bench is going to be a slow recovery, strength just inst there and its sooooo frustrating.  Tested my max at the weekend  - 40kgs -  Forty lousy kilos. sigh........   I'm not looking good for an appearance at Nationals  :-(

Squat is coming up nicely tho'. Regaining strength. Max squat Monday morning saw me under the cambered bar with reverse bands and half suit  - gotta love reverse bands!  60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 140x3, 150x3, 160x2

Bit disappointed with my assistance work. Rack pulls against bands.  All was going well until I put the final big bands on and it was a no go....   previous best (pre surgery) was all bands on plus  a 10kg plate.  Definitely room for improvement. there.  Maybe next week I'll do a max deadlift test.....   Will discuss that with the physio tomorrow...  about maxing out that is.

Big weekend coming up.  Not for me actually but the lifting community in general.  PA Raw Nationals on Saturday, PA Vic State titles (ughh unable to defend my title...  boooo)  CAPO have their state titles also on Sunday and this weekend is the Weightlifting club championships being held in QLD.  Unfortunately due to the PA comps and not being able to be in two places and once I wont be able to watch Rhys compete in the CAPO comp.  Would really have liked to have been there to cheer him on....   Hmmm Still in two minds really about which comp to go to....   At least the weightlifting is out of the question being interstate! :-)

I've got my weight down to 64.5kg now and from tomorrow I'm going to try out a 4 day cutting program to see if I can drop down to 63 by Saturday morning.  Perhaps if I ask nicely one of the refs will let me jump on the comp scales...

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 10, 2011

Slow and steady...  hmmmm...  about sums up my progress - to  me that is., but Greg Hoy doesn't agree.
3 month post op review and Greg is happy with my shoulder, range of motion expectation was 75% but looks to be around 95% and strength is good, by his expectations... Not good enough and not happening fast enough for me tho' and after discussing the residual pain I have, he ordered some further intervention for the shoulder.  Mild stiffness but excess needs he wrote on the referral to Victoria House....   Actual diagnosis "mmmm, probably some adhesive capsulitis"

Training wise, things are on the up...  Allowed myself to suit up for squats on Monday - Max effort (?)  Cambered bar 120kg - 3 doubles.  Cant believe how heavy it felt... erghhhh.  Next day thought I'd broken some ribs. legs fine... ribs hurt!

Bench on Wed morning with Rhys and Kirby,  moved my grip in and doing high reps (as reminded by Kirby), pressed 30kg for 20 reps, 35kg for 15, reps and back to 30 for another 30reps - next day felt like a bodybuilder - sore pecs  (LOL)  

Physio appt this week and I have some new tangled web of theraband exercises to do.  Simon would prefer that I wait a little longer before starting back with overhead lifts.  I need to develop a little more strength/stabilization first, these new theraband exercises should help do the trick.  Plus some more 'advanced' stretching  behind the back  Progress is good.

This morning: Speed squat 100kg. Each set felt better than the previous:

Can see in the video that my left shoulder/arm placement is different to the right - but actually it looks better on the left....  ???  

It was great training with the crew again earlier in the week.  So much more motivated than training alone. Tomorrow I'll take a crack at some board presses.  Wooo!  Starting to feel like a powerlifter again!