Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 2011


Under the straight bar at last!  Reverse band box squat, worked up to3 doubles at 140kg.  Sheesh the bar bites tho' into  the trap on my operated side - I guess I'm holding the bar unevenly as the right side has no mark at all.

Its so damn raw I think I'll have to deadlift this Friday morning instead of doing speed squats.

Wed morning bench  - another good session 3 sets of 10 reps at 40kg - tried 50kg - 1 rep :-(
Will try 3-board on Saturday just to feel a heavier bar weight.

Results from Raw nationals are up on the PA website, great that Tim was able to get them up so quickly and the livestream test went  really well - definitely a goer for future comps.


Tuesday  - arrived just before 5pm in order to do a longer warmup for the shoulder.    Slow presses with varying grip width - sadly only the bar still and its difficult :-(  Cleans are feeling ok  and I worked up to 40kg,. I'm reasonably happy with that as its enough weight to feel the movement and practice technique.  Too light and I just curl the bar, too heavy and I messup the technique.  Anyway at 40kg I cleaned and then did 5 front squats for 3 sets.  Still no snatching. Finished with 60kg pulls.

Starting this week I'll be training twice a week, Tuesdays AND Saturdays.  Later in the year I might talk to Rob about making it 3 times a week.

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