Friday, March 11, 2011

March 10, 2011

Slow and steady...  hmmmm...  about sums up my progress - to  me that is., but Greg Hoy doesn't agree.
3 month post op review and Greg is happy with my shoulder, range of motion expectation was 75% but looks to be around 95% and strength is good, by his expectations... Not good enough and not happening fast enough for me tho' and after discussing the residual pain I have, he ordered some further intervention for the shoulder.  Mild stiffness but excess needs he wrote on the referral to Victoria House....   Actual diagnosis "mmmm, probably some adhesive capsulitis"

Training wise, things are on the up...  Allowed myself to suit up for squats on Monday - Max effort (?)  Cambered bar 120kg - 3 doubles.  Cant believe how heavy it felt... erghhhh.  Next day thought I'd broken some ribs. legs fine... ribs hurt!

Bench on Wed morning with Rhys and Kirby,  moved my grip in and doing high reps (as reminded by Kirby), pressed 30kg for 20 reps, 35kg for 15, reps and back to 30 for another 30reps - next day felt like a bodybuilder - sore pecs  (LOL)  

Physio appt this week and I have some new tangled web of theraband exercises to do.  Simon would prefer that I wait a little longer before starting back with overhead lifts.  I need to develop a little more strength/stabilization first, these new theraband exercises should help do the trick.  Plus some more 'advanced' stretching  behind the back  Progress is good.

This morning: Speed squat 100kg. Each set felt better than the previous:

Can see in the video that my left shoulder/arm placement is different to the right - but actually it looks better on the left....  ???  

It was great training with the crew again earlier in the week.  So much more motivated than training alone. Tomorrow I'll take a crack at some board presses.  Wooo!  Starting to feel like a powerlifter again!

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