Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

It takes a special kind of madness to get up at 5.15am drive 40mins to training and squat 100kg.  What's worse I was kinda excited to be doing it.  I wonder how excited I'll be in the middle of winter?  Character building...?

I am so much a creature of habit.   I arrived at work, starving and under caffeinated, so satisfying those needs was primary. Satiated I headed off to the shower, if not for the insane stinging when the water hit what were previously callouses removed by the deadlift bar,  it would have been quite enjoyable to stand under the hot running water.  Fed, clean and dressed....  ready for bed......  if only!  Well that is (was) the normal evening routine. train, eat, shower, bed.....   Now approaching 3 in the afternoon and a nanna nap is on the cards when I get home.   Zzzzzzzzzzzz


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

Weighed in at 67.45 kg - just scraping into the 67.5 class.....

My opening squat 137.5 felt good, came up easy, but no lift - depth. Next attempt 145, and this time I tried the dip hard at the bottom, no lift - depth.  Third attempt was to be 150 but facing elimination and having not successfully squatted 150 before  I erred on the side of caution and went with 145 again - Good lift - phew (benefit of doubt went my way...)

Bench press, first attempt 90kg, shocking handout, I didn't have control of the bar and it was dumped on me, so I needed the spotters to catch it and hand out again  - recovered ok and it was a good lift and my first PB of the day!  yay.  2nd attempt 95kg.  Misgrooved the lift - no lift. 3rd attempt, was going to be 100, but pulled it back to attempt 95 again.  Pressed it out without a problem....  well maybe a slight problem, bum off the bench - no lift.

Now, I'd like to bag the guy who did the lift out but I'm not going to because he had the balls to come up after the comp and apologize  - he's just new and I think it was pretty damn gutsy of him to come over and apologize.  No hard feeling, but I'll kill him if he does it again :-)

Finally up to the deadlifts  - my pet lift.  I might add at this point I was trailing behind Jasmine by about 7.5 kgs....  Opened on 170, too easy.  2nd attempt 180, again this came off the floor no problem.  Pumped up for a third attempt and a potential PB 190kg - bah-bah...  Not close enough to my shins, back rolled over and there was no way it was coming past mid shin.  Didn't want to try pulling with my back, as I've done in the past, not with Masters Nationals just 4 weeks away, so I let it go.

All up still a very successful day, 145/90/180  for a 415 total, which is a 7.5kg improvement on my best total last year AND....


Well done to Jasmine too, the newest  Southern PLC lifter who is snapping at my heels with her 387.5 (?) total and only her 2nd comp.

After the comp, I spotted the black agents  (ASADA)  and went over to say hello to Ilija the Doping Control Officer (DCO). Bit of a giggle 'cos I spotted him a couple of weeks earlier at the VWA when I was watching a weightlifting comp, he spotted me too!  As it happened I was in a hurry so I took off quickly without saying hello. I wasn't chancing being notified for a drug test....   :-)   Anyhoo, so comp's over for me and I'm taking my bag out to the car and I notice that there are no female chaperone's with the DCO, so I did  a song and dance in front of him about not being able to be notified la la la and so he sic'd one of his male chaperones onto me saying I AM being notified.  I thought he was joking, the chaperone didnt know if he was joking or not but Ilija kept saying I was being notified.  Boooooo! 

So, yes, I've joined the Victorian Weightlifting Association and I'm training at Phoenix Weightlifting Club in Oakleigh twice a week under the guidance of Robert Kabbas, a past Olympian.  Started out as an idea to help with my squats and deads but technique is so different that I'm not so sure now.  More importantly tho', I'm really enjoying it. I'm training with light weights for the moment trying to grasp the techniques because now that I've tried it I want to compete....  Plus, as an added bonus, its mobilizing my shoulders, they haven't felt this good in ages!