Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where’ve I been???

Well I’ve been laid up – SICK. So unlike me, I don’t get sick, I’m always so healthy!

This all started last Tuesday, when I work up with a slight sore throat but didn’t think much of it. Tuesday night hardly slept but still went to work on Wednesday. Trained that night at Genesis as a guest of one of Titania’s musclefemme members. We trained together, biceps and some back work, although I was feeling a little under the weather, still a good session. Always a bit strange training in an unfamiliar gym….

Thursday, totally floored, stayed home, throat so sore, couldn’t swallow anything, fever, aching all over….. No training!!! Same on Friday, no work -- no training! Saturday, with the help of cold and flu caps I started to feel a little better and even got out in the garden and planted the azaleas and fairly lights that I’d bought the week before. The weeping cherry arrived on Thursday, so I planted that one also and mulched the garden beds. (Check out my progress pics) I think I over did it tho, that night back to square one feeling like crap again. Sunday forecast was for some wild weather, wind and rain. My brother, Mark, had dropped off his car the night before so that I could take the float out again. Headed out at 10 am with Madi guiding me back to the float to hook it up. Got it in one go!! Champions!! Off we set to my brother’s place, really getting the hang of towing now. Mark installed the new taillights on the float but still couldn’t get the right indicator to work, it was blowing a gale and the rain looked ready to set in when finally we noticed a junction under the float and this is where the wire was loose. Got it all sorted just before the rain set in. Drove back up to the paddock and Madi fetched Mojo. Usually Mojo can be a bit difficult to get on a float, so we showed him that we had some yummy ‘show torque’ in the feed bucket, which is a grain mix with molasses – looks so good we could eat it ourselves – actually Madi and I tried it… its not as nice as it looks, but Mojo loves it! So when he saw that Madi was walking onto the float with a bucket of show torque, he went straight on!! Drove around for a good half hour, wow, really notice the difference with a 600kg+ horse onboard. The Float was pushing the car down the hills and pulling it back trying to get up the hills. Very careful going around the corners knowing that Mojo was trying to keep his balance in the back and when we pulled up at the lights he moved around a bit, to get himself balanced, well the whole car moved. So I’m ready for the big road trip on Thursday.

Back in the office this week, on a Windows training course and next week when I return I’ll be on another training course RAC on Windows…. Fun! Doped to the eyeballs with cold and flu tabs trying to get thru this. Somehow I think my plans to run in the fun run on October 8 may have gone out the window…. We’ll see how I am after I get back from Flinders!

Love Vicki


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New pics

Had a great workout in the gym last night, despite starting to come down with something - woke up with a massive sore throat yesterday morning...

Anyway, still trained last night - speed bench or dynamic bench, what ever you want to call it. Sets of 3 reps, fast, one breath at 60% of my 1 rep max.. Warmed up with a few
light sets then 8 sets of 3 - fast! Harder than it sounds as you have to keep your form, shoulders have to stay on the bench, back held tight, pretty much only using triceps. Wanted to follow that up with floor presses but someone was already entrenched in the squat rack - I'll be glad when George gets another squat rack! Instead I did dumbell press on the bench, palms facing into my body and pressing up - again this is a tricep movement. 45lb dumbells for 10 reps, 55lb -> 8reps x 2 sets 60lb -> 4-6 reps x 4 sets. That was followed up with tricep press down working from 100 to 140 in 10 lb increments min of 6 reps and at 140 I did 4 sets. Next was face pulls again increments of 10 starting at 90 up to 130 with 10 reps in each set - except the last one - only 6 reps.... Finished of with rope pulldowns for abs and then incline situps....

Felt good when I got home so I got out the camera a snapped few pics.... I haven' gone thru them all yet but here's a sample...


Monday, September 18, 2006

Correct weight!

Friday night arrived at Webby’s just on 5pm
– was I ever keen to step on those scales having starved all day! Another competitor was already there to weigh-in. Poor guy missed his mark by almost 2 kg. Well at least he could weigh in again tomorrow – but he was quite stressed about it. He wanted to re weigh again later that night. I didn’t think it possible to lose that much in such a short time. I felt so bad for him. I was next on the scales, 67.3 – made with 200g to spare! LOL cutting it fine!!! As I was leaving I suggested that the guy come back with me to my car as I had some laxatives in my bag – for emergency use – doing a sly drug deal on the side of the road…. LOL (apparently he did go back that night to weigh-in again – after running and sweating it out in the sauna – and he made it!!)

Easy day Saturday, usual domestic stuff, grocery shopping, laundry etc. Caught up with a friend for lunch and a coffee - nice and relaxing! Then off to the comp at 5pm. Big crowd at the gym, Titania was there with you new whiz bang camera taking photos of all the action. Maria Barba was there too and just the two of us competing in the women’s division - she’s got her benching down pat…and has managed a 10kg increase in the bench over the past 12 months – great work! Maria benched a PB of 82.5kg to take out first place. I opened on 70kg – got that easy. Then missed my 2nd lift at 75kg – just wasn’t locked tight. So my 3rd lift was going to be 80 but I wussed out and attempted 75 again – and got it. A little disappointed at not breaking my PB however a txt message the next day from Shaz way over in South Africa put it all in perspective “Not to worry babe, all about the experience xxx” Watched some awesome lifts from the novice guys - well done to all of the 28 competitors there on the day and especially to one of Ange Galati’s sponsors Wayne Howlett of Extreme gym who came over from Tasmania to compete – check out his website http://www.xtremegym.com.au/

Gave Titania a lift home after the comp, great chance to catch up. I would have stopped in for a bit but I got a call from Leah wanting to know if I’d be home before she left for work that night – something sounded a bit strange so I thought I should hurry on home.

For all the competitions I have ever entered there is no reward that comes near what happened when I got home. Waiting for me were my two beautiful girls with a card for me – a thank you, for being the best ever Mum and a box of hand picked chocolates (they know me well) – so totally unexpected!! I was just humbled by their gesture. After Leah had gone to work and I had taken Madi over to Erica’s house I came home and discovered that not only had Leah cooked dinner for me but the girls had folded all the washing and vacuumed the house while I was off at the comp. I’m so lucky to have such gorgeous girls!

Up at 7:30 Sunday morning, drove down the street to the car park – ok I’m still a little lazy….. And off for a 5k round trip jog up to the servo to get the Sunday paper. The time for a little work in the garden. I started this project out the back in January this year, when I had some holidays from work and managed to get quite a lot done, bluestone path and steps, pebbles, retaining wall etc… but then lost momentum when I had to go back to work… then winter set in and training for comps and the nationals…. Well the project got a little neglected, as you’ll see from the photos. So yesterday go stuck into cleaning it all up ready for planting, weeding and spraying roundup. It was a hard workout, putting my back into pulling up the weeds, working those glutes as I squatted up and down, Check out the progress photo’s!! Impressive if I do say so myself. I bought a few plants and even a weeping cherry tree, which will go in the corner – it has to be delivered – too big for my little car! When I’ve got it done I’ll update with some more pics. Absolutely buggered by the end of the day – slept like a rock!! In much need of a massage today so made an appointment today calves, hammies and back. I knew my hammies and calves were tight and sore but ohh ahh my back was so knotted lumps and bumps everywhere – need to be a little more regular with my maintenance.

Ancillary training tonight, bi’s abs and lots of stretching. And I want to get Dirks ok on my Westside plan. Lets see what he has to say about my ideas…. Lol.


Vicki xxx

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today’s the day – weigh in is at 5pm. This morning on the scales tipping between 67.3 and 67.4 - need to be under 67.5. Only a latte and piece of vegemite toast for breakfast. Worried that fluctuations throughout the day may tip me over or if Webby’s scales are weighing differently to mine….. Well tonight will tell…

Have my Haighs chocolates ready, 3 latte truffles, 3 whisky truffles and a block of peppermint crunch (yeah I know, I usually go for the coffee crunch) just for a change. Of course once I have a couple of the truffles I wont want any more… always the case that I want what I cant have. Then off for dinner at the coach & horses, a local Ringwood pub – I think its been renovated? Well I’ll see tonight.

The day is dragging, went out for a walk at lunch, looked so nice from my window seat here on the 6th floor. Didn’t stay out too long, the wind was fair off the ice caps!! Meetings again this afternoon – Blah blah….. Can’t get focused on it. Especially after yesterdays disaster meeting. We’re having bit of ‘sea change’ here – new reporting structures. I am losing one of the better managers that I have here in a long time, and I’ve had a few here. New manager, Calum, will be the 10th in almost 11 years. Anyway we have this new management strategy, matrix management, spaghetti management if you ask me, every one reports to multiple managers either direct line or dotted line responsibility. Matrix management? Yeah I think its called that after the movie - because all off us plebs we’re like living batteries running the corporation. So, yesterday we’re having a update with our ‘dotted line’ manager over in Europe, Dominique, discussing how our role here should not be impacted by this change, like this hasn’t already happened, and that our new manager, Calum, being imported from the UK will have responsibility for two conflicting teams when he arrives in 6-8 weeks - GPS and BDE (ahhh great, not!). I tried so hard to keep my mouth shut, given that one of my indirect managers who was sometime ago my direct manager and now is my new managers manager, was in the meeting with us. More managers in this meeting than technical staff…. Well, Once he started on about how GPS will not influence BDE’s priorities (clarification here: BDE is where I escaped to from GPS many years ago), I could not keep quiet anymore and let forth with how it was already happening, from being directed to work on specific issues to ordering my colleague to be on call this weekend – when we already have someone rostered! Ughhhhhh. Thankfully Dominique acknowledged my concerns and added that my UK colleagues had raised the exact same issues already. End of meeting… Vent mode = off. Thanks for listening.

Today I promise to keep quiet…….. really….

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Love Vicki xxx

PS - Thanks to the guys who have volunteered their services as photographers, once I'm feeling more like a living person again we'll work something out - Plus I need a tan.....

Friday, September 08, 2006

I am Woman, Hear me roar

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman

You can bend but never break me
'cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul

-Words and Music by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton

Am I good or what? Towed the float for the first time and managed to back it up onto the nature strip when I returned. I'm ready for the trip to Flinders... Well actually I'll have a another practice run towing the float before then. Easier than I expected. Dont know why everyone at pony club makes such a fuss about it.

Had my riding lesson on the weekend at DARC, Pretty slow one - just a couple of jumps - mostly theory followed by the most boring dressage lesson I have ever had. The instructor was ahhh 'not pleasant' Mojo was being a pain too -
throwing his head all over the place and slipping the bit under his tongue - which made for an unpleasant ride. Relaxed a little after the ride with a glass of wine and a chat, then rode home again. Funny how he behaved really well on the way home!

Trained with Shaz on Thursday afternoon. Benching - correcting my technique which has slipped over the past few weeks. Not terribly happy with my performance - I expected more of myself! 70 kg felt unusually heavy and uncontrolled. Have to admit my triceps were a little sore, couldnt figure out why - then I remembered, yesterday I had told Andrea that I have been getting some pain in the elbow joints and so he massaged both my arms - very hard.

Sunday - Hawks Vs Mornington. Very tight game, both teams playing well and kept within 2 points until half time. Unfortunately for us, Mornington were just too good on the day and beat our girls by about 12 points. Final position - 4th on the ladder. The the end of the basketball season for this year. Madi's not to keen to take up again next year - we'll see in a few weeks if she still feels the same.

Caught up with Shaz breifly at the BBQ at her place - a little under the weather from partying the night before - no sympathy from me - self inflicted pain!! LOL Then had to rush home and pick up the girls to head over to my sisters for dinner with her and Dad. Yummy roast dinner! Roast beef - my favorite.

Not too lat a night as we all have early starts Monday. Leah is off for her clinical rotations - part of her training as a nurse. Madi is on 'City project' at school which involves getting into places of interest around the city in small groups and answering project questions.

I'll be off to my last bench session this week shortly - no more before the comp. So better wind up and get his published. Sorry no new pics. Promise to have some soon tho' (any budding photographers out there??)

Love Vicki xxx

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slack weekend

Hawks lost on Friday night but they’re still in for a challenge to 3rd place. One more game to play this Sunday. Then the season is finally over for the year. Madi can retire injured… Bad fall in the 2nd half of the game, came down heavy on her right elbow, bruised and swollen, we’ll keep any eye on it over the next week – there is a small possiblity that she may have chipped the bone.

No training over the weekend - spent most of my time catching up on all the things around the house that I’ve neglected for the past few weeks… you know minor things like cleaning…lol Went to the movies on Saturday night – You, Me and Dupree. Ok I guess, but if you havent seen it, my advice is wait until it comes out on video.

Unexpected houseguest over the weekend. Leah’s boyfriend Dean, was keeping a very special container of curdled milk in his bedroom in preparation for muck up day at the end of the school year… well it exploded in his bedroom didn’t it. All over the new carpet and over his bed. Apparently the room stunk! So while his room aired out… we had a guest!

Had Jo over Sunday night for dinner and afterwards coffee, homemade passionfruit yoyo’s (yes I was very domestic for a change) a gossip and OUCH waxing. Lucky for me Jo being a Beautician. I get special treatment being waxed at home - still just as painful - but at least it can be tempered with a glass of wine... Actually she’s looking for a career change and so also studying nursing – same a Leah. They can share homework notes!

Back in the gym last night for my session with Dirk. Spent the hour discussing the various aspects of Westide technique and how to create and use a template for the 3-week training cycles. Very interesting and informative, however I was sent off with homework to do! HOMEWORK! I have to put together in an excell spreadsheet, a four day program for myself, using what I have learned, which I have to present to Dirk for approval and them implement for the next 3 weeks. Since I have the benchpress comp in just 2 weeks I wont start the new program until after the comp. This will give me a bit of time to fine tune it. Next time Dirk will show me a few more different exercises that can be used in the program since it has to be changed every 3 weeks. Quick workout after… just some heavy good mornings, single leg squats and some ab work

Shaz is off to South Africa on Spectember 16. The same day as my comp - - so I wont have her there for support. Off on an exciting 10 day trip, checking out diamonds for the import business her and Chris Duffy have set up. Bit of a fact-finding mission… what an interesting place to go. Having a bit of a get together at her place on Sunday, although some juggling will be required… I also promised to have lunch at my sisters this Sunday as I didn’t get to see Dad on father’s day last weekend. He and Maureen went down to the beach house. Plus there’s the Hawks match on Sunday too which we don’t know what time it will be until later in the week.

Managed to get out for a run today in the early afternoon. I’m progressing well, can now get part theway up Anderson st hill before I need to walk (heart rate at this point being about 177 – just a bit high !!) Definitely need to get out more than once a week - hard this week tho’ carrying the P1 pager for work. I’m confident of making the 7.5k fun run. Fortunately I have the support of a couple of running friends that have offered to do some training runs with me over the next few weeks. I wonder sometimes if I take on too much. I mean, well really, at what point do you know its too much? I’m enjoying it all at the moment so I keep plowing on.

Busy week ahead, training tonight, chiro tomorrow followed by dinner with a new friend (one of Shazza’s clients), Thursday training bench with Shaz, gotta get this technique right for the comp. Friday training on my own, Saturday DARC (horse riding) and Sunday – well I’ve already explained about my dillema for Sunday! Somewhere this weekd I’d like to schedule in a massage… What was I saying about taking on too much? LOL


Vicki xxx

Friday, September 01, 2006

Semi finals

Well it’s Friday again. Basketball - another late game and another do or die match. Will we still be in the finals after tonight?

Tuesday night worked on my bench technique and speed 8 sets of 3 fast reps on 65kg. Probably this is a little heavy for trying to achieve speed. So I’ll need to review this a little more. Ived booked myself a training sesison with Dirk - who knows all about westside training techniques, for next Monday evening. I want to use this session to put together a program from allthe theory that I have learned about westside. I’m really looking forward to this session.

Chiro Wedneday after work – so no training this time – just went home and relaxed.

Dentist again on Thursday morning so I worked from home for the rest of the day. Last nights training was 5 sets of goodmornings (after a few warmups) quite heavy and only 3-4 reps per set.

Since I the basketball game is so late I’ll be able to train before the match – and will do some tricep work – specifically for the bench. Bench press comp in just two weeks - coming up fast.

Not much else on this weekend, might try to catch up with some friends and perhaps take the float for a drive - without Mojo - just as a practice run... :-)

Have a good one....

Vicki xxx