Friday, September 15, 2006


Today’s the day – weigh in is at 5pm. This morning on the scales tipping between 67.3 and 67.4 - need to be under 67.5. Only a latte and piece of vegemite toast for breakfast. Worried that fluctuations throughout the day may tip me over or if Webby’s scales are weighing differently to mine….. Well tonight will tell…

Have my Haighs chocolates ready, 3 latte truffles, 3 whisky truffles and a block of peppermint crunch (yeah I know, I usually go for the coffee crunch) just for a change. Of course once I have a couple of the truffles I wont want any more… always the case that I want what I cant have. Then off for dinner at the coach & horses, a local Ringwood pub – I think its been renovated? Well I’ll see tonight.

The day is dragging, went out for a walk at lunch, looked so nice from my window seat here on the 6th floor. Didn’t stay out too long, the wind was fair off the ice caps!! Meetings again this afternoon – Blah blah….. Can’t get focused on it. Especially after yesterdays disaster meeting. We’re having bit of ‘sea change’ here – new reporting structures. I am losing one of the better managers that I have here in a long time, and I’ve had a few here. New manager, Calum, will be the 10th in almost 11 years. Anyway we have this new management strategy, matrix management, spaghetti management if you ask me, every one reports to multiple managers either direct line or dotted line responsibility. Matrix management? Yeah I think its called that after the movie - because all off us plebs we’re like living batteries running the corporation. So, yesterday we’re having a update with our ‘dotted line’ manager over in Europe, Dominique, discussing how our role here should not be impacted by this change, like this hasn’t already happened, and that our new manager, Calum, being imported from the UK will have responsibility for two conflicting teams when he arrives in 6-8 weeks - GPS and BDE (ahhh great, not!). I tried so hard to keep my mouth shut, given that one of my indirect managers who was sometime ago my direct manager and now is my new managers manager, was in the meeting with us. More managers in this meeting than technical staff…. Well, Once he started on about how GPS will not influence BDE’s priorities (clarification here: BDE is where I escaped to from GPS many years ago), I could not keep quiet anymore and let forth with how it was already happening, from being directed to work on specific issues to ordering my colleague to be on call this weekend – when we already have someone rostered! Ughhhhhh. Thankfully Dominique acknowledged my concerns and added that my UK colleagues had raised the exact same issues already. End of meeting… Vent mode = off. Thanks for listening.

Today I promise to keep quiet…….. really….

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Love Vicki xxx

PS - Thanks to the guys who have volunteered their services as photographers, once I'm feeling more like a living person again we'll work something out - Plus I need a tan.....


Lori-Ann said...

you look great!! All the best:)


Pierreb said...

You are Absolutely Delicious !