Monday, September 18, 2006

Correct weight!

Friday night arrived at Webby’s just on 5pm
– was I ever keen to step on those scales having starved all day! Another competitor was already there to weigh-in. Poor guy missed his mark by almost 2 kg. Well at least he could weigh in again tomorrow – but he was quite stressed about it. He wanted to re weigh again later that night. I didn’t think it possible to lose that much in such a short time. I felt so bad for him. I was next on the scales, 67.3 – made with 200g to spare! LOL cutting it fine!!! As I was leaving I suggested that the guy come back with me to my car as I had some laxatives in my bag – for emergency use – doing a sly drug deal on the side of the road…. LOL (apparently he did go back that night to weigh-in again – after running and sweating it out in the sauna – and he made it!!)

Easy day Saturday, usual domestic stuff, grocery shopping, laundry etc. Caught up with a friend for lunch and a coffee - nice and relaxing! Then off to the comp at 5pm. Big crowd at the gym, Titania was there with you new whiz bang camera taking photos of all the action. Maria Barba was there too and just the two of us competing in the women’s division - she’s got her benching down pat…and has managed a 10kg increase in the bench over the past 12 months – great work! Maria benched a PB of 82.5kg to take out first place. I opened on 70kg – got that easy. Then missed my 2nd lift at 75kg – just wasn’t locked tight. So my 3rd lift was going to be 80 but I wussed out and attempted 75 again – and got it. A little disappointed at not breaking my PB however a txt message the next day from Shaz way over in South Africa put it all in perspective “Not to worry babe, all about the experience xxx” Watched some awesome lifts from the novice guys - well done to all of the 28 competitors there on the day and especially to one of Ange Galati’s sponsors Wayne Howlett of Extreme gym who came over from Tasmania to compete – check out his website

Gave Titania a lift home after the comp, great chance to catch up. I would have stopped in for a bit but I got a call from Leah wanting to know if I’d be home before she left for work that night – something sounded a bit strange so I thought I should hurry on home.

For all the competitions I have ever entered there is no reward that comes near what happened when I got home. Waiting for me were my two beautiful girls with a card for me – a thank you, for being the best ever Mum and a box of hand picked chocolates (they know me well) – so totally unexpected!! I was just humbled by their gesture. After Leah had gone to work and I had taken Madi over to Erica’s house I came home and discovered that not only had Leah cooked dinner for me but the girls had folded all the washing and vacuumed the house while I was off at the comp. I’m so lucky to have such gorgeous girls!

Up at 7:30 Sunday morning, drove down the street to the car park – ok I’m still a little lazy….. And off for a 5k round trip jog up to the servo to get the Sunday paper. The time for a little work in the garden. I started this project out the back in January this year, when I had some holidays from work and managed to get quite a lot done, bluestone path and steps, pebbles, retaining wall etc… but then lost momentum when I had to go back to work… then winter set in and training for comps and the nationals…. Well the project got a little neglected, as you’ll see from the photos. So yesterday go stuck into cleaning it all up ready for planting, weeding and spraying roundup. It was a hard workout, putting my back into pulling up the weeds, working those glutes as I squatted up and down, Check out the progress photo’s!! Impressive if I do say so myself. I bought a few plants and even a weeping cherry tree, which will go in the corner – it has to be delivered – too big for my little car! When I’ve got it done I’ll update with some more pics. Absolutely buggered by the end of the day – slept like a rock!! In much need of a massage today so made an appointment today calves, hammies and back. I knew my hammies and calves were tight and sore but ohh ahh my back was so knotted lumps and bumps everywhere – need to be a little more regular with my maintenance.

Ancillary training tonight, bi’s abs and lots of stretching. And I want to get Dirks ok on my Westside plan. Lets see what he has to say about my ideas…. Lol.


Vicki xxx

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