Monday, February 26, 2007

Pretty damn sore

Well I would be disappointed in myself if I wasn't!. Have some nice bruises, abs, knees hips, inner thighs...... Lower back is very sore after the failed 165.5 attempt. Still, a week to get over it and then back training. Wont be out running until later in the week either.... all I want to do is sleep!

Here are some pics from the comp. Once youtube is back up I'll try posting some clips.

Squat 130kg (286lb)

Bench 75kg (165lb)

setting up the deadlift
attractive sport isnt it? 140kg (308lb)

80kg (176lb) bench
See the ref,Tegan, checking my butt which is off the bench!

What is it about powerlifters and butt watching?

Junior Girl
Another Junior Girl

Big guy!! Big arch!!

Jason (who I met squatting with Webby)

Big lift for a young girl!

Junior Mens

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A new state record

What a day. Up at 7.30 for a small breakfast, just 250g of cooked porridge and a latte - need the caffeine hit! After hitting the sauna last night I weighed in this morning at 66.8kg. 700grams under. Phew..... Finally I can eat and drink. Brought along some steamed chicken and rice and washed it down with a coffee flavored protein drink.

Both my girls came along - official photographer Leah - LOL. Was happy to see Leigh had come along to watch the comp also. As I found out he's a world champion competitor, having competed in the World Police and Fire games. So what Webby said about him have a wealth of knowledge certainly would be true! I'm impressed! Had a little chat with him after the comp. Told him that Webby had given me his number to contact him about squatting.... Apparently Webby had given my number to Leigh.... So we'll be in touch. Shaz said he was very impressed with my lifting.

So.... Let me prefix this by saying that in the MASTERS division 40-44 under 67.5 I currently hold all 3 records, squat, bench and deadlift from my first masters comp last year. So all the lifts today I did today are record breaking in the this division. The records that I mention below relate to the OPEN under 67.5 division.

First up is the squat, opened on 115kg easy. 2nd attempt 130kg easy (and an open state record!! Previously 125kg held by Shazza) 3rd attempt 140kg I went deep enough but couldn't get back up. As this was a record attempt I was allowed a 4th attempt at 140kg - failed again this time I did get it up but was not deep enough. So I know I have 140kg in me.

Next the bench press. Opened on 75kg - easy. 2nd attempt 80kg, very slow but I got it up after what felt like an eternity. Unfortunately 2 reds. One for lift my butt off the bench (damn it) the other for moving my foot - it slipped a little along the floor. Ref suggested to chalk the bottom of my shoes next time and Bazza suggested that I put my feet out wider to keep my butt down. 3rd attempt at 80kg - straight out no lift. The previous attempt wiped me out. Never mind, I know I can get 80kg! didn't bother with a 4th record attempt - better to save myself for the deadlift.

Deadlift - opened on 125kg - easy! 2nd attempt 140kg and again - easy! I planned to do 150 for my 3rd attempt but Shaz talked me into putting in for 155kg. And I got it!! This is 10kg over my gym PB and 20 kg over my RAW attempt back in November last year. Ecstatic about this lift!! my best for the day! Shazza then talked me into having a go at her OPEN state record of 165kg. So a 4th attempt at 165.5kg. I got it off the ground but had not set up well for this last attempt and tipped forward and had no way to bring it up! But I know I'll get this one at the State Open title at the end of April.

Bit of a shame I was the only masters competitor but there were two junior girls and a couple of junior guys, plus they were running a novice bench press comp - so a few competitors opted to only do the bench press this time. Still, for me, its not the trophy or the first place, its breaking records, my own personal ones and of course the state records. That is what drives me.

I'll be uploading some pics on Monday after I've sorted thru the hundreds of shots Leah took - and weeding out the pics she took of the guy she thought was cute, and if I can figure out how to do it I'll put up some clips as well.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Comp Eve

Walked into the city yesterday - steamy and humid, not at all pleasant with the lump in my shoe - this is not a good thing!. Found KOKO Black, another chocolatier that I've been meaning to try and bought a couple of chokky truffles - for later....

Today, no lunch with the boys down St Kilda Went and sat over the road in the gardens with Hannibal for 1/2 an hour. Found a nice grassy spot (yes there are still a few here and there), read a chapter, watched some runners making it all look so easy (sigh) and just enjoyed the sun. Such a beautiful day, could easy have fallen asleep out there.

Back in refrigerator I mean office... called up Chris the Podiatrist, and yes he took my call - lol. Explained that the lump in the shoe was quite painful, so I am to remove it and we'll go back to a more gentle build up with foam, just need to drop the orthotic in and he'll make another adjustment - We'll keep doing this until we get it right. I'll have to get this done *before* I got for a run next week.

Shaz called to see how my weight was and how I was feeling.... She'll meet me at Mike's Gym about 12ish. Then she told me her news.... An opportunity has arisen for her up in Sydney and also she's met this gorgeous guy from up there, which is just icing on the cake!! Nothing firm yet, just something that she is thinking about.... If she takes up the offer then I'll have to find a new handler for the upcoming comps. At least I'll have somewhere to stay if I ever go for weekend away.

Sauna tonight, just to make sure. I want to be able to eat a decent breakfast and *still* be under 67.5kg. Thanks everyone that has called and sent messages to wish me all the best. I'll post the results over the weekend.

Vicki xxx

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I feel good, I knew that I would......

The Bath

Ok - a few bubbles....

Well maybe more than a few.....

Weight this morning 67.5 kg. Nice! The hot bath would have dehydrated me a little and only having a latte last light has helped the weight come down. Might be good to do this again Friday night before Madi's game - another late one at 8.40pm. If there's any grief sat morning with my weight I can always go for a quick sauna at the local pool.

More nice latte art!

Calves are sore from the massage, right hip and itb too.... and my left delt (sore to touch). Chris made some more adjustments to my shoe to yesterday after my massage, removed some of the unnecessary padding and has inserted a 'lump'! Feels like a boulder in the shoe, so I am wearing my running shoes at work today and tomorrow to see how it is - so far my big toe is not suffering, but the 'lump' is very uncomfortable. I have to call him with my assessment of the 'lump' tomorrow afternoon, however I think the real test will be next week when I start running again.

Since I have my shoes on I'll go for a wander at lunchtime.... either around the tan or into the city.

Leah has her first 'real' job interview this morning with Vic Police - a temp job for 3 months - clerical. She wants to go back to uni next semester. Would be good experience for her if she gets it. Fingers crossed. Good luck sweetie!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another short sharp session.

Started benching at 40kg concentrating on technique only and correct set up under the bar. Used the squat boots as suggested by CasuallyMe and it seems comfortable. Might help more when I'm shirted. Anyways... benching loaded another 10kg, a few more sets, another 10kg, so loaded nicely at 60kg and 4 sets of 3 reps (reasonably fast pressing). And that's it! no more training this week.

At home, tried installing the 3G software for the internet on the other dodgy laptop, I only bring the work laptop home on weekends. Still have one more machine to install on... "Franki" as in Frankenstein.... this desktop machine is one I put together from other 'dead' boxes we had at work. The girls don't like Franki much.... he's a bit temperamental at times.

Went for my massage at lunchtime. Why do I associate massage with something pleasurable when it's totally not! As Kelly dug in thru my calves she noticed the massive red blisters and so had to explain..... then a knock at the door.... Chris the podiatrist! who was supposed to ring me last week.... so we discussed my orthotic adjustments thru a crack in the door while Kelly moved up to my hamstrings & glutes, which were not as bad as I thought they'd be. Over on my side for the most excruciating ITB and hip massage. Having that part of your leg massaged takes your breath away - and not in a nice way! Finally over to my chest. Now I've never had a pec massage before but with all the difficulty I'm having getting my shoulders back and on the bench I though I'd give it a try. Wasnt too bad, pain wise, but when she got into the front delts - yeeooowww!! the pain radiated down to my elbow and into the back of my hand. I asked Kelly if my delts were very tight and she replied that they weren't too bad, but my pecs were rock hard and that I really need to stretch them more, especially leading up to the comp. Parting advice was to stretch tonight and apply heat. So I might relax in the spa again - without the bubble bath this time!

Wandered past Haigh's on the way back to the office.... well not exactly past..... 200g coffee crunch, 2 latte truffle, 2 whiskey truffles, I violet cream, 2 frogs (for the girls) and a Bilby for Bane my colleague (its his birthday today). Of course it will be pure voyeurism for the next few days... but once I make weight.... those chokkies will be fair game. Talking of weight - been a bit slack with the ole food diary.. been a bit slack full stop. Still sitting on 68.3kg need to be under 67.5 by 11am Sat...... Looks like I'll be sitting in the sauna!

According to my stars, today I am supposed to have a romantic interlude - sometime after 6.30pm (how do you like that for specifics!) Fat chance of that happening considering I'll likely be in the bath, hot, cranky 'cos I cant eat the chocolates and sore from the massage. Perhaps I should set the mood, light a few candles, glass of wine (strike that...dieting), aromatic bath oil...... and some handsome mystery man will appear before me..... then I'll scream and kick him in the nuts!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"It's gonna take a lot of work to get the bodybuilder out of you"

Txt message from Webby late in the afternoon suggesting that I ask Leigh about squatting since he has a wealth of knowledge. Webby introduced me to Leigh, a competitive powerlifter last Monday night who was in the gym benching and pointed out his picture on the wall over the squat racks where we were training. Leigh was kind enough to spot me when Webby was spotting Jason. He'll be at Doherty's this evening and he gave me Leigh's mobile no. Replied back that I wouldn't be at Doherty's tonight but I would see if I could engage Leigh in my run up to the state titles in April. I'll get in touch with him after this weekend's comp. Maybe if I'm good he'll help me with the Nationals too!

Short training session at Definition. Both Daniel and John had a go at the car pull on the weekend - in 39c heat! They must be mad!! Warm up squats with just the bar, with Daniel making fun of my new squat boots. "My wife has a hundred pairs of shoes but she's never spent that much on one pair - they're not even sexy!" "What are you talking about - they are DAMN sexy!!'. Loaded the bar to an easy 60kg for 6 fast reps. Loaded another 20kg and settled in for another 6 sets of 4 reps - deep, the first set without the belt and the remaining sets wtih - to practice technique, using the air in mah belly to push against the belt. Asked Daniel to check my depth - All good. Last set dropped back to 60kg again and another 6 easy reps with a decent pause at the bottom. Stripped the bar and time to go home. Daniel said he felt like he was over training because I was leaving the gym before him... LOL.

Easy night, dinner, a little stretching, Desperate Housewives, bed, book, sleep.

Still no sign of the Titan wraps I ordered..... sent an email yesterday. Not holding my breath that I'll have them for this weekend's comp. Pity, but so long as I have them for the April comp.

Massage booked for tomorrow at the Melbourne Sports Medical Centre in Collins St. Will be good to get everything worked out after my last training session tonight.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The weekend in review

Arrived home and found the Telstra package - Yay ! Broadband internet... of sorts! Left it for now and went to the gym. Good workout, Speed bench. Reverse grip bench press at 50kg. John was there to lift of the bar for each set. Nice and strong. Followed up with floor presses 50lb dumbells, tricep presses and over head pully - really working the lats here - pumped. Finished up with supersetting some bicep curls bar & hammer.

Home early enough to install broadband on the lap top - Madi's basketball game was a late one 8:40 and not too far away in Balwyn. Its works - out of the box!! And its fast!
Well anything is fast compared to dialup. However I am on a 1gig plan at the moment so will have to watch the up & downloads (yeah Telstra count the uploads too!) Still, its way fast and if I really need to I can upgrade to the 3 gig plan - at a cost of course.

Late-ish night by the time I dropped Madi at Fi's house... Home alone... bed, book, sleep....


Edit: Deleted section. Served its purpose in purging some uncomfortable feeings which I don't need reminding of.


Off to the movies with Clay in the afternoon. BABEL - very intense movie, 3 stories inter-related - certainly not a feel good movie. Required some concentration and keeping up with the sub-titles but a very interesting movie just the same.

Arrived home and had to take Madi & Fi out to their friends birthday party - stayed up chatting on msn to kill time and went to pick them up about midnight. Sunday so so hot!! Madi had basketball training early and then her and FiMaroondah festival - My 14yo has a better social life than I do - LOL. Too hot to do anything, lay on the bed with the ceiling fan going and just doze......

Jo Turned up around 5.00 - after I had picked up Madi, and dinner was almost ready by when Leah got home at 6.00. D&M's with Jo about the previous day's visit - She wasn't surprised - thinks he's realized just what he has lost. Trouble in paradise for her too, Steve is having trouble finding a job after completing his engineering degree and is taking his frustration out on Jo. She's given him the 'Shape up or Ship out' message and it seems he's taken it and is putting in the effort not the lose her. Good! Jo's a good person, she deserves to be happy after Martin..... Chrissy and Grant are also fighting.....she walked out on him..... lot of this shit going around. This is what I'm not missing.... this is why I am single! and the fact that I have irreparable damage to my LOVE bone.... I cannot physically fall in love, it's officially broken. The LUST bone, on the other hand, I beleive is intact - its just not pointing at anyone - LOL

No run this morning - blisters still not healed sufficiently. Thanks for that coffee Eat'em! Cant chance them rubbing this close to the comp. Starting the taper.... Squatting tonight prolly just 80kg or so for reps, just to keep the legs and hips moving. Tomorrow light benching - practice technique along with the advice from CasuallyMe (pretty much the same advice that Shaz gives me) A massage on Wednesday, Maybe a walk around the botanic gardens Thursday morning or lunchtime (depending on the state of the blisters....)

Updates may be a little less frequent later in the week as I 'hibernate' in preparation for the comp.

Vicki xxx

Friday, February 16, 2007

A valuable lesson

Tried to deadlift in my squat boots. Not good. They tip me forward too much. coped a nasty bruise on the shin as I tried to pull back. Deadlifted in my socks instead. (don't have any pretty pink deadlift slippers )120kg for 3 sets of 4 reps - just for form.

Training went something like this
Drop squats 12 set of 2 rep - 20 sec rest.
Reverse hypers 60kg 3set of 6.
Deadlift 80% 120kg 3 sets of 4
Side deadlift 40kg 3 sets of 6 each side. Should have gone heavier 40kg was too light.
Saxon bends 10lb 3 sets of 10.

Busy evening with Madi having to go down to pony club for C-certificate training. She is being level assessed next month and this is quite a significant level to achieve.Between getting dinner (take out night) and ferrying Madi to and from Pony club I felt like I spent all night in the car.

Trying not to fall into the rose bush ..

Set the alarm for 5.10am to go for my Friday morning run but decided that it wouldn't be wise considering the 2 nasty broken blisters that I acquired yesterday(one on each heel) when I went out to meet one of my coolrunner friends for a latte over at the botanic gardens. Well at least he's taken responsibility for the damage and emailed some suggestions to sort out the blisters.... Might try for a run Monday morning if they've healed but that will definitely be the last opportunity for a run before the comp. Anyway despite lying in bed a little too long pondering run/no run I still ended up in the office at 6.30am thereabouts.... long day!

Speed bench tonight - last 'full' training session
. Madi has Basketball at 8.40 so that gives me plenty of time to train. Quiet weekend, the last for a while I think... Seeing Babel with my movie mate Clay tomorrow afternoon at the Jam Factory Europa. Coffee first - of course, however sans popcorn or icecream for the movie.
Joanne coming over for dinner on Sunday night, girly stuff, waxing, gossip etc. Seems the new boyfriend is already becoming a pain in the butt - ahh true love.

Catch you all after the weekend......
Well maybe over the weekend if the new 3G wireless broadband pack arrives today - If it does I'll be installing it over the weekend and saying goodbye to dial-up Internet! YAY.

Vicki xxx

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blah night

Did nothing last night, sat in my recliner and watched TV, only getting up to make a coffee.... how lazy!
Like the Latte Art? Clever aren't I !?!

Back at Definition gym tonight for my speed squat work. Downloaded a box squat doco from elitefts yesterday, should have read it last night but caught up with Hannibal instead for about 15 mins in bed. Lucky it doesn't give me nightmares - looking forward to seeing the movie!

I was going to reply to CasuallyMe via email - but I'll post it here as it relates to my training / competing and that's what this blog is about after all:

Thanks for the tips Tom, I really appreciate your support and I will try to get photo's and videos's at the comp although I tend to get caught up with everything going on and forget.

I'll put stickem on my shopping list. I bench in my running shoes - its ok at Doherty's the flooring is good, but at Shazza's studio my feet slip badly, but I'll try the squat boots and see if they make a difference to keeping my butt down. At the bench comp last year Bazza was yelling at me every time "get your butt on the bench" "get your butt down" You know... its big enough - it should be still touching the bench! LOL

Third point: bending the bar..... I'm having a hard time getting this. I don't know how it should feel when I'm bending, where my elbows should be etc. Shaz says to let the bar sink (when I'm shirted) when I pull the bar down my shoulders round forward off the bench.

bencher -this makes Shaz really really mad at me! Tuesday night she got mad and threatened to slap me "In POWERlifting the operative word is POWER and you are not using any POWER - Get MAD, get ANGRY. Its YOUR bar, YOUR lift - POWER it up!" So "explosive" is something I need to work on - big time! AND I need SPEED!

Yes, we have to wait for the press call - like an eternity! and wait for a rack call. Same for the Squat - wait for the signal to squat and also wait for rack call, and for deadlift just have to wait for signal to put the weight down. We are also not allowed onto the podium until the call "bar is loaded" and then you have 1 minute to set up for what ever lift it is.

I find that benching is the hardest of the 3 lifts, technique has to be spot on. I've made massive improvements in the past 12 months with my deadlift and squat. Here is my score sheet results from last years masters comp. My first comp ever.

Squat 65.0 75.0 85.0 (85kg=187lb)
Bench 55.0 65.0 70.0 (Failed) (65=143lb)
Deadlift 100.0 115.0 125.0
(Failed) (115=253lb)

My I rep max on these are now squat 130kg (286lb) bench 77.5kg (170.5lb) deadlift 135kg (297lb
). You can see how much my squat and deadlift have increased and my bench has not much improved.

Shaz is wonderful, she really believes in me, that I have it in me to be a big bencher, I just have to get it right. The first week I benched with the shirt, I 'felt' that I had it in the groove. but the past two attempts have just fallen to pieces.

Vicki xxx

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm in Lurve....

Tripped into the city yesterday, ducked down an arcade to indulge in some Haighs and took a different route out to Little Collins street..... and there on the corner, the most magnificent, gorgeous, extravagant shoe shop ever!!!! My heart a flutter! They had boots to die for.... and heels.... ohhhhh I didn't dare look at the price. I just stood there mesmerized... until I was rudely jolted back into reality by someone calling my name. OMG, Nick! I haven't seen Nick in.... ah must be 15 years - how on earth did he recognized me....?? Exchanged some current gossip, who of our old group were still married - none it seems. Even Nick has remarried - showed me pics of the lovely lady in his life. Man, its a small world!

Not happy Jan! Another bad bench session, my technique is just POOR! I cannot bring the bar down without collapsing my arch, my shoulders are coming off the bench and my should blades are spreading across the bench like hot butter. F...! F...! F...! 10 years of benching like a bodybuilder is hard to change - this is going to take a while and I've abandoned any hope of using the shirt in the Master's comp coming up on the 24th. Likely open on 70, 2nd 75 and then PR at 80. Took 120kg over last night and just held it - locked tight for 30 seconds - doesnt sound like very long but when every part of your body is is being squeezed to hold form and you're holding your breath in your belly - it feels like forever! Off to bed last night to do some reading.... put Hannibal down and read Bench Shirt 101

The Squat Boots

Pic of the squat boots as promised - They look great huh? Everything is sore today, my butt, quads, hamies calves... BACK!!! Thankfully a night off - will have to do my "Shazza" homework - rehearsing the bench position until it hurts!!

Vicki xxx

It's ok 2P - I'm just having a lend of ya! As CasuallyMe points out Naked Powerlifting would not be a spectator sport! And yes I will go light, PR and all hell (except on bench).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another PB bites the dust

For 2P's sake I am going to explain to y'all that RAW does not mean 'neked', that when I bench without a shirt I am not topless! and that I do powerlifting not jelly wrestling. hehehehehehe.... hmmmmm?

After some late afternoon stressful phone calls to Ovidio, reception and AussiePost my squat boots were delivered just before I left the office. I'll post a pic of them tomorrow.

Squatted with Webby and the guys again. The boots made me feel much more stable. Worked up to 100kg and then suited up. James very kindly offered to wrap my knees - nice to be waited on - LOL.... Until he started to wrap them - soooo tight, ow ow ow. Quickly try to get under the bar before I lost feeling in my legs, squat and rack! Get the wraps off! Ohhh the rush of blood back to my legs. Then he left and I had to wrap myself again..... Webby suggested wrapping from below the knee and working up - I have always start above the knee.... so gave this a try and wrapped tight as I could myself. This time I managed a PB and unofficially broke the open state record for my weight class of 125kg held by my very own bench coach Shaz by squatting 130kg. Nice lift too, struggled... just. but a confident lift, guess I'll be looking at 135 on the day.

An hour of squatting and I was home in time for Desperate Housewives, dinner already cooked - Children are good for something - LOL. Ahhhh Does it get any better!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nightmares and bad dreams

Don't know if anyone else suffers from these type of bad dreams but when I was competing in body building I had this recurring bad dream before an event that I would be about to go onstage, with no tan, un-waxed and no routine. Well last night I had my first powerlifting bad dream.... I was at the comp with no gear.... no wraps, no suits, no belt and to top it off Shaz wasn't even there - Beyond RAW! Funny thing tho' even in my dream I knew if was just a dream and even said so to Webby... as I withdrew from the comp - Weird one!

Sporty Weekend.

Friday night training, Donned the squat suit to see if if would help with my deadlift at all. Had planned just to do 3's but Dirk suggested I try for a 1 rep max as I wont be deadlifting heavy again before the comp. 130kg for 2 (could have done more but ate late before training so ended up with reflux - nothing like chucking up a bit of stomach acid into your mouth - yuck) 140kg (my competition record) 142.5kg..... 145kg!!!! Not sure if it was legal tho' stopped 3/4 of the way up - don't think it went back down at all and eventually I locked it out - Hard Yakka! Dirk thinks I should should attempt 150 maybe even 155. I think I can ask for a 4th attempt if challenging a record. I currently hold the Vic Masters record at 115kg

Completed half my supplemental work and had to take off..... get Madi to her basketball game. What a great game the girls played. Their first win and convincingly too. 39 - 17. It really came together for them - played like a team, very little dribbling, lots of good passes. Madi scored 5 points, 1 off a foul shot but missed her 3 other foul shots.

Up early at the paddock Sat morning, rode down to the pony club. The Level assesor failed to show, we waited until almost 11am before setting off in teams for the Navigation ride to the Stonehouse restaurant. My team, The Three Amigos: myself, Kerry and Virginia were 3rd to set out with an unknown optimumum time to complete the course and answer all the cryptic quesitons along the way. We arrived 2nd at our destination about 12:30pm, Mojo was pretty tired, dragging his nose along the ground almost. A slight mishap for one of the other teams with Sue coming off her mount, Gus, but otherwise we all arrived safely. Times registered and sheets handed in. First place to...... The Three Amigo's.... Whoo-hoo my first blue ribbon. LOL. After lunch the the skies opened, bucketing down rain, of course just as I was leaving to ride back.... Ugghhh Wet saddle,. like sitting in a puddle. Mojo was not happy in the rain, dancing around, trying to get away from it. Walked him past the road and down onto the track before mounting and took off home. Hot spa bath was the order of the evening, turned on the jets and ooopppss too much bubble bath.... almost overflowing the tub.

Sunday, up early again to get Madi to basketball training at 8.30am, bit stiff and sore.... lower back, inner thighs.. ouch ouch... Left training a little early to be back up at the paddock by 9.45 and tack up Mojo again - don't think he was too impressed at having to work 2 days in a row. Madi and Jess rode down to Pony club together. At the end of the day, hooked up the float and went to pick then both up. Such a good boy, walked straight onto the float, probably happy to be getting a ride home instead of walking.... or was it the bucket of feed Leah was holding in the float?? LOL.

Madi picked up a bunch of entry forms for events over the next couple of months:

Wyena Horse and Pony Club Hickstead and Show Jumping 10 & 11 Mar 07
Metropolitan Show jumping Series 3 Mar 07, 17 Mar 07, 31 Mar 07, 14 Apr 07,

Looks like the weekends are going to be booked up for the next little while!

After such a busy few days I'm glad to be at work to have a rest!

The week ahead:

Tonight - squatting with Webby and the guys again at Doherty's, still waiting for the squat boots. Fingers crossed and praying hard that they turn up today.
Tues - Early morning run at the Tan. Benching with Shaz at Doherty's, Madi's basketball training.
Wed - Rest - This time I will book a massage
Thurs - speed squat at Definition
Fri - Early morning run at the Tan. Speed bench at Definition. Madi's basketball match. George's 50th bash (owner of Definition)

How do I feel right now? : tired

Friday, February 09, 2007

Parcel arrived

Whoo-hoo Suit slippers and Groove briefs.

The groove briefs, what can I say, Bridget Jones eat your heart out. These are really going to win the boys over. ROFL. The leg hole opening is only big enough for my arm to fit in, damn sure my legs were bigger than my arms last time I looked. Okay, now you're all saying 'What the....' putting your arm in the leg hole... does this woman know how to put on briefs?
Hmmm gonna need the suit slippers AND a couple of helpers just to get my undies on!!!

Fingers crossed the squat boots will come in later this afternoon.

Pretty average training session last night. In the gym later than I needed to be..... bugger.

Drop squats 12 sets of 2 reps
Reverse Hypers 60kg 3 sets of 6reps
Deadlifts 80kg 3 sets of 4 (quite light - fast reps)

Had to leave it at that.... Madi was out riding and I was meant to pick her up at the paddock at 7.15pm....

Feeding time at the zoo....

Last nights dinner - take away. Piece of grilled fish
9.30pm coffee
11pm - Bed finally 15mins reading, 2 haighs truffles.......mmmmmmm

Up at the sparrows fart again - really tired, bit slow moving and left home late at 5:50am. At the Tan for my run at 6.15 Added an extra interval to the run today, which saw me run all the way back to Government House drive and then it was a slight decline trot back to the car. Thought it was about time to put a bit of extra effort in.... 4km's on the dot 31 mins. Pace average for the first 3 intervals was 6.40, slowed even more on the last 2 intervals..... All things considered, not too bad a run. 5min run /1 min walk. Cant really push myself any harder with the Masters comp looming. Will get out again next Tuesday and Friday.... after that nothing for the week leading into the comp - except Monday, I'll do some light squats and I think Shaz wants to get in an final bench session. So in that last week it will be just stretching, massage and watching telly.

Feeding continued....

7.00am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.30am coffee
9.30am apple muffin & coffee
12:30 Chicken Pasta (down St Kilda for out regular Friday lunch)
3pm Banana & Peach & coffee

(YAY - 3pm - turn off the pager!!!)

Tonight, Although its speed bench, I'll be doing some heavy deadlifting, work up to a 3 rep max and I'll see how I go doing this with my squat suit on. At least now I have the suit slippers to get it on with. Not sure if I'll try the groove briefs tonight.... maybe over the weekend if I get a chance - just to try them on.

DARC Navigation ride tomorrow, It'll take a little over an hour to get to the Stonehouse, so we should arrive nicely in time for lunch just after 12pm. Looking forward to it....

Catch you all after the weekend

Vicki xxx

Thursday, February 08, 2007

And the week drags on............

Couple of emails in this morning, first one from Donvale Adult Riding Club, hereafter referred to as DARC:

Dear Members & Friends,

Our first rally back is this Saturday the 10th of March. We usually begin with an informal ride to ease us in to the New Year, and 2007 will be no different. We have a couple of things planned for Saturday and would love to see as many riders in attendance as possible. Friends, relatives, children, significant others, parole officers, personal gurus, astral bodies, all welcome!


10.00am Level Assessment
If you have not yet been level assessed as a new member or with a new horse, here's your chance.Please bring your cards, and logs if applicable, and $10.00 for the level assessor... more if you want to bribe yourself in to a lower level.

10.30am Informal Navigation Ride
We plan to have pairs (three's, more?) of riders set off from the club at 10 minute intervals and head off for the Stonehouse in Warrandyte for lunch. The ride is intended to be taken at a walk, with occasional trotting, or maybe a canter in especially good spots, but slowly overall.........

2nd significant email is from UPS. I just love getting parcels..... especially UPS delivered parcels, I love UPS (except when they log a P1 bug and it gets assigned to me....) but overall I lurve UPS. Currently my 'Groovy Baby' Briefs and suit slippers are in Honolulu.... I want to be in Honolulu..... My lucky parcel gets to joy ride around the States, bloody thing should send me a postcard at least.

Tracking Detail

Tracking Number: 1Z 780 517 66 6629 549 4
Type: Package
Status: In Transit
Shipped to: MELBOURNE, AU
Shipped or Billed on: 06/02/2007
Service Type: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Lb

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
HI, US 07/02/2007 8:40 ARRIVAL SCAN
KY, US 07/02/2007 4:37 DEPARTURE SCAN
07/02/2007 4:00 DEPARTURE SCAN
07/02/2007 0:52 ARRIVAL SCAN
AR, US 06/02/2007 22:31 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 21:53 ARRIVAL SCAN
LA, US 06/02/2007 21:08 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 20:26 ARRIVAL SCAN
TX, US 06/02/2007 19:30 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 19:25 ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 07/02/2007 15:12 Eastern Time (EST)/New York Time (USA)

Called Ovidio late in he afternoon to see if my boots were on their way yet.... Ready for posting. Asked if there was any chance they could be send express post.... He doesn't think they'll arrive any quicker so he will try to get them in today's post to arrive by Friday... Monday at the latest. Since they are being shipped to my work address I should have them in time for the squat session even if the arrive on Monday.

No idea about the Titan order - when it will arrive.... but got confirmation of the order. Ordered some Chalk off a website in Brisbane. Locally, Australian Barbell Company sells chalk - but has none in stock at present

Benched at Doherty's under Shazza's instruction. Not happy. Only managed 2 decent benches for the session - out of an hour of benching! 1x80kg raw and 1x100kg partial shirted. The rest were crap form. Of the 4 attempts at 80 only the last one I managed to press without assistance - go figure, the previous 3 I couldn't budge off my chest. My shirted attempts - just pathetic. In hindsight I don't think I was carrying the bar over far enough. In any case, my shoulders were coming off the bench, I wasn't tight enough. Shaz said not to worry about it, that I still did good, but it messes with my head. Will I use the shirt in comp? what if I miss all 3 lifts - I'll be disqualified. Ready to head home... but Shaz insisted that I complete all my supplemental work and set homework for me. Every night lay on the floor and practice bench position, arched, back tight and press.

Supplemental work
Floor Pin Press - close 45kg 3 x10
lying tricep 10kg dumbbell 3x10
Chest supported row - neutral grip 60kg 3x8
Reverse grip bar raises 15kg 3x10
Dumbbell curl & overhead press 10kg dumbbell 3x12

Feeding time at the zoo....

7.00am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2
eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.30am coffee
9.15am coffee
10.00am 1 banana and a treat sized crunchie bar.... yeah I know...... :-(
12:30 - will have some pasta (leftovers from last night...)
3pm will attempt to drink a low cal protein shake (Yuck)

Oh email asking what supplements I take.... currently 3 fish oil, 2x1500mg glucosamine/Chondroitin tabs and my slow release Naprosyn. I would ususally have a Max's recovery protein drink after heavy training but have cut that out (too high in cals at the moment)

Vicki xxx

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mini update & response to comments

I wrestled the secret of how to embed the map from out of coolrunner Gronk - ahhh.... he gave it up so easily! hehehehe......

Trust me Louise - there was NO self control involved. There was only 4 choc almonds left! :-(
BTW.... I have a little sign on my computer screen.... No coffee No workee... and in my employment contact: No payee No weekend workee..... :-)

Casually me.... Tom, Thanks for the link. I checked out the site - whoo-hoo they have deadlift slippers in PINK! Awesome! LOL I haven't done really low box squats yet.... just on parallel. What are pause squats? They sound painful and I like that. ;-)
Jason squatted with his straps down - I didnt ask why, I should have asked why... so why??? Are you going to set up a new Blog? I miss reading your old one! Impressive stats... I notice your squat is better than your deadlift, I love squatting but my deadlift is so far stronger. I guess I'm a bit panicked about my 1 rep max since I haven't done comp squats for such a long time and I want to know where I'm at and if I've improved.

PS. I like the analogies to running and powerlifting in your previous comment. ROFL. But that's me... Unconventional !!

Squat session

Monday evening arrived at Doherty's about 6.45pm which gave me time to set up and get a few warm-ups in. Feeling very tight and sore thru the hips, really need a massage which I haven't booked. James, who remembered seeing me at the Raw Push Pull last year was first to introduce himself and Jason, quite a young guy who has recently switched from IPF to CAPO. Webby arrived and another guy Ash? With James and Ash squatting due to injury it was just the 3 of us. Webby and Jason used the monolift and I was already set up in another rack. Squatted up to 90kg raw. Jason suited up and had these neat suit slippers which he lent me to get my suit on. They are brilliant! So much so that I was able to get my suit on myself - without help! Webby was surprised.... 'You need a smaller suit' he commented. Reality is I should not be able to get it on by myself.

Suited, wrapped (broke a nail, grrrr) and belted.... Webby spotted me thru the heavier sets and James checked my depth - managed 3 - 4 reps at 100kg, 110kg, 2 at 115kg. All borderline depth Attempted a single at 120kg - went down but couldn't power up - well and truly wasted had nothing left in me. Will be back next week to go heavier without doing so many warmup sets.

So what did I learn, tips, hints suggestions?

My knees are rolling in

  • - need to do more abductor work
  • - squatting in runners = NO. Need a solid base, wedge heel (hopefully the squat boots will arrive soon)
  • - stance is quite wide (however this is comfortable for me)
Bar rolling down my back
  • - Try wearing a T-shirt over my crop top
  • - Webby noted every time I get out of the rack I re-adjust my left hand grip - must get grip right before I come out of the rack.
Get longer knee wraps 2.5m.

Try warming up on the bike and do less warmup sets

Home knackered by 8.45pm. Slump in the chair to watch Desperate Housewives and have my last meal of the day - Chicken schnitzel. Treat myself to 4 choc almonds while reading in bed later.....


Up at the sparrows fart..... 5.20 am get dressed for my run, bags packed for work and off.... Legs are not too bad - pretty stiff and swollen behind the knees from the wraps. At the tan around 6.10am. Same route as usual, 25 mins. 3k, 5min run/1min walk intervals. I've plotted it on just need to figure out how to imbed in here. Might have to ask coolrunner Gronk since he's been able to do it in his blog. Here's the link anyway. rivertanrun

Crap day in the office constantly paged. Had to postpone my bench session with Shaz as I had 3 P1 bugs and one of them was just not going to go away by 3pm which I would have needed to leave by to get the bench session in. Finally managed to set the bug back in the customers court by about 4.30pm.

Chalk shortage
Tried various places on the net looking for chalk in block form - plenty of climbing places have it in sock like things
but I want a block..... Cannot get one for love nor money..... If anyone knows of a reliable supplier let me know... please!

Ordered a pair of suit slippers from Inzer along with a pair of groove briefs - Groovy Baby! LOL
Longer knee wraps and wrist wraps from Titan. Why? Because I liked the blue stripe of the Titan ones better than the red stripe in Inzer ones.

Wish list:
Squat suit. Inzer z-suit size 30 or even better Inzer Hardcore size 30
Deadlift suit Inzer Max DL size 30

Anyone wishing to help out a poor struggling powerlifter can order any of the above items off the Inzer website and ship to:
Level 7, 324 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, Australia 3000

Ohhhh just dreaming........... I need a sponsor

Food Glorious Food......

7.15am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
9.00am coffee
10.45am 1 chicken breast & 1 cup cooked rice
12:45pm coffee
2.00pm chicken schnitzel, avocado, tomato
3.00pm coffee
5.30pm Le rice
8pm chicken parma & pasta
9pm coffee

10pm bed, read for 15 mins, 2 haighs truffles.... yummm

Vicki xxx

Interesting piece in 'The Age' newspaper. Sex Spies.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Time to get serious


MIKE’S GYM, Dandenong
45 Brighton Rd, Dandenong. (Melways Map 90, B8)

WHEN: Saturday 24th February 2007
START: 1pm
WEIGH-IN: From 11am on the day
CONTACT: Ian Webb Mob: 0417 361 088

  • Masters (Over 40yo)
  • Junior (20-23)
  • Teenage (up to and including 19yo)
  • Novice and Bench Press Improvement

ENTRY FEE: $20 Members and $40 Non-Members
ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 16th February.

69kg - Tighten the belt, trim the fat, clean up my act, suck it in, suck it up, cut it out......

Confessions of chronic over-eater........
......aka food diary.

6.45am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.00am coffee
9.00am coffee
10.20am 1 chicken breast & 1 cup cooked rice
1.00pm steak and veggies
2.30pm coffee
3.30pm Le-rice (ricesnack) Mango flavored. Mmmmmm

Nothing else to eat until after training - late training tonight too. 7pm start. Will have to tape Desperate Housewives!!