Monday, February 26, 2007

Pretty damn sore

Well I would be disappointed in myself if I wasn't!. Have some nice bruises, abs, knees hips, inner thighs...... Lower back is very sore after the failed 165.5 attempt. Still, a week to get over it and then back training. Wont be out running until later in the week either.... all I want to do is sleep!

Here are some pics from the comp. Once youtube is back up I'll try posting some clips.

Squat 130kg (286lb)

Bench 75kg (165lb)

setting up the deadlift
attractive sport isnt it? 140kg (308lb)

80kg (176lb) bench
See the ref,Tegan, checking my butt which is off the bench!

What is it about powerlifters and butt watching?

Junior Girl
Another Junior Girl

Big guy!! Big arch!!

Jason (who I met squatting with Webby)

Big lift for a young girl!

Junior Mens

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