Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"It's gonna take a lot of work to get the bodybuilder out of you"

Txt message from Webby late in the afternoon suggesting that I ask Leigh about squatting since he has a wealth of knowledge. Webby introduced me to Leigh, a competitive powerlifter last Monday night who was in the gym benching and pointed out his picture on the wall over the squat racks where we were training. Leigh was kind enough to spot me when Webby was spotting Jason. He'll be at Doherty's this evening and he gave me Leigh's mobile no. Replied back that I wouldn't be at Doherty's tonight but I would see if I could engage Leigh in my run up to the state titles in April. I'll get in touch with him after this weekend's comp. Maybe if I'm good he'll help me with the Nationals too!

Short training session at Definition. Both Daniel and John had a go at the car pull on the weekend - in 39c heat! They must be mad!! Warm up squats with just the bar, with Daniel making fun of my new squat boots. "My wife has a hundred pairs of shoes but she's never spent that much on one pair - they're not even sexy!" "What are you talking about - they are DAMN sexy!!'. Loaded the bar to an easy 60kg for 6 fast reps. Loaded another 20kg and settled in for another 6 sets of 4 reps - deep, the first set without the belt and the remaining sets wtih - to practice technique, using the air in mah belly to push against the belt. Asked Daniel to check my depth - All good. Last set dropped back to 60kg again and another 6 easy reps with a decent pause at the bottom. Stripped the bar and time to go home. Daniel said he felt like he was over training because I was leaving the gym before him... LOL.

Easy night, dinner, a little stretching, Desperate Housewives, bed, book, sleep.

Still no sign of the Titan wraps I ordered..... sent an email yesterday. Not holding my breath that I'll have them for this weekend's comp. Pity, but so long as I have them for the April comp.

Massage booked for tomorrow at the Melbourne Sports Medical Centre in Collins St. Will be good to get everything worked out after my last training session tonight.

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