Monday, February 12, 2007

Nightmares and bad dreams

Don't know if anyone else suffers from these type of bad dreams but when I was competing in body building I had this recurring bad dream before an event that I would be about to go onstage, with no tan, un-waxed and no routine. Well last night I had my first powerlifting bad dream.... I was at the comp with no gear.... no wraps, no suits, no belt and to top it off Shaz wasn't even there - Beyond RAW! Funny thing tho' even in my dream I knew if was just a dream and even said so to Webby... as I withdrew from the comp - Weird one!

Sporty Weekend.

Friday night training, Donned the squat suit to see if if would help with my deadlift at all. Had planned just to do 3's but Dirk suggested I try for a 1 rep max as I wont be deadlifting heavy again before the comp. 130kg for 2 (could have done more but ate late before training so ended up with reflux - nothing like chucking up a bit of stomach acid into your mouth - yuck) 140kg (my competition record) 142.5kg..... 145kg!!!! Not sure if it was legal tho' stopped 3/4 of the way up - don't think it went back down at all and eventually I locked it out - Hard Yakka! Dirk thinks I should should attempt 150 maybe even 155. I think I can ask for a 4th attempt if challenging a record. I currently hold the Vic Masters record at 115kg

Completed half my supplemental work and had to take off..... get Madi to her basketball game. What a great game the girls played. Their first win and convincingly too. 39 - 17. It really came together for them - played like a team, very little dribbling, lots of good passes. Madi scored 5 points, 1 off a foul shot but missed her 3 other foul shots.

Up early at the paddock Sat morning, rode down to the pony club. The Level assesor failed to show, we waited until almost 11am before setting off in teams for the Navigation ride to the Stonehouse restaurant. My team, The Three Amigos: myself, Kerry and Virginia were 3rd to set out with an unknown optimumum time to complete the course and answer all the cryptic quesitons along the way. We arrived 2nd at our destination about 12:30pm, Mojo was pretty tired, dragging his nose along the ground almost. A slight mishap for one of the other teams with Sue coming off her mount, Gus, but otherwise we all arrived safely. Times registered and sheets handed in. First place to...... The Three Amigo's.... Whoo-hoo my first blue ribbon. LOL. After lunch the the skies opened, bucketing down rain, of course just as I was leaving to ride back.... Ugghhh Wet saddle,. like sitting in a puddle. Mojo was not happy in the rain, dancing around, trying to get away from it. Walked him past the road and down onto the track before mounting and took off home. Hot spa bath was the order of the evening, turned on the jets and ooopppss too much bubble bath.... almost overflowing the tub.

Sunday, up early again to get Madi to basketball training at 8.30am, bit stiff and sore.... lower back, inner thighs.. ouch ouch... Left training a little early to be back up at the paddock by 9.45 and tack up Mojo again - don't think he was too impressed at having to work 2 days in a row. Madi and Jess rode down to Pony club together. At the end of the day, hooked up the float and went to pick then both up. Such a good boy, walked straight onto the float, probably happy to be getting a ride home instead of walking.... or was it the bucket of feed Leah was holding in the float?? LOL.

Madi picked up a bunch of entry forms for events over the next couple of months:

Wyena Horse and Pony Club Hickstead and Show Jumping 10 & 11 Mar 07
Metropolitan Show jumping Series 3 Mar 07, 17 Mar 07, 31 Mar 07, 14 Apr 07,

Looks like the weekends are going to be booked up for the next little while!

After such a busy few days I'm glad to be at work to have a rest!

The week ahead:

Tonight - squatting with Webby and the guys again at Doherty's, still waiting for the squat boots. Fingers crossed and praying hard that they turn up today.
Tues - Early morning run at the Tan. Benching with Shaz at Doherty's, Madi's basketball training.
Wed - Rest - This time I will book a massage
Thurs - speed squat at Definition
Fri - Early morning run at the Tan. Speed bench at Definition. Madi's basketball match. George's 50th bash (owner of Definition)

How do I feel right now? : tired


2P said...

Might be a bad dream for you.... LOL

Casually Me said...

You will kick ass. I have a feeling there will be PR's across the board. Can you post any videos from the meet? If not take lots of pics for your fans, and yes I am counting me amongst them.

Christine Petty said...

Ok, so I'm not alone here! :) Nothing worse than a naked deadlift, showing your goodies to the world.