Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Squat session

Monday evening arrived at Doherty's about 6.45pm which gave me time to set up and get a few warm-ups in. Feeling very tight and sore thru the hips, really need a massage which I haven't booked. James, who remembered seeing me at the Raw Push Pull last year was first to introduce himself and Jason, quite a young guy who has recently switched from IPF to CAPO. Webby arrived and another guy Ash? With James and Ash squatting due to injury it was just the 3 of us. Webby and Jason used the monolift and I was already set up in another rack. Squatted up to 90kg raw. Jason suited up and had these neat suit slippers which he lent me to get my suit on. They are brilliant! So much so that I was able to get my suit on myself - without help! Webby was surprised.... 'You need a smaller suit' he commented. Reality is I should not be able to get it on by myself.

Suited, wrapped (broke a nail, grrrr) and belted.... Webby spotted me thru the heavier sets and James checked my depth - managed 3 - 4 reps at 100kg, 110kg, 2 at 115kg. All borderline depth Attempted a single at 120kg - went down but couldn't power up - well and truly wasted had nothing left in me. Will be back next week to go heavier without doing so many warmup sets.

So what did I learn, tips, hints suggestions?

My knees are rolling in

  • - need to do more abductor work
  • - squatting in runners = NO. Need a solid base, wedge heel (hopefully the squat boots will arrive soon)
  • - stance is quite wide (however this is comfortable for me)
Bar rolling down my back
  • - Try wearing a T-shirt over my crop top
  • - Webby noted every time I get out of the rack I re-adjust my left hand grip - must get grip right before I come out of the rack.
Get longer knee wraps 2.5m.

Try warming up on the bike and do less warmup sets

Home knackered by 8.45pm. Slump in the chair to watch Desperate Housewives and have my last meal of the day - Chicken schnitzel. Treat myself to 4 choc almonds while reading in bed later.....


Up at the sparrows fart..... 5.20 am get dressed for my run, bags packed for work and off.... Legs are not too bad - pretty stiff and swollen behind the knees from the wraps. At the tan around 6.10am. Same route as usual, 25 mins. 3k, 5min run/1min walk intervals. I've plotted it on just need to figure out how to imbed in here. Might have to ask coolrunner Gronk since he's been able to do it in his blog. Here's the link anyway. rivertanrun

Crap day in the office constantly paged. Had to postpone my bench session with Shaz as I had 3 P1 bugs and one of them was just not going to go away by 3pm which I would have needed to leave by to get the bench session in. Finally managed to set the bug back in the customers court by about 4.30pm.

Chalk shortage
Tried various places on the net looking for chalk in block form - plenty of climbing places have it in sock like things
but I want a block..... Cannot get one for love nor money..... If anyone knows of a reliable supplier let me know... please!

Ordered a pair of suit slippers from Inzer along with a pair of groove briefs - Groovy Baby! LOL
Longer knee wraps and wrist wraps from Titan. Why? Because I liked the blue stripe of the Titan ones better than the red stripe in Inzer ones.

Wish list:
Squat suit. Inzer z-suit size 30 or even better Inzer Hardcore size 30
Deadlift suit Inzer Max DL size 30

Anyone wishing to help out a poor struggling powerlifter can order any of the above items off the Inzer website and ship to:
Level 7, 324 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, Australia 3000

Ohhhh just dreaming........... I need a sponsor

Food Glorious Food......

7.15am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
9.00am coffee
10.45am 1 chicken breast & 1 cup cooked rice
12:45pm coffee
2.00pm chicken schnitzel, avocado, tomato
3.00pm coffee
5.30pm Le rice
8pm chicken parma & pasta
9pm coffee

10pm bed, read for 15 mins, 2 haighs truffles.... yummm

Vicki xxx

Interesting piece in 'The Age' newspaper. Sex Spies.


Casually Me said...

Ok, that picture was very nice and made me think of non-powerlifting related things, lol. As far as gear, blocks of friend has a great estore for that stuff. He also has a bargains page where they get rid of gear cheap. These folks are the nicest I have seen about ordering, and doing it right. They also have some nice videos for some assistance work. The owner of the site coaches me via email, and is a great guy. As far as your knees coming in while squatting...have you been doing any pause squats, or even low box? You are right that is a lot of warmup. I also wonder why the worry about a max rep right now, almost to close to the contest. Just do your opener, get comfortable with the gear. I can't wait to see how you did at your upcoming meet. Best of luck.

Casually Me said...

Oh, and you asked about numbers...I will give you my recent gym numbers as I have purposely put on a bunch of weight, and it has paid off. I did 680x4 on the squat yesterday, briefs and a suit, but straps down, and loose wraps. I am touching with 550 on the bench right now, so that would be my opener. And my deadlift is still stinking, but not quite as bad...did a 585x4 set last week...raw.

Louise said...

only FOUR chocolate almonds on Monday night? Wow, such self-control! I would have scoffed the whole box (which I guess helps explain the difference between your physique and mine, lol)