Friday, February 02, 2007

Not going to get stood up again!

The 'Cad' sent a txt message asking if I was free to go to the movies last night or tonight. Like I enjoyed being stood up last time - NOT. Anyway, too busy training. Well its true.... I even had to back out of going to see Babel with my friend Clay this weekend... Mostly 'cos I'm carrying the pager for work on the weekend and my nieces girls' birthday's Brooke (2) and Jessie (4) over in Sunbury in the afternoon.

Called Webby last night and left a message checking that its ok for me to come and train with him on Monday and received a txt reply this morning confirming that its ok and he'll be a Doherty's around 7pm. I'll get there little earlier and warm up beforehand so I'll only need help with a) getting my squat suit on (how embarrassing) and b) doing some HEAVY squats.


Reverse grip bench press - 50kg 3 sets of 10. Felt great - possible could have done heavier but this is already an increase of 5kg over last week at which time I could NOT press the 50kg - I know - I tried!
Dumbbell floor press - 50lb dumbbells 10, 7, 7 (kinda expected that after the big reverse grip - all triceps)
Single cable tri ext - 50lb 3 sets of 12

Cable bent rows - 150lb 2 sets of 10 (really hard going on this for some reason)
V-press seated dumbbells - 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 10 (Right front delt pain while doing this)
Superset: barbell curls @ 40lb (light) and bar hammer curls @ 10kg - 15/15, 15/7, 15/9 (even after adjusting the weights from last week still could not get the reps on the bar hammer curls except for the first set - how frustrating!!)

Kept to my New Years resolution by doing some stretching from 8.20 to 8.40pm while waiting for Law&Order to start on the box.

Training tonight - speed squat. Need to get in and out of the gym early as Madi has a 6.50 basketball game - thankfully its a local game at the Donvale sports stadium. Carrying the pager all weekend - Blah!!! Heading for a hot one Sunday, will have to get out early if I'm gonna do my 'run for the paper' in the morning.

Aveagoodweekend everyone

Vicki xxxx

Maybe the Coolrunning hat would have been better!

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Casually Me said...

Running and the same as mixing marriage and and common sense...Brits and nice teeth....the french and get the point...hehe