Thursday, February 08, 2007

And the week drags on............

Couple of emails in this morning, first one from Donvale Adult Riding Club, hereafter referred to as DARC:

Dear Members & Friends,

Our first rally back is this Saturday the 10th of March. We usually begin with an informal ride to ease us in to the New Year, and 2007 will be no different. We have a couple of things planned for Saturday and would love to see as many riders in attendance as possible. Friends, relatives, children, significant others, parole officers, personal gurus, astral bodies, all welcome!


10.00am Level Assessment
If you have not yet been level assessed as a new member or with a new horse, here's your chance.Please bring your cards, and logs if applicable, and $10.00 for the level assessor... more if you want to bribe yourself in to a lower level.

10.30am Informal Navigation Ride
We plan to have pairs (three's, more?) of riders set off from the club at 10 minute intervals and head off for the Stonehouse in Warrandyte for lunch. The ride is intended to be taken at a walk, with occasional trotting, or maybe a canter in especially good spots, but slowly overall.........

2nd significant email is from UPS. I just love getting parcels..... especially UPS delivered parcels, I love UPS (except when they log a P1 bug and it gets assigned to me....) but overall I lurve UPS. Currently my 'Groovy Baby' Briefs and suit slippers are in Honolulu.... I want to be in Honolulu..... My lucky parcel gets to joy ride around the States, bloody thing should send me a postcard at least.

Tracking Detail

Tracking Number: 1Z 780 517 66 6629 549 4
Type: Package
Status: In Transit
Shipped to: MELBOURNE, AU
Shipped or Billed on: 06/02/2007
Service Type: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Lb

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
HI, US 07/02/2007 8:40 ARRIVAL SCAN
KY, US 07/02/2007 4:37 DEPARTURE SCAN
07/02/2007 4:00 DEPARTURE SCAN
07/02/2007 0:52 ARRIVAL SCAN
AR, US 06/02/2007 22:31 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 21:53 ARRIVAL SCAN
LA, US 06/02/2007 21:08 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 20:26 ARRIVAL SCAN
TX, US 06/02/2007 19:30 DEPARTURE SCAN
06/02/2007 19:25 ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 07/02/2007 15:12 Eastern Time (EST)/New York Time (USA)

Called Ovidio late in he afternoon to see if my boots were on their way yet.... Ready for posting. Asked if there was any chance they could be send express post.... He doesn't think they'll arrive any quicker so he will try to get them in today's post to arrive by Friday... Monday at the latest. Since they are being shipped to my work address I should have them in time for the squat session even if the arrive on Monday.

No idea about the Titan order - when it will arrive.... but got confirmation of the order. Ordered some Chalk off a website in Brisbane. Locally, Australian Barbell Company sells chalk - but has none in stock at present

Benched at Doherty's under Shazza's instruction. Not happy. Only managed 2 decent benches for the session - out of an hour of benching! 1x80kg raw and 1x100kg partial shirted. The rest were crap form. Of the 4 attempts at 80 only the last one I managed to press without assistance - go figure, the previous 3 I couldn't budge off my chest. My shirted attempts - just pathetic. In hindsight I don't think I was carrying the bar over far enough. In any case, my shoulders were coming off the bench, I wasn't tight enough. Shaz said not to worry about it, that I still did good, but it messes with my head. Will I use the shirt in comp? what if I miss all 3 lifts - I'll be disqualified. Ready to head home... but Shaz insisted that I complete all my supplemental work and set homework for me. Every night lay on the floor and practice bench position, arched, back tight and press.

Supplemental work
Floor Pin Press - close 45kg 3 x10
lying tricep 10kg dumbbell 3x10
Chest supported row - neutral grip 60kg 3x8
Reverse grip bar raises 15kg 3x10
Dumbbell curl & overhead press 10kg dumbbell 3x12

Feeding time at the zoo....

7.00am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2
eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.30am coffee
9.15am coffee
10.00am 1 banana and a treat sized crunchie bar.... yeah I know...... :-(
12:30 - will have some pasta (leftovers from last night...)
3pm will attempt to drink a low cal protein shake (Yuck)

Oh email asking what supplements I take.... currently 3 fish oil, 2x1500mg glucosamine/Chondroitin tabs and my slow release Naprosyn. I would ususally have a Max's recovery protein drink after heavy training but have cut that out (too high in cals at the moment)

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

Open raw, then do your final two with a shirt. That way you stay in the meet, and you still have time to get a big bench in.