Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm in Lurve....

Tripped into the city yesterday, ducked down an arcade to indulge in some Haighs and took a different route out to Little Collins street..... and there on the corner, the most magnificent, gorgeous, extravagant shoe shop ever!!!! My heart a flutter! They had boots to die for.... and heels.... ohhhhh I didn't dare look at the price. I just stood there mesmerized... until I was rudely jolted back into reality by someone calling my name. OMG, Nick! I haven't seen Nick in.... ah must be 15 years - how on earth did he recognized me....?? Exchanged some current gossip, who of our old group were still married - none it seems. Even Nick has remarried - showed me pics of the lovely lady in his life. Man, its a small world!

Not happy Jan! Another bad bench session, my technique is just POOR! I cannot bring the bar down without collapsing my arch, my shoulders are coming off the bench and my should blades are spreading across the bench like hot butter. F...! F...! F...! 10 years of benching like a bodybuilder is hard to change - this is going to take a while and I've abandoned any hope of using the shirt in the Master's comp coming up on the 24th. Likely open on 70, 2nd 75 and then PR at 80. Took 120kg over last night and just held it - locked tight for 30 seconds - doesnt sound like very long but when every part of your body is is being squeezed to hold form and you're holding your breath in your belly - it feels like forever! Off to bed last night to do some reading.... put Hannibal down and read Bench Shirt 101

The Squat Boots

Pic of the squat boots as promised - They look great huh? Everything is sore today, my butt, quads, hamies calves... BACK!!! Thankfully a night off - will have to do my "Shazza" homework - rehearsing the bench position until it hurts!!

Vicki xxx

It's ok 2P - I'm just having a lend of ya! As CasuallyMe points out Naked Powerlifting would not be a spectator sport! And yes I will go light, PR and all hell (except on bench).


2P said...

It's ok to have a lend of me - just make sure you put me back where you found me when you finish.

Casually Me said...

Here's a couple of things that might help, but I am sure your bench guru has told you this. First get some stickem for your back/shoulders. Yes chalk is ok, but stickem will make sure you do not slide at all on the bench. Second, what shoe are you benching in? Bench in your new boots. The heel may give you enough lift, while keeping your butt on the bench to keep you in form. Third don't forget to pretend like you are bending the bar in half on the way down, and out on the way up. This will allow your shoulders to stay tighter. 4th, what about bar speed? Are you a slow bencher? This makes a difference, as I think the longer a person has to stay in the position the harder it is to hold it. I am not advocating a bounce as that is illegal, but faster coming down...wait for the press command (you guys have the press command?)...and a drive all the way through where the shirt stops helping. Drive it through as you will have momentum. Those slow bench guys have to have triceps from hell, which I don't have, in order to get it through their sticking point. Just a few thoughts.