Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another short sharp session.

Started benching at 40kg concentrating on technique only and correct set up under the bar. Used the squat boots as suggested by CasuallyMe and it seems comfortable. Might help more when I'm shirted. Anyways... benching loaded another 10kg, a few more sets, another 10kg, so loaded nicely at 60kg and 4 sets of 3 reps (reasonably fast pressing). And that's it! no more training this week.

At home, tried installing the 3G software for the internet on the other dodgy laptop, I only bring the work laptop home on weekends. Still have one more machine to install on... "Franki" as in Frankenstein.... this desktop machine is one I put together from other 'dead' boxes we had at work. The girls don't like Franki much.... he's a bit temperamental at times.

Went for my massage at lunchtime. Why do I associate massage with something pleasurable when it's totally not! As Kelly dug in thru my calves she noticed the massive red blisters and so had to explain..... then a knock at the door.... Chris the podiatrist! who was supposed to ring me last week.... so we discussed my orthotic adjustments thru a crack in the door while Kelly moved up to my hamstrings & glutes, which were not as bad as I thought they'd be. Over on my side for the most excruciating ITB and hip massage. Having that part of your leg massaged takes your breath away - and not in a nice way! Finally over to my chest. Now I've never had a pec massage before but with all the difficulty I'm having getting my shoulders back and on the bench I though I'd give it a try. Wasnt too bad, pain wise, but when she got into the front delts - yeeooowww!! the pain radiated down to my elbow and into the back of my hand. I asked Kelly if my delts were very tight and she replied that they weren't too bad, but my pecs were rock hard and that I really need to stretch them more, especially leading up to the comp. Parting advice was to stretch tonight and apply heat. So I might relax in the spa again - without the bubble bath this time!

Wandered past Haigh's on the way back to the office.... well not exactly past..... 200g coffee crunch, 2 latte truffle, 2 whiskey truffles, I violet cream, 2 frogs (for the girls) and a Bilby for Bane my colleague (its his birthday today). Of course it will be pure voyeurism for the next few days... but once I make weight.... those chokkies will be fair game. Talking of weight - been a bit slack with the ole food diary.. been a bit slack full stop. Still sitting on 68.3kg need to be under 67.5 by 11am Sat...... Looks like I'll be sitting in the sauna!

According to my stars, today I am supposed to have a romantic interlude - sometime after 6.30pm (how do you like that for specifics!) Fat chance of that happening considering I'll likely be in the bath, hot, cranky 'cos I cant eat the chocolates and sore from the massage. Perhaps I should set the mood, light a few candles, glass of wine (strike that...dieting), aromatic bath oil...... and some handsome mystery man will appear before me..... then I'll scream and kick him in the nuts!

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