Monday, February 05, 2007

Time to get serious


MIKE’S GYM, Dandenong
45 Brighton Rd, Dandenong. (Melways Map 90, B8)

WHEN: Saturday 24th February 2007
START: 1pm
WEIGH-IN: From 11am on the day
CONTACT: Ian Webb Mob: 0417 361 088

  • Masters (Over 40yo)
  • Junior (20-23)
  • Teenage (up to and including 19yo)
  • Novice and Bench Press Improvement

ENTRY FEE: $20 Members and $40 Non-Members
ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 16th February.

69kg - Tighten the belt, trim the fat, clean up my act, suck it in, suck it up, cut it out......

Confessions of chronic over-eater........
......aka food diary.

6.45am 1/cup rolled oats, dried fruit, almonds, 2 eggwhites, sprinkle raw sugar. Coffee
8.00am coffee
9.00am coffee
10.20am 1 chicken breast & 1 cup cooked rice
1.00pm steak and veggies
2.30pm coffee
3.30pm Le-rice (ricesnack) Mango flavored. Mmmmmm

Nothing else to eat until after training - late training tonight too. 7pm start. Will have to tape Desperate Housewives!!

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Casually Me said...

Think P.R...3 for 3...