Friday, February 23, 2007

Comp Eve

Walked into the city yesterday - steamy and humid, not at all pleasant with the lump in my shoe - this is not a good thing!. Found KOKO Black, another chocolatier that I've been meaning to try and bought a couple of chokky truffles - for later....

Today, no lunch with the boys down St Kilda Went and sat over the road in the gardens with Hannibal for 1/2 an hour. Found a nice grassy spot (yes there are still a few here and there), read a chapter, watched some runners making it all look so easy (sigh) and just enjoyed the sun. Such a beautiful day, could easy have fallen asleep out there.

Back in refrigerator I mean office... called up Chris the Podiatrist, and yes he took my call - lol. Explained that the lump in the shoe was quite painful, so I am to remove it and we'll go back to a more gentle build up with foam, just need to drop the orthotic in and he'll make another adjustment - We'll keep doing this until we get it right. I'll have to get this done *before* I got for a run next week.

Shaz called to see how my weight was and how I was feeling.... She'll meet me at Mike's Gym about 12ish. Then she told me her news.... An opportunity has arisen for her up in Sydney and also she's met this gorgeous guy from up there, which is just icing on the cake!! Nothing firm yet, just something that she is thinking about.... If she takes up the offer then I'll have to find a new handler for the upcoming comps. At least I'll have somewhere to stay if I ever go for weekend away.

Sauna tonight, just to make sure. I want to be able to eat a decent breakfast and *still* be under 67.5kg. Thanks everyone that has called and sent messages to wish me all the best. I'll post the results over the weekend.

Vicki xxx

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