Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ahh the weekend....

Friday night training - Speed squat.... finally managed to master the drop squat after many failed attempts. The bar kept falling in front of me which was a bit nasty on the shoulders and elbows catching it and preventing a complete drop of the bar. Need to get my chest massaged (loosened) and work harder at getting my shoulders back. Increased the deadlifts to 85kg for 3 sets of 4 reps (fast). Rest of the training was pretty average. 60kg on the reverse hypers (which I hate) felt like the frame was going to tip over every time I kicked out. Side deadlifts up by 10kg, saxon bends same as last week.

Basketball - Madi's team lost - again. Stinking hot in the stadium, no cooling and they wouldnt even open the doors to let a breeze thru - ohhh someone might sneak in without paying.... shucks that's 2 bucks you'll really miss!

Skip forward to Sat afternoon. The party, pony rides (should have brought Mojo!), jumping castle and lots and lots of food.

Who said the jumping castle is only for kids??
Auntie Robyn (left) and Leah (right) with Jessica.

Myself, my two older sisters, Peggy (left) and Maureen (right) and our Dad.

After hard day partying.......

Arrived home around 6pm just in time to get paged! :-( Worked until 9:30pm trying to figure out exactly which fixes this customer needed - rather than all the ones that support were requesting - it was a mess of labels, merges and bullshit and to top it off our internal system was playing up - ugghhh. Finally got it sorted and filed the necessary merges and called the poor bastard in India that then had to build the new labels and patches - well I tried to make it as simple and least amount of work possible for him. Attempted to unwind... grabbed my new book 'Hannibal Rising', some dinner,coffee and some chocolate.... scoffed the food, chugged down the coffee (didnt even taste it) and couldnt get interested in the book - bloody work!

Had the worst night.... woke up around midnight thinking it was later, checked the mobile, no messages from Leah - ohh bit early yet. 1.30 am the mobile wakes me... DDR India, there's some problem with the label being built.... right-o - emails sent.... sleep.... wake at 3am no message from Leah.... 4 am - txt message - Leah and her friends are all back at Danni's now... good - back to sleep. 7am - alarm - time to get up for Madi's basketball training. Who needs sleep? Ahhhh... no run this morning :-( Next run: Tuesday morning 6am Yarra 'n' Tan again- hmmm after the big squat session Monday night... that'll be interesting.

Skip forward to Sunday afternoon and here I am now, having been paged again a few hours ago. Just finished
working on another P1 issue for another USA customer. Roll on 8pm tonight when the pager shuts off until tomorrow - Yeah I copped a beauty - 7 days of pager. Roll on 3pm Friday! At least I have some company when I'm working from home.

Bugger.... just been paged again...... and again....... they like to fire them off in rapid sucession...... better run

Vicki xxx


Louise said...

I hope you get paid for carrying the pager. They tried to make us to it for free - we said No Way. (the guys in the US get paid US$40/day or something, more if they get called)

James said...

With regard to your HR. I would advise some deep breathing training. One of the best is on a stationary bike. You can watch the meter that maesures your effort and the meter for your HR. Then practice at breathing in deep and breathing out deep. At the same effort you will notice as I have that your HR may become less.

LOVE James