Monday, April 30, 2007

State title - pics

Quick update - pics and response to comments....

"How many women were in your division, weight class?" As far as I know we were all in different classes - here are the top 3 placings (total/body weight)

Vicki O'Brien 345 @ 66
Louise Vu-Duy 255 @ 54
Romy Klotnick 290 @ 74

"why aren't you allowed to wear the t-shirt under the bench shirt?" It is against the rules to double shirt.... so the T-shirt constitutes an unfair advantage.... ahem..... So I can only wear a sports bra or crop top underneath.....

Meet the Doherty's squat training team....

Mil (Webby working the monolift on the left)

Jason (overall winner for the day!!)

80 kg bench (Leigh lifting off for me....)

Press call - 80kg

145kg deadlift

Trophy - complete with implants.... LOL

Sunday, April 29, 2007

1st place - Vic State Powerlifting Titles

Yep, there you go, I won the state title with a total of 345kg at 66.6kg bodyweight.

Actually, thats a lower total than I did for the masters just 6 weeks ago of 360kg. So while I am ecstatic to have won my first state open title I am a little disappointed with my lifting on the day. I opened with a 120kg squat for which I was give one red light on the right side for depth. my next lift which was to be a state record was a 135kg squat but failed on depth - 2 red lights, third attempt again 135kg 2 reds again - as it was a state record I was given a 4th attempt but I was spent, got the depth only because I could not get back up - 3 reds. Looking at the photos 2nd attempt was definately shallow but the third attempt looks borderline - they were being tough.

Failed 135kg 3rd attempt

Next the bench press, easy opener on 70kg. Jumped to 80 kg with Shazza's bench bitch shirt and got it (a comp pb for me) set up for 85kg on the third and the side judge (the one that gave me red on every squat) pulled me up because I had a tshirt under the bench shirt - which is not allowed (I'm still learning) so I had one minute to take off the bench shirt (impossible) and the tshirt and refit the bench shirt - had no time to get my belt on made the attempt at 85 but was so rushed and no belt - could not lock it out. So that was a lesson well learnt - something to be aware of in the nationals.

Finally the deadlift, opened easy on 130kg, next attempt at 145kg - 3 whites but it took its toll. 3rd attempt at 157.5 trying to beat my own pb but couldn't get it moving off the floor. Called it a day there - there was no chance of taking Shazza's deadlift record that day.

Overall the judging was harsh and erratic. They failed lots of lifters on depth for squat - one judged seemed to call it as 'if in doubt, fail it' yet on some of the other lifters who definitely did not break parallel we given the all clear. The deadlift, a lot were red lighted on failed lockouts and even one of the female competitors who got her finger caught on her suit was red lighted for 'hitching' (that is pulling up twice)

The venue was quite nice and the only complaint I would say was the air conditioning - it was way to cold. After warming up the lift, we had to put on jackets and then before the lift taken them off and freeze. Hopefully they'll sort that out for the nationals

Victorian Female competitors

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Its time

Well this is it.... There wont be an update on until after the comp on Saturday (unless I sneak a quick one in after the weigh in). The body is feeling good, no niggles (thanks to the anti-inflamms -lol ) I'm confident of some big lifts and I have a 380kg total in my sights.

Day off work tomorrow, sauna in the morning as I'm still sitting just under 69kg and then off to Altona for the lunchtime weigh in. Once I've made weight I'll be heading out to review the battle plan with Leigh over a coffee and the nice array of Haigh's chocolates that I purchased today. Spotted a nice pair of shoes that should do nicely as deadlift shoes - grabbed those - they're nice and flat, soft leather upper - so as not to hurt my poor big toe and its bloody bone spur.... I tried to get new jiffies but they're no where to be found.

Check back again on Sunday for results and Monday I should have some pics and clips (via youtube) from the comp

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well down to to final countdown. Last bench session yesterday and I'm keeping it quiet. Looking forward to some big lift and already starting the planning for the Nationals in August. Have set myself a goal for a 400kg total (880lbs). The comp last month saw me attain a 360kg total (792lb) I believe that the my goal is achievable. I will have some more 'shirt' time under my belt and also expect to get into a deadlift suit for the Nationals - if I can get the money together I'd like another new squat suit as well. I've mentioned before that I'd like to get the really tough 'Hardcore' squat suit from Inzer but at $US 145.00 its a big jump from the $US 42.00 'Z-suit' that I have now - with the exchange rate and shipping........ Given that the 'Max DL' deadlift suit I want is also $US 145.00 I think I'm gonna have to flip a coin and only get one. Of course having both would likely guarantee a National Tittle!!

Tonight I'll have my last training session - just a very light squat and deadlift, enough to keep the blood pumping thru the muscles and keep the joints mobile.

Stretching routine every morning and night and extra BCAA's 3 times a day. Was down to 67.7kg but now back up to 68kg, (150lb) just fluid I guess, but need to get under 67.5 for the weigh in on Friday.

Tomorrow is a public Holiday here in Australia, ANZAC day, so I get a sleep in - yay!! Carrying the pager for work tho' but at least I can stay in my jammies all day if I want to - LOL
Well that's about it for today - not much else to report, just tapering down for the big day. I know you're all rooting for me.


Footnote: New pics on AMG - Sitemeter is spinning Whoo-hooo!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last big squat

At Doherty's *with* all the right equipment at 7pm - ready for the last big squat session before the comp. This time using the monolift instead of the squat cage so Leigh had tee'd up with Jason to give us a hand as you really need someone spotting you and someone working the monolift.

This was my first time using the monolift and it was a little strange to start with getting under the bar and not having to walk out. Made sure my footing was correct, lift the bar off, the supports move away and squat. Started the warmup with 50kg, just to get the feel of the monolift and to get my legs and hips moving. progressed up to 80 ish before lightly wrapping my knees (
never really sure about how much in on the bar.... I leave the loading of the bar to Leigh) at around 100kg the suit went on - just half way. Then it was time to pull the straps up and get serious - doubles. Ahhh 115? 122.5?? and 135 - I had no idea what was on there until after. The first 135 did not feel deep enough, neither did the second one, but Leigh and Jason seemed to think they were pretty close - perhaps just a fraction lower would be good. Finally, after knowing that I had just done 135kg. We opted for one more attempt - a single at 140kg. With Jason ready to catch me from behind I dropped into the squat nicely...... and could not get up..... Bahhhhhh.

Well good things from this session:
a) the suit is fitting better - therefore not losing my balance.

b) I know I'll get at least a 135kg squat - which is 5k more than the record I set in March.

c) Experience in the monolift - since they are using one in the comp.

The other thing I have going for me is that we have not been using the 2.5m wraps - this will also give me some advantage on the day, they're new and they're longer! Its shaping up good!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just another manic Monday

Monday night, I raced Madi to Lisa's house, as we thought she was booked in to do her C-Certificate exam Tuesday night. In the madness of getting home and rushing around I left my squat suit and post workout protein drink both sitting in the kitchen. It was not until I had arrived at Doherty's at 7pm that I realized - Uggghhh. What to do....?? Shazza to the rescue! As luck would have it Shaz was doing cardio and she was wonderful enough to agree to train me for bench instead.

Went over to the guys to tell them I'd be benching instead tonight and here's Jason with his arm bandaged and in a sling!! Leigh asks him "what happened Jason?". "Paper cut" was the reply and they all laughed - another dig at my incredibly sore and bruised finger - what a hilarious bunch of jokers (under Leigh's command) Revenge will be mine.

Back over to Shaz for training..... Again we worked up raw to doing doubles at 80kg (however I felt like she had a finger under the bar helping it up - she swears not.....) After that it was on with her Denim shirt - we're leaving the tough metal shirt for now, working partials on 100kg with Leigh doing the lift off as Shaz wont be at the comp. Once training was over, the mad rush back home to pick up Madi from Lisa's.

So late when I finally got to bed.... and to top it off a crappy nights sleep, mind spinning, mosquito buzzing, too hot, too cold uggghhhhh

Tuesday, as it turned out, Madi had not been put forward to do the exam - what an anti-climax! Took myself off to Definition to the the Bench supp work that I was not able to complete last night. Dumbell floor presses, elbows out press, chain pullups, cable rear delt flyes and seated row retractions.

Slept like a rock!!

Tonight - going back for 'the' squat session I was supposed to have Monday - Handy email from Leigh reminding me of all the things I need to bring for training.

Squat suit
Knee wraps



Lifting shoes

Dry spare T shirt

Sox etc

Hair net thing or scrunchie

War face and hard attitude (most people forget these because they are empty heads)

Me thinketh he is being a smartarse! LOL

Called Joanne today for a chat - haven't spoken for a couple of weeks - we're both so busy..... Too bloody busy to tell me she's gotten engaged!!! Steve popped the question last week!!! Talk about your whirl wind romance - 6months??? He's had to head off to QLD for work and after all she went thru with Martin dragging her around from place to place on a promise... she told Steve she wasn't going to move interstate unless there was some commitment from him - I don't think she was expecting a proposal tho' !! Anyway I'm so happy for her. Sad for me 'cos probably by the end of the year my best friend will have moved away again - but well on the positive side.... somewhere to go for a holiday!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Back from holidays

Have been down the beach for a few days of the holidays with Madi and Mojo. Great weather and mostly relaxing.......

Except that we drove down (3 hrs almost) without any dash lights in the car and no tail lights either - and it was dark! Plus the next day we found that one of the tires on the float had blown out and the wheel brace I had did not fit the nuts on the float!! Thankfully one of the neighbors came to the rescue with the right size brace and we could get the tire off. Later in the day when we got back from the beach Madi discovered a nail in another tire on the float and with no more spares I wasn't going to pull the nail out as risk a flat tire, so on the way home we called into a tire place and replaced *all* the tires - they was on the to do list any way.

Dinner and a movie with Leigh on Sat night, saw "300". Lots of nice bodies those Spartans! LOL. I am *soooo* not used to the 'full service" date that I forgot to take my keys when Leigh picked me and so when he dropped me off - I was locked out of the house! Could only happen to me! A lovely night out ending with me breaking into my own home....

House warming BBQ yesterday, ok, I've been there for 3 years.... so??? I hate entertaining, so stressed I forgot to take pics - sorry!

Last training days coming up. Squatting tonight - again more suit work with no finger squashing! I wonder what damage I can do tonight?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

Well the Easter Bunny has been and gone and left tonnes of chocolate which will probably take the next 6 months to get thru. Leah, Madi and I are all well and truly over it! LOL

So, whats been happening you ask.... Thursday night I did my deadlift test, prior to training I thought it a smart thing to eat 2 krispy kreme donuts - sugar = energy. Wrong, Krispy kreme's & deadlifts = indigestion and crap lifting. Best lift was 140kg after throwing up into my mouth - yuck. Made a couple of pathetic attempts at 150kg but no go. Well serves me right! Went on with my supp training but it just wasn't happening, had the prickly bar for squatting and it dug way into my already tender back, then my shoulder was tight and painful getting under the bar - gave up and left them gym in a stink. Pretty disgusted with myself, but just have to put it down to learning what *not* to do.

Friday - gym closed. Sat around eating chocolate.

Sat - lots of running around and a quick catchup with Clay for coffee and a few photo's at Blackburn Sanctuary. Once I've sorted thru them I'll be passing them onto Andy to update my page on AMG.
Sunday, Pony club for Madi. Caught up with some of the mum's. Jane is going thru a rought patch with Dean (he's moved out) and Monique and her hubby have split.

Off to train at Doherty's under Leigh's guidance. This time we just worked the suit. After a few mishaps ie me dumping the bar etc Leigh dropped the weight back around 100/ 110 and 5 reps, slowly brought the weight up, telling me there was only 115 or so on the bar when in fact there was 120ish and much better reps, back up to 125 and 13o for doubles although I faltered on the very last rep - it was fatigue not anything else. I was happy with that - really hated putting the weight down - so demoralizing - but it worked to get me back in the right context for the lifts - as does not telling me what's on the bar. At some point in amongst all this lifting I managed to jam my finger in the rack under the bar when I was racking the bar after my reps - did that ever kill - I swear I saw stars and started to shake. Have a nice swollen purple finger as a result - and got very little sympathy.

More pain was to be had taking the suit off, I could only get it so far and then Leigh had to dig his fingers in under the seam - I am not looking forward to putting it back on. The photo's I took this morning say it all - you can see the bruises. Shaz was in training shoulders, so we waited until she had finished and we all went down to Lygon st for pizza and coffee. Followed up with a debrief just Leigh and I.

Today, running around getting things ready for Madi's party (which is still going on at this moment.

Tomorrow, benching with Shaz. Must remind her to bring her denim shirt...... Then heading down the beach with Madi and Mojo for a couple of days.

Back on Thursday in time for my speed work.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bench Training

Arranged for my colleague, Bane, to cover the pager for the last hour of the day while I benched with Shaz. Amazing how easily Bane is bribed with coffee or chocolate, hmmm for that matter so am I.... In fact the whole BDE team can be bought with chocolate.... "you want the bug fix in what version? Rejected, no longer supported - ohhh you have chocolate?? I'll have that fix for you this afternoon..." LOL

Anyways.... at Doherty's and I warm up on 60kg for reps, 70kg - 2 sets of doubles and then again 80kg - 1 double. Important observation - If I follow the bar across my body with my eyes - I lose form - if I don't watch it I stay tight(er) although its hard not to watch where the bar is going and even harder to bring it down with out looking at it..... but it if helps me keep tight.......

On with the shirt..... partials with 80kg (impossible!!) partials with 100kg better - getting half way down doing triples. To finish of this weeks session, Shaz had me remove the shirt and just take the bar over, while holding form - this was done with 100k on the bar. I could hold it, despite my arms shaking a little. Did this a few times and then tried one partial - raw - scary stuff! one was enough!

Later after going home and eating, I was back in Definition to do my westside supplemental work for about an hour. Tired but feeling good. In bed a little after 9.30, 5 mins reading (Dying Light by Stuart MacBride) out like a light after just a few minutes....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The outlook is good for a big big squat!

The new squat suit fits like a glove.... a glove 10 sizes too small. After searching thru my knickers draw for an 'appropriate' pair of knickers (side track - why are they a pair when there is only one?) anyway's.... trying to find something that will retain some modesty, yet not bunch up, when I remove my shorts and don the suit in the middle of Doherty's gym. Boy leg, no, g-string, definite no, Brazilian, no, satin boxer, no...... finally pulled out a Bonds string knicker (ohh good - red, that will add to Leigh's stress levels when I strip off - do I have another colored pair? No?) Red it is...

Off I go to Doherty's... No walkouts tonight, straight into lockouts - too easy (except the bar keeps slipping down my back) - off with the T-shirt - thankfully I have a Bella crop top underneath ( hmmm red again - Leigh is going to think I've conspired to tease him - LOL.) On the last set Webby wrapped my knees - soooo tight 'He' was groaning!! Damn that hurts, legs very quickly going numb, lucky I don't have to bend too much to get under the bar - 3 reps... Done! Next - squatting between pins 3 reps each set, off the bottom and hitting the upper pins about 3/4 the way up. Hitting the pins above threw my balance out and so it was difficult to come backup for the 2nd and 3rd rep.

Finally it was time to try out the squat suit - It took two very large powerlifters (Leigh and Webby) quite some time to force me into the suit (even with the suit slippers) - and it hurt like all hell on the legs (nice deep bruises on the inside of my thighs today that I can feel but not see) then the belt pinched when it was done up and I couldn't breath - the sympathy from the boys was overwhelming... (overwhelmingly absent!) such is life.... tried with 100kg - ughhh to light, cant get down (and I can already feel the suit pulling me out of line) tried another couple of times - heavier, still no good. In the end even with 142.5kg I could not get all the way down and I totally lost my balance - good catch by Webby to get me back up. Time to get the squat suit off, rolled it down ok but ohhh trying to get it off my legs.... the pain!! well if I was girl I would have cried but I'll leave the crying to Jason.... (Yeah - gloves are off guys.... calling me a girl, picking on the color of my new suit, snickering at my westside training, and getting in cahoots together to suck me into Leigh's 'magic tricks'.... its war boys!)

Completed the supps - but didn't do the deadlift test (nor good mornings squats) after what I'd just gone thru it was pointless. Suitcase deadlifts - lifting the bar at the side with one @ 40kg. Busdrivers - not even going to attempt to explain this one - just to say it's a core exercise (and this is what the 'little children" were poking fun at). Last of all weighted hypers with 20kg dumbbell.

Tony Torcasio from Max's was at the gym - a quick 'Hi' and then out looking for somewhere to have our post-training coffee after Leigh lent me once of his T-shirt's, which could easily have doubled as a dress had I had a belt with me...... had a bite to eat, as much as I needed it, its hard eating late after training - a protein shake might have been a better option - note to self pack some Max's post-workout power for after training next Monday night. Stayed out way too late, bad, bad, bad, but.... I enjoy Leigh's company a little too much! Home and in bed by 12.30 (am) ugghhhh have to get up in 5 hours and benching with Shaz this afternoon....... And supp's later at Definition....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Squat suit - take 2

whoo -hoo the squat suit arrived. Leigh has already offered to help squeeze me into it.... think I'm gonna regret having eaten so many chocolates over the weekend.... Also had a planning session with Dirk yesterday morning - sorted out the next 3 weeks of westside. Yes, Tom, 3 weeks of bands is enough...

Day1 Max Squat

Main (to max 1 rep) Leigh

Supps 3 x 8 -10 Good morning squats
(stop short of Suitcase deadlifts
failure for all Busdrivers
of these) Weighted Hypers

Day2 Max Bench
Main (to max 1 rep) Shaz

Supps 3 x 10 reps Dumbell floor press
(stop short of Elbows out press
failure for all Suspended pullups
of these) cable rear delt flyes

Seated row retractions

Day 3 Speed Squat
Main (12x2) Pin squats - speed

Supps 3 x 10 cable pull thru

comp squats

band decline situps (15's)

Revers hypers 4x20

Day4 Speed Bench
Main (8x3) Bench with chains (60%)

Supps 3 x 10 Reverse grip pin press

Single benchers ext

Barbell pullovers

Neutral grip front raise

Tonight however I am to test my deadlift instead of doing the Good morning squats - after training with Leigh... that will be interesting.

Weekend was busy and quiet - ??? well everything seems quiet after the horror pager last weekend. Madi competed in her first C grade comp on Mojo and scored herself 2 placings - 6th and 5th which was great. Sunday was her 15th birthday, so after I got home from the gym I dropped her off at a Fi's place and they went shopping. Dinner at La Plume (Chinese) restaurant, the 3 of us plus Fi who stayed over.

Back: Fi & Me. Front: Leah & Madi.