Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

Well the Easter Bunny has been and gone and left tonnes of chocolate which will probably take the next 6 months to get thru. Leah, Madi and I are all well and truly over it! LOL

So, whats been happening you ask.... Thursday night I did my deadlift test, prior to training I thought it a smart thing to eat 2 krispy kreme donuts - sugar = energy. Wrong, Krispy kreme's & deadlifts = indigestion and crap lifting. Best lift was 140kg after throwing up into my mouth - yuck. Made a couple of pathetic attempts at 150kg but no go. Well serves me right! Went on with my supp training but it just wasn't happening, had the prickly bar for squatting and it dug way into my already tender back, then my shoulder was tight and painful getting under the bar - gave up and left them gym in a stink. Pretty disgusted with myself, but just have to put it down to learning what *not* to do.

Friday - gym closed. Sat around eating chocolate.

Sat - lots of running around and a quick catchup with Clay for coffee and a few photo's at Blackburn Sanctuary. Once I've sorted thru them I'll be passing them onto Andy to update my page on AMG.
Sunday, Pony club for Madi. Caught up with some of the mum's. Jane is going thru a rought patch with Dean (he's moved out) and Monique and her hubby have split.

Off to train at Doherty's under Leigh's guidance. This time we just worked the suit. After a few mishaps ie me dumping the bar etc Leigh dropped the weight back around 100/ 110 and 5 reps, slowly brought the weight up, telling me there was only 115 or so on the bar when in fact there was 120ish and much better reps, back up to 125 and 13o for doubles although I faltered on the very last rep - it was fatigue not anything else. I was happy with that - really hated putting the weight down - so demoralizing - but it worked to get me back in the right context for the lifts - as does not telling me what's on the bar. At some point in amongst all this lifting I managed to jam my finger in the rack under the bar when I was racking the bar after my reps - did that ever kill - I swear I saw stars and started to shake. Have a nice swollen purple finger as a result - and got very little sympathy.

More pain was to be had taking the suit off, I could only get it so far and then Leigh had to dig his fingers in under the seam - I am not looking forward to putting it back on. The photo's I took this morning say it all - you can see the bruises. Shaz was in training shoulders, so we waited until she had finished and we all went down to Lygon st for pizza and coffee. Followed up with a debrief just Leigh and I.

Today, running around getting things ready for Madi's party (which is still going on at this moment.

Tomorrow, benching with Shaz. Must remind her to bring her denim shirt...... Then heading down the beach with Madi and Mojo for a couple of days.

Back on Thursday in time for my speed work.


Casually Me said...

You have the mentality of a powerlifter. A definite bad ass. Make sure you post pics on your next meet. I have a local one coming up on April 21st. If I have any pics I will send them your way as well.

Christine Petty said...

Ouchies on the finger! My lifting partner gets bench shirt marks, I can't make myself use equipment!