Monday, April 02, 2007

Squat suit - take 2

whoo -hoo the squat suit arrived. Leigh has already offered to help squeeze me into it.... think I'm gonna regret having eaten so many chocolates over the weekend.... Also had a planning session with Dirk yesterday morning - sorted out the next 3 weeks of westside. Yes, Tom, 3 weeks of bands is enough...

Day1 Max Squat

Main (to max 1 rep) Leigh

Supps 3 x 8 -10 Good morning squats
(stop short of Suitcase deadlifts
failure for all Busdrivers
of these) Weighted Hypers

Day2 Max Bench
Main (to max 1 rep) Shaz

Supps 3 x 10 reps Dumbell floor press
(stop short of Elbows out press
failure for all Suspended pullups
of these) cable rear delt flyes

Seated row retractions

Day 3 Speed Squat
Main (12x2) Pin squats - speed

Supps 3 x 10 cable pull thru

comp squats

band decline situps (15's)

Revers hypers 4x20

Day4 Speed Bench
Main (8x3) Bench with chains (60%)

Supps 3 x 10 Reverse grip pin press

Single benchers ext

Barbell pullovers

Neutral grip front raise

Tonight however I am to test my deadlift instead of doing the Good morning squats - after training with Leigh... that will be interesting.

Weekend was busy and quiet - ??? well everything seems quiet after the horror pager last weekend. Madi competed in her first C grade comp on Mojo and scored herself 2 placings - 6th and 5th which was great. Sunday was her 15th birthday, so after I got home from the gym I dropped her off at a Fi's place and they went shopping. Dinner at La Plume (Chinese) restaurant, the 3 of us plus Fi who stayed over.

Back: Fi & Me. Front: Leah & Madi.

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