Monday, April 30, 2007

State title - pics

Quick update - pics and response to comments....

"How many women were in your division, weight class?" As far as I know we were all in different classes - here are the top 3 placings (total/body weight)

Vicki O'Brien 345 @ 66
Louise Vu-Duy 255 @ 54
Romy Klotnick 290 @ 74

"why aren't you allowed to wear the t-shirt under the bench shirt?" It is against the rules to double shirt.... so the T-shirt constitutes an unfair advantage.... ahem..... So I can only wear a sports bra or crop top underneath.....

Meet the Doherty's squat training team....

Mil (Webby working the monolift on the left)

Jason (overall winner for the day!!)

80 kg bench (Leigh lifting off for me....)

Press call - 80kg

145kg deadlift

Trophy - complete with implants.... LOL


Louise said...

I gotta say - that bench press looks bloody uncomfortable. Can't they make it lower for short people? :p
It must make it harder to keep your bum on the seat if your feet barely reach the ground.

Just noticed the underhand/overhand grip on the deadlift too. Interesting.

Casually Me said...

Hey, if you open your feet up a bit on the will open your hips up...and allow you to finish the deadlift at higher weights, (just noticed from your pic.)

Christine Petty said...

Nice bench sister!